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Brice Powell

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    Brice Powell, Kent Powell
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    There were two brothers Brice Powell and Kent Powell who were both born on January 7th 1997. Mothers name Alicia Powell and their father John Powell. They grew up being able to afford just about what ever they wanted due to the success of their parents. Their mother was a doctor and father was a realtor. They lived a happy life until one they the Powell’s got a call from the police saying their father was shot and killed while the twins were 12 going through dark times neither knew what they wanted to do with their life. At the age of 14 Brice was arrested for vehicle theft that’s where Brice’s path of crime started. Despite the dark times they went through Kent managed to pull through he kept perfect grades. Both brother played football all their life all the way through high school they were all stars with great futures. But Brice always had rough times he could never get over losing his father he always blamed himself so he did crime and drugs to
    Get his mind off. Meanwhile Kent applied to be a DOC officer and got accepted and his goal is to become a state trooper and fight for what’s right! While Brice’s goal is to become the biggest drug dealer and own the biggest cartel and join a gang he can call family. Back to their mom Alicia Powell she was suffering from breast cancer and pastaway 5 years later on the same day her Husband was shot. Brice has always tired to figure out the murderer who killed his father and is still on the run.

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  1. Brice Powell


    twitch.tv/stacxz Im new to streaming, and really enjoy it I’m gonna start doing it more often. Discord is Stacxz#6804
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  3. Brice Powell

    Impeachment of Warden Woods

    @Aidan Bidenyou tagged the wrong person lmfaoo Im not Bryce Walker. Im Kent Powell, But I was there for it lol.
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    Then & Now

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    Brice Powell v. SASP

    I am available all day on the weekends, and I’m also available after 4:00 PM PST on weekdays.
  6. Discord Name (Name#0000) : Stacxz#6804


    Name of player been reported: James Miller


    Time & date of incident: 10:50 Pm ish city time


    Evidence to strengthen report: I had rawlo and Ronnie both witness it.


    Other players we can contact about the incident (Name#0000):  Joel#2942 (Ronnie) Z3ned#2676 (Rawlo the one who actually dumped the guyin the lake) Moe#1474 (James' friend who said he respawned)


    Explain with as much detail as possible the incident (include things leading up to and after) JUST A QUICK DISCLAIMER I DONT WANT THIS GUY TO GET IN ANY SORT OF TROUBLE I GET THAT HES NEW AND DOESNT UNDERSTAND RULES.Ok so we found this guy James Miller at the garage and we used him as a hostage for robberies. Then after a while he started to talk back so we got tired of him so we shot him and dumped him into the lake and watched him respawn. Then about 20-30 minutes later we rolled up to the sandy SO and this guy was there he pointed a gun and said " that's the guy that kidnapped and shot me" then he proceeds to pull his gun out in front of the pd and in front of cops and shot me right in front off Hailey Maxwell, Teddy Brown, Kenny Curtis Jackson The III, and Ronnie Smith and even when he said that Ronnie and I both said what wtf how do you remember that we watched you go to the light?  All im looking for is that I get my Carbine back and the fine fee back which was $23,000. And also his friend dmed me while I was writing this report saying that he did respawn and I do have proof of that down below. And for the ar you can ask Drevv as he did seized it from me.

    Screenshot (11).png

    Screenshot (4).png

    1. BabysFoBrekfast


      Ross Sawman is a real one. He probably utilized a psychic to explore past lives. That happens.

    2. BabysFoBrekfast


      I'm joking by the way. I'm not being serious. That's against the rules.

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    Fighter - Brice Powell
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    Friday Fight Club!!

    Brice Powell - Fighter