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  1. papap0st

    Leave of Absence (post here)

    Name: Joseph Ryan Unit-number: 118 When you are leaving: 7-1-19 When you are coming back: 7-31-19 Reason: Closed on a new house on June 28th and will be spending a ton of free time doing a lot of work over there. We are making the final move on July 20th & I will be on duty intermittently until my return date, but not consistently enough to be considered on duty enough.
  2. papap0st

    Powerwalking Chronicles

    When you open a door, you don't know what you'll find on the other side. When I opened the door a few nights ago, it was into a bar. It was a long shift and I needed to unwind. A few drinks in, and suddenly a slender man in a Hawaiian shirt comes walking in. It's something that changed my life forever. We learned quickly this wasn't just some ordinary man, no. This man had the ability to predict the future. He KNEW things the rest of us didn't. I laughed it off. Just went along with it, and had a good time. I mean, it's fun to joke around with people at the bar. But then I went home. I laid there on my bed and thought to myself while the room spun around. Maybe he was onto something. Maybe his telling of my future was right. Earlier that day, I ran a half marathon after some punk who decided he was going to run from me. Eventually we caught him, but wow. It made me realize how out of shape I am. That's not good for a Trooper in the SASP. A few nights later, we went to that same bar. There he was again. I had to thank him for this quick look into the future. I decided to commit to what his vision was. What was his vision for me? Why... it was a powerwalking blog. Funny. Me, powerwalking.. But it makes sense. If I want to improve myself, I need to take the steps to getting better. So today, I am starting that journey. I decided to take a quick power walk in my hometown of Paleto. Below are some pictures I took during the walk. A quick snack before the walk to help keep me going. Gotta make sure the nutrition gets taken care of. I guess I could consider myself lucky that they temporarily shut down the Air Units. Might get ticketed for speed walking too fast. It wasn't long into my walk when I had to come up to this lovely advertisement. Just look at that delicious greasy goodness. My mouth started salivating heavily. But instead I stopped to take a picture to remind myself that I don't need that in my life anymore. Clucking Bell Farms chicken processing factory right here in Paleto. Part of the reason it always smelled like shit in town. Sometimes they would forget to store some of the bins of chicken. It would get rank. I worked there for a short time when I moved to Paleto. What a shithole. Yet another landmark in Paleto. I don't think there's been progress on this building since I've lived here. Never see anyone working on it, and I've only heard the stories of people climbing it all suicidal. Halfway done through my first walk. Caught the vendor here giving out free bottles of water. I of course obliged. Need to stay hydrated. Of course you had to buy a dozen donuts to get the free bottle of water, but hey. Hydration is key. That's when I found his whole family was out there just hanging out. This is Manuel. He was a prick. He didn't share his pizza with me and called me a puto. I don't know what that means. I don't speak Mexican. He did like my vest, though...I think. Pretty soon the whole family started getting pissed at me because I was trying to sneak a piece of pizza. I thought they were offering me some. I thought puto meant pizza. Here's the office where I worked when I moved into town. Still kinda funny to see Jarett still parks his red car in the same spot every day. The best part of living in Paleto. The view of the mountains always struck me with awe. Shortly after this, someone drove by and told me to get out of the road. But they said it meaner than that. That was the end of the walk. Up and back down Great Ocean Highway in Paleto. Not sure quite yet where I should go for my next powerwalking adventure. Maybe someone will offer some suggestions where I should go next. Either way. Until next time, folks. This is Trooper Miles Cook, working towards improving myself, all because some drunk fool in the bar told me I would. -Miles Cook
  3. papap0st

    POST Your In real life Age here .

    I am a number between the youngest and the oldest.
  4. papap0st

    Grandolph Getaway

    Grandolph makes a getaway with the Lost MC
  5. Its with a heavy heart that today at 7:18pm CST, our friend Grandolph Humpadump, has passed away. With no immediate family, no funeral is currently scheduled. My best wishes to his many friends. #RIP

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    2. papap0st


      @John Ram


      Grandy died of a heart attack after heavily drinking and smoking laced marijuana at the wedding on Saturday. This escalated his previously unknown heart condition.

  6. Grandolph Humpadump is in critical condition after suffering a major heart attack today at the Hen House. #getwellsoon

  7. papap0st

    The Sheriff of BCSO

    /911 someone stole my car and shot me in the head and now im dead. pls send help
  8. papap0st

    City Government

    So while working today and watching Cyril streaming, I had an idea to run a city "government" of sorts. Let me start by saying that every month (or every other month) there should be an election for a mayor. That would create a fun and exciting dynamic, that isn't exactly a new idea. But what would make this a little more in depth, would be that the mayor could determine exactly how much you get paid. This would be from $100 - $500 (currently it's $250). The difference would then be "taxed" and placed into a city account. This way, a mayor could "tax" the players more or less. The mayor would also set the base pay for all the legal jobs, as well as gas cost. Players picking up impounded vehicles would also pay that fine into the city account. Same goes for all tickets given, and all seized money. The money that is placed into the city account then would be used to pay for emergency service vehicles for the SO & EMS. It could also be used to pay for lottery, or other things. For example. A mayoral race between two people could look like this: PERSON A wants the people to have more money, so he doesn't tax the people as much. He elects that the people get $450 base pay. The city would in turn then get $50 back in taxes from the day. His platform is on making the people have more money to boost the economy. This would create a shortage of cashflow from taxes, thus leaving the city to find other ways to get the money to pay it's employees. In order to continue to have a positive cashflow, he cuts the Sheriff/EMS salary by 25% (for RP reasons). The departments will still have a cash shortage, so the department then would have to resort to giving more tickets and seizing more money from the civilians to pay for their vehicles. Perhaps the officers would take bribes from people so they could have their own money. Of course because of the inflation, things like gas and weapons would go UP in cost. He would be up against PERSON B. Person B wants the streets to be a safer place. He invests more in the public safety, and sets the payments to citizens to $200 base pay. The city then in turn would get $300 back in taxes to help pay for the emergency services. This would create a safer environment, but more people would resort to doing illegal activities in order to make more money. But luckily the police force would be as strong as ever. The cost of gas/guns would come down then. The cops would be less inclined to seize money or write tickets, and would have no reason to take bribes. Basically the MAYOR would control this: How much civilians get paid. How much BCSD and EMS get paid. Cost of Gas/Weapons Weapons Costs I guess these are more just a bunch of thoughts piled together. There's a cohesive thought somewhere in this mess, but I feel it would create such an interesting dynamic that would add more depth to the roleplay. It sounds much more complicated than it really is, I think. But then again, I don't even know if this idea is feasible.
  9. papap0st


    My wife's cousin got married to someone who lives in Australia this past September. I know it's somewhere I've always wanted to visit.
  10. papap0st

    Oh, Hello

    The first stable one at least. I think some kid was fire chief before me.
  11. papap0st

    Oh, Hello

    My name is Ryan, but you can call me PAPA P0ST... or dude, or whatever. - I've been here off and on for quite a long time. Recently made my resurgence back with the server last month. I'm generally light-hearted, fun loving, and just enjoy interacting with people. I'm always streaming on the server, as either Deputy Ryder, or one of my other misfits. I figured I would continue the hello train going and introduce myself to all the new faces around here. Hope to see you all around. L8r g8r!