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John Ram

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  1. John Ram

    Best "ERP" Moments

    I have you all beat and would probably get banned If I posted what I have.
  2. John Ram

    Server Admins

  3. The Rammunation!!!1948981515_TheRammunation.thumb.jpg.aba5e5477feeb02efec0fa7dc42e7a42.jpg

  4. Back to where it all began, a year ago I was a nobody. Look at me now.20180816092237_1.thumb.jpg.4f53961557b99ae14a9c6954efffee04.jpg

    1. Zhorique


      Still a nobody ❤️

  5. 20180811150931_1.thumb.jpg.6efe918c7c542ba88745c7fe293207bb.jpgKeeping an eye on things.

  6. 20180812195751_1.thumb.jpg.b7db7c26b144a91036b55bd3ea0d7fdc.jpgHanging with the boys at The Rammunation.

  7. 20180812203648_1.thumb.jpg.44692787d6847c933a1f745de02506ee.jpg20180812203621_1.thumb.jpg.9099fa2cbe7789062ca7990a3f9286e5.jpgJumping off the Maze Bank in LS.

  8. 20180813151402_1.thumb.jpg.694948077b0ba17083e93e5bea387366.jpgGetting my gun off with The Sheriff.

  9. 20180813172751_1.thumb.jpg.da1c54edab81619a0c90b3dfac504b1d.jpg20180813172825_1.thumb.jpg.9fefd528d0432df2ff265d77ddc4d917.jpg20180814103439_1.thumb.jpg.17890ab6938967d59c92ad3bb4c745a9.jpgBusiness is booming at the dealership!!!

  10. John Ram

    Appreciation Thread

    @GomBiaN - Vadim Kalashnikov, we have known each other for quite some time, and have been through ups and downs, but have always had each others back. We have been down both the dark road and have also seen the light. There is so much that we have had to deal with and so much more that has yet to come. You have always been there for me and I the same and will drop what I am doing in the blink of and eye to help you in any way I can. The death of Kylee Rayne brought us together more than it has brought me closer to anyone. You will always be family Vadim and I love you babyduck. I will always h
  11. John Ram

    Appreciation Thread

    @Mr Monkey for being a stoopid Monkey and the most wanted in Blaine Co.
  12. John Ram

    Appreciation Thread

    OMG @Ash- you just made me remember the day I was at training, still a Sgt. standing in the line with the deputies. Something was brought up and you walked over and grabbed me and walked me over with the Command Staff and stood beside me, and said "You don't need to stand in the line, you are one of us." That was a feeling of true accomplishment and an extreme honor!!!!
  13. John Ram

    Appreciation Thread

    @Hack I want to thank you for your uplifting words on my last rejection for the BCSO. I took what you said to heart and it meant the world to me. ❤️ @[P-22][CO-113] Jack Haines I have always found your characters to be level headed and professional, thank you for mentioning me and seeing the progression of Ram @Jamie You have had Ram's back through thick and thin and still continue to have his back, and you see the potential in Ram, for that I am ever greatful @Caddy You were there for Ram in the past and you fought for him more than anyone did and his position in the BCSO, reg
  14. John Ram

    My FiveM connection and ping.

    @minipunch it started before I hooked up to the ethernet cable. @ArtaKiaI time out alot while in game, and I don't go to other servers. USA all the way.
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