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    Dan Green, Dan Black
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    Dan Green is a community / business man. He flew into the city after hearing the great opportunities it has to offer and has since been creating relationships with the other residents and finding his calling within the LSFD - EMS. He continues to explore this great city in hopes to gain it's riches and friendships it has to offer and possibly explore additional jobs with a mindset of keeping the citizens of the city safe.

    Dan Black is the crazy cousin of Dan Green, you don't need to know much about him.

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  1. Welcome to the city!

  2. Skura90

    Lost 20k on server reboot

    I did not, I let it disconnect me. I thought this would be OK with me depositing into the bank, but I guess not Is there anyway to check logs on the deposit and verify? If not, lesson learned I guess.
  3. Skura90

    Lost 20k on server reboot

    Hello, During this latest server reboot, before the server went down (several minutes before) I deposited my cash into the bank which was roughly a little more than 20k. After reboot, it was showing I had 1k on me and 1k in the bank, which was accurate if I was playing 3 hours before reboot. Can you please check into this? Thanks!
  4. Skura90

    Keep your head up