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    Brice Powell: Just your typical gang bangin hood gangsta lookin to earn his stripes while slangin dope on the side to make cash. Out here reppin that blue. Hold lotta gang shit goin on out here. Fucking up other gangs up on the side if they fuck with his homies.

    Xavier Jones: Just another cop looking to work his way up. He’s a legal bitch, he don’t do illegal stuff.

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  1. Brice Powell

    The People vs Brice Powell

    Anything works for me.
  2. Brice Powell

    Isaac Moore VS SASP

    @Judge Declan Taylor We shall be suing the SASP.
  3. Brice Powell

    Isaac Moore VS SASP

    Plaintiff Isaac Moore Defendant(s) SASP Statement of Claim On February 24th 2020 My client, Mr. Isaac Moore was placed in handcuffs and taken down to MRPD for driving on a suspended license, and possession of a firearm without a license. Mr. Moore's friend followed the cruiser down MRPD when his friend attempted to break Mr Moore out of custody completely on his own accord without Mr. Moore's knowledge by trying to hold the officer hostage. This is when shots were being traded from both sides, and helpless Isaac Moore in cuffs ran for his life and was struck by a bullet from the officer hitting him in his thigh landing on his femoral artery one of the major arteries in your body. Mr. Moore couldn’t do anything but lay there helpless as he was cuffed when he was shot in the thigh. After being shot he was given 0 medical treatment. Trooper Albert Tuter was the officer that shot him in the thigh. The officer helped Mr. Moore up to his feet and placed him in a cell. The officer obviously had 0 regard for his life and could care less as to what happened to my client. Then my client sat in that cell for 2 hours bleeding out, left unattended with that GSW to the thigh that hit his femoral artery. After bleeding out Mr. Moore went unconscious multiple times. EMT Elizabeth Cunningham came down to MPRD and saw Mr. Moore in the cell with a GSW in his thigh. She applied medical treatment to Mr Moore and took him down to pillbox as he was in very critical condition. Mr. Moore lost so much blood that he had to get a Heart Transplant. The body then didn't take the heart and now my client has a pacemaker, meaning my client now has to live with a machine inside of him. He can't be tased or shot or my client will die. This is all happening due to the troopers negligence in regard for life and this should be unacceptable to have someone like this in a department. Relief Pain and Suffering - $25,000 Compensation for pain and suffering Representation Aiden Jones (me) Seth McGuire @Bootee, and Mary Nade @elsarablo Evidence Available Witness(s): Isaac Moore, Elizabeth Cunningham, Albert Tuter, and Wayne Kerr Evidence To Subpoena Medical Records of GSW to thigh + Medical records of EMT resuscitating Mr Moore (All took place on February 24th 2020) Any bodycam footage and police reports of said incident Finally we would like to Subpoena the SASP SOP
  4. Brice Powell

    Expungement Request - Syoung Gin

    Expungement RequirementsPhoto identification Syoung Gin DOB: 1990/01/24 @Isper https://gyazo.com/c727bfa6b8bb0d9053de842ab6e50aa5 At least 2 weeks clean of getting arrested Last Arrest 01/19/2020 No outstanding warrants ✔ Some time doing community service or proof that you have had a positive impact on the community ✔ Cleaned MRPD Cells supervised by Lieutenant Natalie Sullen Must pay $250 USD per arrest incident 3 Charges - $750
  5. Brice Powell

    Expungement Request - Keeton Mcgundy

    Expungement RequirementsPhoto identification Keeton Jude Mcgundy DOB: 1977/03/17 @Bigbobbybuilds https://gyazo.com/5059a987c7bd1ba350ed29a7dbcedfde At least 2 weeks clean of getting arrested Last Arrest 02/10/2020 No outstanding warrants ✔ Some time doing community service or proof that you have had a positive impact on the community ✔ Desk duty at MRPD supervised by Corporal Kiril Velikov Must pay $250 USD per arrest incident 1 Arrest - $250
  6. Brice Powell

    Adoption Paper Work - Ricky Montoya


    Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes, It meant a lot, Much love everyone! Jan 7th was also my 1 year in USARRP! ❤️

  8. The new website look is straight 🔥🔥

  9.  Guys so like I think I officially have website clout 😲

  10. have some clout

  11. LOVE u guys BTW! I’m soo close to 100 rep, so like please help! ❤️

  12. Guys so like I need 8 more likes to get to 100 rep PLS HELP! Or like ill be sad ❤️ 

  13. I can’t wait for Christmas 🎄👀

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