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  1. John Ram

    Fire Away......

  2. I honor of Kylee Rayne I have had her tombstone engraved with her name on it. Kylee Rayne you were a great woman and touched the hearts of many people. You are sadly missed and thought about everyday. Rest easy Kylee Rayne and I will see you in the streets of heaven. image.thumb.jpeg.a8f1935d7c6a2ae9b3b8e9bf6b9a6c65.jpeg






    Kylee Rayne.png

    1. Kylee


      I have no words! This is the sweetest thing ever. Thank you so much for doing this for Kylee. She will always be watching over you Mr Ram.

    2. John Ram
    3. John Ram

      John Ram

      Kylee will always be in my heart and my memories.

  3. John Ram

    Lets see that ink....

    Bruh that is bad ass!
  4. John Ram

    Lets see that ink....

    Its that a tattoo on your big toe?
  5. John Ram

    Lets see that ink....

    Almost forgot about my first one.....
  6. John Ram

    Electric skies....

    I good good friend sent me this song the other day possibly one of the most beautiful country songs I have heard in a while.
  7. John Ram

    Post dat computer setup bruh

    Ha. Only but for so long.
  8. John Ram

    IRL Face thread?

    Ok, is it just me or did Hennifer Lopez just get attractive?
  9. John Ram

    IRL Face thread?

  10. John Ram

    IRL Face thread?

  11. As I sit here looking back at my past I remember all the people I have met. All the ones i got to call my friends. All the good times we had together, and all the bad. I look back and see all the people I have helped, all the lives I have saved. I remember looking forward to coming to town and going to work everyday. I do believe everyone loved to see me ride by on duty in my Tahoe. I come into town now and I am lost. I feel like an outsider, an outcast. My only drive is to throw on my badge and grab my truck on go out on the streets. That is not possible anymore. I look into the future and see emptiness, a blank hole. I search now around every corner of Paleto Bay for the drive to stay in town. Something that says stay John, I yet have had that feeling since I lost my badge. Im not sure what will be able to take its place.


    1. JesusOnCatnip


      Found this down in Los Santos, Maybe look down there for the sign? :*

      Stay John.jpg

    2. John Ram

      John Ram

      Dear Mia,

      That something inside me is the BCSO. It is what I moved to Paleto for. It is what I am good at and what I love doing. Head of security sounds nice but thats only a few hours every friday. I do not have a good relationship with the Lost so being part of security with the Lost would not be a good thing.

      I am not a cop anymore, yes, but the color blue runs through my veins. I have noticed your attempts to reach out to me. I am drifting, floating around like a feather stuck in the wind wishing there was somewhere for me to land. I have tired to many times to make a soft landing but the wind just picks me up and carries me away. I hope as well that I can land softly somewhere.

      John Ram