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  1. minipunch

    Stretcher Bug

    Should be fixed at the next restart Thanks for the report
  2. minipunch

    old messages delete every time I fly out

    I just pushed a patch for this Let me know if it works any better after the next server restart
  3. minipunch

    old messages delete every time I fly out

    Can one of you guys send me your in-game phone number so I can investigate
  4. minipunch

    Cant search cars

    Also fixed now
  5. minipunch

    Cant search cars

  6. minipunch

    Weed plants issue

    Should be fixed now
  7. minipunch

    Weed plants issue

    Seems like it is just delayed by about 30 minutes at the moment Will fix soon Thanks for reporting
  8. minipunch

    Weed plants will not pop

  9. minipunch

    Weed plants will not pop

    Plant grow times were changed from 7 days to 14
  10. Unfortunately it's a separate model entirely, meaning you will have to buy it from the BMW dealership
  11. So it looks like the BMW M4 model does not actually have any modifications even though LSC says so. I did just add another M4 (a widebody) that has a few mods that do work for it. It also does have some that do not work, so make sure to preview it before buying as normal.
  12. Anyone know if they ever worked or not
  13. minipunch

    Cuff scuff

    First of all, FANTASTIC topic title -- the rhyming is SUPERB Second of all thanks for the report and it should be fixed next restart
  14. minipunch

    Scuba gear scuff

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