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Why not start your law enforcement career with the Blaine County Sheriffs Office apply today and start out as a corrections officer and work all the way up to Sheriff.

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  1. how do i submit my appeal or can i just tell you?

  2. @Travis. Thanks for the report, will look into getting that fixed.
  3. minipunch

    Firework Launcher Purchase Bug

    @Stray Thanks for the report, this should be fixed next restart. @Jester I can look into that issue as well, however please make a new topic next time
  4. @TAC SE7EN Ty for the report, this should be fixed on the next restart, just let me know if not
  5. minipunch

    Gun holsters after radio usage

    Should be fixed as of next restart, thanks again for the report
  6. minipunch

    Gun holsters after radio usage

    Thank you for the report, will look into adjusting this
  7. minipunch

    Radio/Mumble VOIP glitches

    Ty for the reports. Both of these bugs from the OP should be fixed after the next server restart (in ~1 hr). The menu disappearing bug I would like some more information on steps to make it occur, and how frequently it happens. The talking while having your phone/map up thing can be looked into.
  8. minipunch

    Cuban 800 does not store

    @Hank Hilliams Hey thanks for the report but I wasn't able to reproduce this problem when I tried it and I don't believe anyone else has reported this being a problem. When did you purchase the Cuban 800? You should maybe try buying a new one and seeing if that one works better as it might be something with that specific one you have, maybe if it was bought a while ago especially.
  9. minipunch

    Weed Plants - What is going on?

    @Dell Dekker Thanks for the detailed report! I just made some changes that I think might help again. They will take effect after the next restart (scheduled for 3:30 AM PST). Let me know if they start to work more consistently as far as food/water/dying goes or not once the restart concludes. You might need to just remove the dead plants with a shovel and replace them with new plants to test it.
  10. minipunch

    No image on hatchet

    @Kladdkakan Should be fixed next restart
  11. minipunch

    Blocked for VPN or Proxy

    @Maurice Lester DM me your IP and we can whitelist it (unless you already did this).
  12. minipunch

    Weed Bug ?

    @darren2898 Any plant issues should be resolved now (next restart), let us know if there are still problems.
  13. minipunch

    Weed Plants Growth Issues?

    @Dell Dekker @Beaver An update that most likely will fix any weird plant issues you had previously will be going into the server at the next restart from now, let me know if they start to work any better for you or not then please
  14. minipunch

    weed plants die despite being fed/watered

    @xgnarkillepsyx @LeCrazyMonkey @Jafari An update that most likely will fix those issues will be going in on the next restart from now, so let me know if those pesky plants are working any better or not then please
  15. minipunch

    Voices keep cutting out & Mouth not moving

    The latest TokoVOIP update (1.5.5) has been reverted back to the better-working version (1.5.3) until further notice. Thank y'all for the feedback!
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