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  1. goblinlord


  2. goblinlord

    Leave Of Absence (Post under)

    Name: Jem P-Number: 20 When are you leaving: 19.06.19 When are you coming back: 20.07.19 Reason(s): scHool 🙂
  3. Name: Cavalier Clemons Employee Number (CO Number): CO- 106 Certification requested: Patrol Vehicle and Pistol Reason for Request: To advance my career and be able to transport inmates to be more valuable asset to the DOC Available Times: Evenings
  4. goblinlord

    Leave Of Absence (Post under)

    Name: Jem P-Number: p-20 When are you leaving: now :^) (4.23.18) When are you coming back: ~1 month Reason(s): school
  5. goblinlord

    Who is the most LIT person on the server?

    oh wow,,, this is a powerful thread..... but i have to say... aidan is most lit on server :^) mini could only dream of being on ur level.
  6. goblinlord

    Friday Fight Club!!

    jem corbell-jones on ems ;^)
  7. Hi

    Rat CoP.png

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      thank you, rat boy :)) boy made from rats