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    Well, I been through it all. Been apart a law enforcement my whole life. This town needed a police force... so that's what it got.

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  1. minipunch


    Nice to have you, mate! 💪
  2. minipunch

    Lost 20k on server reboot

    @Skura90 Unfortunately you actually have to disconnect manually before the server restarts for some of your data like money to save or it will reset to when you first joined the server for that session. There is no way to verify your deposit but you can still make a refund request here https://www.usarrp.net/forums/forum/72-refund-requests/ and i'll try to see that it gets approved.
  3. minipunch

    Lost 20k on server reboot

    Hello @Skura90, Did you disconnect from the server before it rebooted?
  4. minipunch

    Radio Realism RP?

    @henrivictorious I like the idea and appreciate your willingness to contribute! Currently we are working on implementing other features at the moment and haven't planned out a way to implement a custom radio station. The load screen uses a couple different live internet radio streams, if you are able to host one your self that would run 24/7 then maybe you can send me the link and I can take a look at it and possibly add it to the loading screen. If we do ever end up looking to add a custom radio station into the game somehow, then I will contact you then!
  5. minipunch


    5 minutes later -- flips unmarked onto roof
  6. minipunch

    Handling File For Cars

    @MichaelMotorcycl @Rimka @Carter Wingate Thanks for the post and the sheriff, police2, police7 speeds have been adjusted, try them out and let me know how they are now! I also think the wheelies are better?
  7. Happy Birthday minipuunch ^^

    1. minipunch


      Thanks dawg!!!!


  9. minipunch

    Issic Classic 2

    The second ever Issi Classic 2 line up
  10. minipunch

    Issi Classic 500 - Some of the competitors

    Issi Classic 500 - Some of the competitors
  11. minipunch

    Issi Classic 500 - Winner's Podium

    1st place - Terry Jenkins, 2nd place - Simon Weston, 3rd place - Symere Woods
  12. minipunch

    Issi Classic 500 - Lineup

    Issi Classic 500 - Lineup
  13. minipunch

    40+ Meth Drug Bust

    40+ meth off the street from the night shift tonight
  14. minipunch


    @serenityx There is an appeal section in the forums. When a person is banned, their IP is also banned. So if you share a network with someone who got banned, you won't be able to play. Same goes for steam accounts and GTA V game licenses. I recommend making a ban appeal in the appropriate section with your steam ID and as much info as possible.
  15. minipunch

    Better Liveries

    @distritic I can give you the vehicle files you need and you can start making a set of liveries for them and then get back to me so we can check them out if you'd like.