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    Nathan Dunkley | Jack Proctor
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    Nathan Dunkley was a character of unknown horizons. He moved to Los Santos attempting to do the dirty work in the city. He then proceeded to join the bloods. After betraying his very uncle Tom Riddle, his next intentions may never be known...

    Jack came to LS with only 5 years experience as a GP back home in the town of London. Leaving home was very hard for him. However, he found his footing joining Pillbox Medical Centre and serving his new found community

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  1. ShadowRP12

    Ava Kane Name Change

    Full Name: Ava Kane Date of Birth: October 4th, 1999 New Name: Ava Little Last Arrest: 03/25/2020 Active Warrants: N/A Reason for name change: https://docs.google.com/document/d/178HYJjOG3VRTNWzQ0wUZfFUpDLwUOqoKdGpx0wESWe0/preview
  2. Plaintiffs: Isla Dunkley Michael Davis Crawl Viks Defendants: Henry Jr Ball – Captain BCSO Jay Ross, Bason Thorne and Nester Ajax Hedes – Deputy Sheriff Statement of Claim: The plaintiff’s state that the defendants used lethal force when it was not needed during a vehicle pursuit, and they stated that the level of force is excessive. They also state that they presented no threat to the officers and that they discharged their firearms towards the plaintiff’s vehicle and continued to shoot the plaintiff’s after the driver was incapacitated. They also continued to shoot after one of the defendants called a cease fire and continued to discharge their firearms afterwards towards the defendants. Relief: Mental and Physical Trauma - $30,000 Representation: Plaintiff: John Price – Attorney at Fox co. Defendant: Unknown Evidence: Isla Dunkley Statement Michael Davis Statement Crawl Viks Statement Any and all Police Reports on this incident and any bodycam footage from officers on scene Witnesses: Henry Jr Ball – Captain BCSO Jay Ross, Bason Thorne and Nester Ajax Hedes – Deputy Sheriff Isla Dunkley Michael Davis Crawl Viks
  3. ShadowRP12

    Illegal Weapon Attachments

  4. ShadowRP12

    Carson Davis - Adoption

  5. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oresrESmwsEMl2zsVjo7UsvNeChPBNQM/view?usp=sharing
  6. ShadowRP12

    Hope Durrant Name Change

    Amended your honour
  7. ShadowRP12

    Hope Durrant Name Change

  8. ShadowRP12

    Scuba gear

    @Conrad Doge I don't think training wheels work in water 😂. However I would back the idea for this as I have responded to a few plane crashes in the sea and drowned as water is too deep. Also this would open up opportunity for a marine rescue division within SASP/BCSO
  9. ShadowRP12

    MK1 Carbine for BCSO and SASP

    I mean I personally like the MK2 carbine and think it is more appealing and more realistic
  10. ShadowRP12

    MK1 Carbine for BCSO and SASP

    Civilians do have access to MK1 carbine via the black market just that you have to invest $100,000 to get it
  11. ShadowRP12

    Name Change - Ann Knight

  12. ShadowRP12

    Name Change - John Jake Wick

  13. ShadowRP12

    What have you been listening to recently?

    Lose yourself - Eminem
  14. ShadowRP12

    Wider variety of weapon attachments

    Why not make a weapon attachment menu in the police armoury for MK2 weapons issued?
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