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    Ross Sampson. Ricky "Sticky" Jones. Herbert "Rabbits" Johnson(missing). Daneka Mercier.
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    Ross Sampson: Ross grew up in Mirror park with a pretty rich family. His father was a Police captain and his uncle was a Fire chief. Ross always had a liking for medicine so he joined the EMS roster.

    Ricky "Sticky" Jones: Ricky grew up on grove st with highly populated gang activity all the time. Ricky was in and out of jail all his life for Robberys hit and runs drive bys ECT. Ricky has a Brother Ronnie Jones but they were separated at birth and recently reconnected with each other. Ricky also has a step sister Lucy Cole and mom Ella Solway. Ricky eventually found his way into the crips where he would later discover his brother. Ricky has been affiliated with gangs all his life but the S7 Crips was definitely the most loyal gang he has been in and hope to be there till he dies.

    Herbert "Rabbits" Johnson: Herbert grew up in sandy shores born into a very poor drug inflicted family. Herbert played Football in his early days but he suffered a major spine injury and couldn't play anymore. Later in life Herbert went too Vietnam too fight for his country. While over there he was sleeping one night and woke up to his friend dead and being eaten by rabbits. This gave Herbert severe PTSD and too this day he still sees rabbits roaming the streets trying to eat him. Herbert lives on top of the 24/7 in sandy because that is the safest spot away from the menacing killer rabbits.

    Daneka was born in France and lived there until she was 4 then she moved to LS. her parents got heavy into drugs and selling so Daneka had a bad influence growing up. In High School Daneka ran track for all 4 years until she broke her ankle and gave up running competitively. After she graduated with a Science degree in university she resorted to selling drugs as that's the way she was taught growing up. She also would rob stores to get money to buy the chems for meth Van's to transport meth ETC. Daneka has been looking for true love all her life but no one would be with her as she wasnt very popular in school. She says she will find someone to support her and make her a better person and not sell or rob but until then she will sell and rob. And she stands by what she thinks.

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