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  1. ShadowRP12

    /swap in prison

    Not necessarily. It is the persons roleplay. If you have been on your criminal character for hours on end and you want to go to roleplay on another character. It is entirely the choice of the person. I support this idea
  2. ShadowRP12

    Civilian Radios

    Yeah I agree with the abve
  3. ShadowRP12

    Fishing Licenses Bug

    There is a bug that allows you to buy multiple fishing licenses. I accidently held E on my keyboard and ended up having two fishing licenses which I cannot drop.
  4. ShadowRP12

    Wes Smith Name change request

    @Kian Hello Your Honour, I affirm that this statement was true and said in confidence due to a significant match in the DNA profiles. Any queries please email me @ ShadowRP12#7479. Thank you, MD-16 Jack Proctor
  5. ShadowRP12

    Vehicles for doctors

    @Duck Man when you are signed on as doctor you do not have access to spawn the explorer, you would have to sign on as LSFD and do everything while signed as LSFD. Doctors should be able to spawn the explorer with head of their departments permission. I use the Explorer for Medical Examiner work/ going to Bollingbroke or when giving officers rides if they have no cruiser. There should be a sufficient reason for usage which will be in my departments SOP and any violation will result in disciplinary actions.
  6. ShadowRP12

    Marksman Pistol Removal

    My bad @Sneezy thanks for the link!
  7. ShadowRP12

    Phone Messages

    When I send texts to people they receive them. However when I get texted back I don't receive a notification or any display of the message being received on my phone. I don't know if this was because I had two phones before the gcphone was brought in. I impounded both phones in the ambulance and I bought a new one and it didn't fix the issue. Maybe any credentials in the servers phone database relating to me need to wiped clean to fix the issue or what.
  8. The Marksman Pistol in my opinion should be removed from Ammunation, even with body armour it is a one shot kill weapon even with heavy duty body armour on. I know people will be sore about this and they won't like this suggestion. But however I feel that this would help balance gunfights as 1 marksman pistol can down several officers which in turn does not really provide any incentive to even challenge said individuals. In turn it also stops them running their mouth about hoe they got a certain amount of officers and helps reduce the tensions between criminal and cop interaction in the city. Again this is just an suggestion not a definite decision.
  9. ShadowRP12

    Ava Kane Name Change

    Full Name: Ava Kane Date of Birth: October 4th, 1999 New Name: Ava Little Last Arrest: 03/25/2020 Active Warrants: N/A Reason for name change: https://docs.google.com/document/d/178HYJjOG3VRTNWzQ0wUZfFUpDLwUOqoKdGpx0wESWe0/preview
  10. Plaintiffs: Isla Dunkley Michael Davis Crawl Viks Defendants: Henry Jr Ball – Captain BCSO Jay Ross, Bason Thorne and Nester Ajax Hedes – Deputy Sheriff Statement of Claim: The plaintiff’s state that the defendants used lethal force when it was not needed during a vehicle pursuit, and they stated that the level of force is excessive. They also state that they presented no threat to the officers and that they discharged their firearms towards the plaintiff’s vehicle and continued to shoot the plaintiff’s after the driver was incapacitated. They also continued to shoot after one of the defendants called a cease fire and continued to discharge their firearms afterwards towards the defendants. Relief: Mental and Physical Trauma - $30,000 Representation: Plaintiff: John Price – Attorney at Fox co. Defendant: Unknown Evidence: Isla Dunkley Statement Michael Davis Statement Crawl Viks Statement Any and all Police Reports on this incident and any bodycam footage from officers on scene Witnesses: Henry Jr Ball – Captain BCSO Jay Ross, Bason Thorne and Nester Ajax Hedes – Deputy Sheriff Isla Dunkley Michael Davis Crawl Viks
  11. ShadowRP12

    Illegal Weapon Attachments

  12. ShadowRP12

    Carson Davis - Adoption

  13. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oresrESmwsEMl2zsVjo7UsvNeChPBNQM/view?usp=sharing
  14. ShadowRP12

    Hope Durrant Name Change

    Amended your honour
  15. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HlT9yLW-keYSpvLwRSzhWyn3Hved4gIC/view?usp=sharing
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