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    Geoff Thompson's Expungment Request

    @GreenDragon917 Honorable Chief Justice Luttrell. Please let me know of your earliest convenience so that i may meet with you to pay my $11,000 fee and move forward with my SASP application. If you are not available, would it be possible for the DA's office to secure payment from me on your behalf so that you can submit that to the records remotely? Thank you. -Geoff Thompson
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    Movin up in the world! @Meric @Skura90
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    Hello everybody! I'm Meric - known in game as Geoff Thompson. I traveled to this city by way of first Badlands RP and then BIGCITYRP (Where they play the city as if its NYC, kind of a cool concept). I migrated here with my business partner Dan Green. We're both just kind of cruisin the city lookin to make a buck or two and have some awesome RP experiences. I did enjoy getting arrested at the meth lab the other night. Took the officers on about a mile long foot chase. We do some towing here and there, sometimes hang out in the wrong areas, but hey, its fun!