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Ricky Jones

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Ricky Jones last won the day on March 9 2020

Ricky Jones had the most liked content!

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    Ricky Sticky Jones, Reece Jones.
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    Ricky "Sticky" Jones: Ricky grew up on grove st with highly populated gang activity all the time. Ricky was in and out of jail all his life for Robberys hit and runs drive bys ECT. Ricky has a Brother Ronnie Jones but they were separated at birth and recently reconnected with each other. Ricky also has a step sister Lucy Cole and mom Ella Solway. Ricky eventually found his way into the crips where he would later discover his brother. Ricky has been affiliated with gangs all his life but the S7 Crips was definitely the most loyal gang he has been in and hope to be there till he dies.

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    RickyJones @WinnieTaPooh1

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  1. Is this thing on?

  2. Ricky Jones

    The People Vs. Powell, Montoya, & Haines

    My character is dead.
  3. Tomorrow is my birthday 😁

  4. Oh hello qt didnt see you there

  5. Respect the drip F/E

  6. I'd say I'm internet famous😎

  7. @nyasuu smells like goat cheese 

    1. remyma666


      Goat cheese is kinda expensive ur like the cheap no name brand marble block of cheese that is dented

  8. It be like that sometimes 

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