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  1. Mandalor


    I'm real jesus.
  2. Mandalor

    Best "ERP" Moments

    Had fun. that's all i have to say
  3. Mandalor

    Then & Now

    What the fuck is this?
  4. Mandalor

    Friday Fight Club

    Alex ''El Primo'' Stanbridge - fighter
  5. Mandalor

    Any military vets here?

    Around 2010 was in a joint mission in Afghanistan (NATO). Got deployed to a US mixed based then I started to make fun of some of the dudes and got replaced to a Swedish mixed with Brits and other EU countries base in Kabul lol. Logistic and logistic support.
  6. Mandalor

    Sin Lóng - Dragons of Los Santos

    No, kids. No kung fu, no shooting cops! Good RP and story.
  7. CLASSIK dis morning!


  8. Mandalor

    Sin Lóng - Dragons of Los Santos

    Sin Lóng - Dragons of Los Santos is back in town and looking for dedicated, loyal and honorable people. Dadi ''Dragon Head'' Sin - no. contact 39524338 History, activity, rules and description will be attached. Sin Lóng - Dragons of Los Santos.docx
  9. Mandalor

    Best 2018 Memories?

    Met my wonderful girlfriend @Rocket in 2018, with her we created the FFC and Dirt bike event and the whole year was fun and full of nice things. Met a lot of great people some of them are still around some not but overall 2018 was a succesful year. I know it's March but I was missing for quite some time.
  10. old man!!!

    1. hdshow


      There's no fool like an old fool

  11. Daði Sin :

    As the only child of Wei & Maria sin, Daði completed his basic schooling in Shanghai.

    Daði went on to University in America to follow a BA (hons) in Business. During his stay in America, Daði explored all walks of life and cultural settings. Whilst exploring, he ended up in the gang-riddled areas of America too. This is where Daði gained first-hand experience of the violence and cruelty associated with gangsterism. Daði was in the wrong place at the right time, and narrowly escaped a gang-related drive-by shooting involving Chinese vs American gangsters fighting for territory.

    The experience left Daði with a bitter taste in his mouth as he watched many people die in this event. Police and Ambulance services were slow to respond, and as a foreigner himself, Daði recognized his own vulnerability. He could not assist either side of this war - and left the scene appalled by the lack of medical aid due to economic and cultural conflict.

    After completing his BBA, Daði moved to Los Santos in hopes to start a new business and follow in his parental footsteps. Sadly, upon arrival, a near exact scene greeted him by way of Crips and an opposing gang having a shootout in broad daylight. Civilians were caught in the crossfire and many died. Civilian survivor, Rebel Kali, tried her best to aid the people around her, while Daði set the example. By the time the paramedics and police arrived, Rebel made a break for it, and Daði changed his career prospects.

    Daði joined the AMR service of Los Santos in the days following the incident.

    After their first encounter, Daði and Rebel met months later again.  Daði responded to a 911 call as a Fire Paramedic on the AMR team. What he found was Rebel, this time as the injured party. Knowing more of the gangs and cultures of Los Santos,  Daði keeps track of Rebel’s recovery and eventually had the opportunity to question her about her own affiliations.

    It was during this time the two not only formed a great friendship but also discovered a darker connection: Associations with the TRIADS.

    Whilst  Daði’s family was far more involved in White Collar (Business) Crimes to which he was an heir, Rebel’s involvement was far more ‘on the ground’.

    Over time, their friendship turned romantic and Rebel joined the AMR team as well. This allowed her to remain in the shadows and out of the crime-rings as they stand in Los Santos.

    It was only after a party at the Vanilla Unicorn when  Daði and Rebel were accosted by an operating gang in the immediate vicinity.  Daði was incapacitated and robbed, while Rebel was threatened with ‘more than death’. Rebel lost her temper and reverted to the one thing she knew how to do: Get rid of the problem - she killed the assailants without remorse.

    After  Daði recovery, the couple got married and started working on a plan to pool their resources, stay on the right side of the law but reclaim their ‘rightful’ place as ‘Dragons’ in the Crime world.

    They formed the New Righteousness Sin Lóng Commercial and Industrial Guild.  


    With the approval of their Elders in the Crime families, Daði’s and Rebel Sin based their entire code of conduct on a play of Daði’s last name, using the seven deadly SINS. Yet, they still honour both their Triad connections and traditions by keeping to the hierarchy and sentiments of the Original Syndication.

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  12. The mfking SEER!


  13. When you're a beyonder ...


  14. Fox and Bell hahaha !! This is so accurate, dude !!!


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