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    John Ram
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    John Ram
    John Ram is a hell raising cowboy. He moved to the city in November of last year. He has made quite a name for himself and is well known around the city. Ram moved here not knowing anyone and met Lucy Cole. He said right then and there with her husband standing beside her that she was the one. Ram and Lucy did in time have a lasting relationship. There were ups and downs along the way but like all things it came to an end. Ram pursued his career in the BCSO and advanced up the ranks all the way to sergeant. He has made many friend and many enemies. He has seen friends come and go. He has had to bury a great friend not too long ago. Ram finally reached his breaking point and lashed out from everything he has been through. He had a long a successful career until his downfall after he hit his breaking point. Ram was removed from the BCSO with honors. Ram crossed over and went down a dark road for a little bit after loosing his job. John Ram now has purchased a ranch out in grand senora desert and is in pursuit of starting a bail bondsman/bounty hunter business. The future is wide open for Ram.............

    John Ram Jr. (in progress)

    John "Jack" Marston III
    John "Jack" Marston III is a 3rd generation outlaw. He was born in 1984. HIs father is Jack Marston, son of John and Abigale Marston. John III has taken the life of his father and grandfather before him. In the 1900's his Grandfather was gunned down by the corrupt U.S. Marshals after a long strenuous attempt to hunt down his former gang for the return of his family which were kidnapped by the Marshals. After the death of John, his son Jack made a vow to his father to seek vengeance on the law enforcement. Jack killed anyone and everyone who stood in his way for the hunt of the U.S. Marshal Edgar Ross. Jack finally found Edgar and confronted him years later for the death of his father. Jack ended up shooting Edgar dead and let his body float down the river. Jack spent the rest of his life with the same vow to his father and rid the south of corruption in the law enforcement. Jack settled down and had a kid in 1984, John "Jack" Marston III, John III grew up hearing all the stories of his father and grandfather and made the same vow for his grandfather that his father did before him. In 2000 his father was gunned down in their home by U.S. Marshals, Sheriffs, and the military just as his grandfather was. Jack spent most of his life learning from his father, reading, shooting, He just recently moved to Paleto Bay after hearing word of the corruption that fills the streets.

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