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    Seoul Argo, Cherry Taboo, Roman Corbell Jones

    DECEASED: Vegas Argo
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    Vegas Argo:
    Vegas Argo and her twin sister Seoul were born in Seoul, South Korea. She would never meet her sister Seoul or father. Her mother Edna Argo would flee to New York to her crack house with her other child she collected from a man. Paris and Vegas grew up together and later on their baby sister London was born. Vegas was the middle child and was constantly had the most conflict with everyone. She was very bitter and judgmental as her and Paris would fight a lot early on in their childhood. When their mother Edna was killed, Vegas and Paris swore to make up and take care of London no matter what. Paris and Vegas would always team up together to meet with gang bosses and deal drugs around the Bronx to make a living for the three of them. They moved to Los Santos where Vegas would have the biggest conflict of her life. Her attitude towards people did not help her at all. She was stuck up and looked down on everyone that wasn't her family. Eventually she would start 4 month gang war with the Crips that she would never see the resolution to. She went into hiding from everyone and traveled back to New York to Edna's apartment where she would find her birth certificate with her real name, and also the real names and birth dates of London and Paris. She flew back to Los Santos and lived in a barn on top of Mount Chilliad holding onto the papers she had found. One day when she went to go buy groceries in Paleto Bay she saw a familiar face, at the 24/7 it was the man that had been sleeping with her mother shortly before London was born. She stole his wallet and found his ID to find out it was him, Carlos Tijuana Argo. On Feburary 11th 2019 she returned to Los Santos and wrote a letter that she would go to deliver to her father. She was shot by an unknown shooter at the doorstep of the Argo Mansion with the letter in hand. She was in a comatose state at pillbox found by her friend Nicholas Coleman and died in the hospital bed after having her last conversation with Paris.

    Seoul Argo:
    Seoul Argo and her twin sister Vegas were born in Seoul, South Korea. She would never meet her sister Vegas or her mother Edna Argo, as she left with Vegas to the United States shortly after their birth. Her father had to give away Seoul to his mother in South Korea as he could not take care of her after being drafted to the military. Seoul was an impatient and short tempered bratty child growing up, she would watch K-Pop idols on TV and wanted to be a part of one growing up. She was always obsessed with the idea of a lavish lifestyle with fancy expensive clothes and cars and figured her beauty would help her get there as an Idol. She dropped out of school at 13 and signed up with an idol program. She trained in dancing and singing for years but when they started casting for the next big girl group, her singing did not please the judges at all. They told her she could become a back up dancer if she went on a diet and got plastic surgery but she was over it. She worked at her family's restaurant for the next couple of years and thought that working minimum wage and being an Instagram model would be all of her legacy. One day she got a message on Instagram from someone called Paris Argo claiming to be her sister. Paris had found pictures of her and Vegas' birth certificate in an old digital camera that Paris found in Vegas' barn home where she hid for months and sent them to her as proof. Paris informed Seoul that her twin sister was dead and Seoul spent all her money on a plane ticket to Los Santos and met up with her half sisters London & Paris.

    Cherry Taboo:
    Cherry Taboo was born Jamal Grey, a boring and bland teenager who was just trying to fit in at his High School in Oakland California. Cherry was only 8 years old when her father was tragically killed, and since has spent the rest of her life living with her single mom, and resenting the men who caused her father's death. Cherry realizes that she didn't have to fit in with anyone at a young age when she started watching RuPaul's Drag Race on TV and dreamed of competing on the show. She took up drag under the name Cherry Taboo, and got it legally changed after many years of smashing the drag scene with her stunning looks and striking charisma, and eventually competing on Drag Race herself in 2013. Cherry attended the Los Santos school of cosmetics but eventually dropped out after the death of her mother in 2011. She has always had a passion for singing and currently has a record deal with Atlantic. She loves performing for people and humbling herself by being a correctional officer during the day with her best friends Ayesha and Nefera.

    Roman Jones:
    Roman and his twin sister were born in Vice City in the year 2000. Shortly after his birth, both of his parents, and his uncle were murdered in a big shootout in the Ocean View Hotel due to his father and uncle being involved in drug trafficking. Roman and his sister had to be given up for adoption since all of his remaining relatives were either deceased or in a different country. He grew up in the Vice City Orphanage, until in the summer of 2008 It burned down, taking the lives of many workers and children, including his sister. Ever since Roman has wanted to be a law enforcer in any way he saw fit for him. He was adopted by Robert Lee Jones & Jem Corbell Jones and has since been living at home with them and attending law school at ULSA in San Andreas.

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  1. alex_G2G

    Paris Argo Name Change Request

    - Subject: My client wants her name changed after getting a "divorce" with her spouse William Queen. There were no real legal documents forming this marriage within law, so it will just have to be a civil name change. - Current Name: Paris Argo Queen - Criminal History: Has a clean record due to the MDT system failure - Information on Warrants: No warrants at this time - New Name: Paris Donatella Argo - D.O.B: 1992-08-05 (no change) - Address: N/A Attorney Roman Corbell Jones with Chaos & Glory
  2. -Photo identification: - Subject: My client wants her name changed after getting her marriage license approved so she can bear the name of her spouse Sam Smith - Current Name: Calamity Wicked Johnson - Criminal History: A couple of arrests, has been clean for a week - Information on Warrants: No warrants at this time - New Name: Calamity Johnson Smith - D.O.B: 1990-04-08 (no change) - Address: N/A Please look into this as soon as possible. Attorney Roman Corbell Jones with Chaos & Glory
  3. alex_G2G

    Mike Diaz Expungement Request

    -Photo identification | -At least 2 weeks clean if getting arrested Name: Mike Diaz Sentence: 30 months Charges: VC 2800.2, HS 11351(b), PC 243(b) Fine: $40000 Suspensions: DL suspended for 6 day(s) Arresting Officer: Miguel Sanchez Timestamp: 06-17-2019 20:50:22 - Mr Diaz has no outstanding warrants, the MDT does not have him listed anywhere. -Some time doing community service or proof that you have had a positive impact on the community: My client requests to have his whole record expunged (which only consists of one arrest) He fully admits to battery on a peace officer, and deeply regrets his actions that lead to him getting that charge. My client has helped save the lives of officer(s) Nick Tran, John Spartan, Taylor Mcmillan & Luka Kovacic. All officers mentioned above can testify for Mr. Diaz's expungement STEAM LINK https://steamcommunity.com/id/thediazshow/
  4. Name of Parties: Sam Smith, Calamity Johnson Maiden name of Bride: Johnson Place of Ceremony: Paleto Bay Yacht ID/Passport Number: 290, 215 Address: Milton Road, House 1 Sam’s phone number: 49952142 Calamity’s phone number: 55414428 Signed by: 𝔖𝔞𝔪 𝔖𝔪𝔦𝔱𝔥 & ℭ𝔞𝔩𝔞𝔪𝔦𝔱𝔶 𝔍𝔬𝔥𝔫𝔰𝔬𝔫
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