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    Dc - Freelance Pilot for hire and LtCol (Reserve) US Army Air Corps

    Maxwell Sentence - Magistrate

    *** The Gatekeeper - Angel & Daemon of both Heaven & Hell - Lord of the door to the afterlife. ***
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    Dc - Ex Army special applications pilot, airborne specialist warefare pilot, Qualified Instructor Pilot (IP) on rotary and fixed wing aircraft. Joined BCSO after being inadvertently involved in the crossfire of a drug war shoot out in Sandy Shores that sadly killed his pet ferret Mr Trouser leg.
    His record is currently unbelievable - 3001 missions flown, 2871 success’s. Even the Old Sheriff and Under Sheriff have said when Dc is up in Air 1 and the town knows it’s Dc ....serious crime virtually stops.
    For those who know Dc, you will realise that his name has changed. Due to a very messy divorce that ended in a very public exposé for his Ex wife and lawyer.... he thought it would be cleansing to change his name until the media calmed down and stopped asking questions about his Ex wife’s involvement with organised crime elements and their pet lawyers and her affair with said lawyer. Now they have lost interest, he has decided to revert back to his original name.
    Dc has now been re-mobilised back into the US Army Air Corps reserve service, after a shortfall in Instructor pilots. He will now also be teaching Air National Guard pilots and Army pilots low level combat flying, waterbourn troop drops and short field landing operations. It is rumoured that he his also practicing airshow routines for various events around the county.
    After the new SASP Commisioner decided (without consultation) the Air Unit was to be dispensed effective emmediatly, feeling betrayed Dc, has decided to become a pilot for hire. No doubt his knowledge of SASP tactics will prove profitable to the right organisations.

    Maxwell Sentence - County Magistrate and High Court Judge, personal info: Believed to have been born in Poleto to a local woman and an illegal migrant worker, professional info: (Restricted), known links: CIA (suspected but unconfirmed) DoD (suspected but unconfirmed) POTUS advisory team (confirmed by high level source) links to high level government personnel..... All we know is he appeared back in Blaine County after the New POTUS reorganised his cabinet and now volunteers as one of the Counties magistrates. An avid sports shooter, motorcycle enthusiast, jet boat enthusiast and avid supporter of single mothers rights to work within the ‘clothing optional’ club entertainment industry. There have been roumours of bribe taking and corruption, but nothing has come of this and there are no legal markers pertaining to this rumour.

    *** Update ***
    The Daemon has re-awoken - with the passing of Mia, the last vestige of humanity the Daemon had has disappeared with her. Even though Mia, as she stood at the gates of the afterlife, begged the Daemon not to resurrect and thus save her, he blames the emergency services for putting her into the situation she was in and blames the inaction of the law enforcement agencies for not saving her. This doesn’t bode well for anyone who may represent all the Daemon now hates the most. God (if he chooses to get involved) help them all.

    The Gatekeeper - Spawned from both heaven and hell to be the one neutral entity in the war for the human soul. Guards the gates of the afterlife and returns escaped daemons back to the Hell fires from which they came. Appears as an Angel to those whom are pure of heart and in great need. Appears as a Daemon to those dark of heart and of criminal intent.
    Takes over a living, breathing human host every time he walks amongst us. This host can be killed, but The Gatekeeper is eternal, he will always resurrect and never fails to reap the soul he has marked.

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  1. So.... the end of an era for Dc.


    The new Commisioner of the SASP decided without any prior consultation period that the Permanent Air Unit was to be dispanded. 


    Because of this complete and and utter disrespect, Dc has resigned from the SASP and is pursuing a career as a freelance pilot for hire.


    After a short holiday he will be posting out an advert for his services.




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    2. Jones
    3. Luka


      Thank you DC for everything , I gonna miss you !! Good luck ❤️

    4. Mackenzie Houston <3
  2. Tonight’s gaming is accompanied by



  3. Win, win, win..... must win.

    Sod the effort someone put into setting up an interaction.... must win.


    Slowly getting why some people act the way they do when up against LEO’s and other agencies.



    1. Mandalor


      sadly, dude but it's the truth...

    2. Tucker


      yup was in a 10-80 and only officer and three dudes mowed me down with ak's as soon as i stepped out of car.. smh

  4. Happy bday mate

    1. D c

      D c

      Little late but Thankyou dude

  5. todays sampling of the mind calming music after a shit day at work.

  6. Tonight’s theme tune.


  7. A couple of tracks from tonight’s playlist ?



  8. 4 - I actually met him. Nice guy. ?


  9. 2 - ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ ? @ Dem tiddies BTW ?⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️


    1. Mandalor


      I see tiddies, I press like. I'm a simple man.

  10. 1 - So! Today’s in game playlist and soundtrack has been something a little darker than usual.....have been in an odd mood.



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