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    Well, I been through it all. Been apart a law enforcement my whole life. This town needed a police force... so that's what it got.

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  1. minipunch

    I couldnt pay my house payment

    See my post in your refund request
  2. minipunch

    Post dat computer setup bruh

    That flight simulator controller though 😍😍😍
  3. minipunch

    Driving license still suspended

    Is it still not reinstated?
  4. minipunch

    Post dat computer setup bruh

    Million dollar setup
  5. minipunch

    Custom Coroners van for the server!

    Want to send me the file and we can try it out?
  6. minipunch

    Server Side Sound Changes?

    @RimkaThe sounds he's talking about are for weapons I believe. That's what I was talking about anyway. I am not sure if it would override custom local weapon sounds or not.
  7. minipunch

    Increasing Towing Pay

    @Cutter McGavin I can look into making tow drivers have a higher repair kit success chance. We are planning on making tow a real mechanic type job but we just haven't fleshed out all the details yet. As for the vehicle not going back to the garage, I'll have to fix that again.
  8. minipunch

    Server Side Sound Changes?

    Some of the sounds seem to come out louder on one ear than the other We were planning on going through and taking only the sounds that are balanced properly Wanna do that for us? Lul
  9. minipunch

    Increasing Towing Pay

    @Cutter McGavin I am pretty sure that should have been fixed recently, can you try it out a few times and see if it works maybe when you can? As for the other issues, they would take some time to look into and in the end it may not work 100% of the time regardless. As for Goose, I will let the EMS command staff know. For any future complaints on EMS/BCSO please use this form: https://www.usarrp.net/complaint/ Best, Minipunch
  10. minipunch

    Emotes ui improvement

    What about shag 1 - 3? How could you forget those? They should probably be the first three.
  11. minipunch

    Emotes ui improvement

    So who wants to organize a list in order of most used emotes for me
  12. minipunch

    Increasing Towing Pay

    Hello @Cutter McGavin, Even though this is sort of unrelated to the topic because it's not about the tow's pay, if this situation happens to you again: please note down the officers name and badge number in character and then pass on that info to me or a Blaine County Sheriff's Office command staff member directly on the website, discord, or in game and let them know they didn't call for a tow truck. It is against the Blaine County Sheriff's Office standard operating procedures to not call and wait for a tow truck for impound, especially when there are some available. As far as the tow pay goes, I know I raised it recently. Should it still be raised? Best, Minipunch
  13. minipunch

    court Next court case?

    Perhaps there is an easier way or just need more lawyers and judges I guess
  14. minipunch

    court Next court case?

    We really just need minimum 2 lawyers and a judge for a court case right?
  15. minipunch

    court Next court case?

    When is it going to happen??? Are there are pending cases that need to go to trial?