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  1. minipunch

    Better Economy (Admins Please Read)

    Hello @Sterdaddy, I like the ideas! We talked about adding more depth to the existing jobs so when we get around to it we will work on adding things like job leveling systems where the more you do a certain job the more you are rewarded with various perks like higher pay, alternate job vehicles and routes, etc. As for the locals purchasing things from stores, we can look into ways to have certain businesses make more money if needed. The best thing would be for someone to compile a list of businesses that don't make enough money from players alone for us to use to adjust the money they earn.
  2. minipunch

    My house has unlimited Money

    Hello @NorthWestFanatic, Thanks for letting us know. Can you please reply with the full name of the house?
  3. minipunch

    Hair and tattoos removed every disconnect

    When you say "And no PED"? Do you mean you are using the multiplayer model? or using a pre-made ped model?
  4. minipunch

    Hair and tattoos removed every disconnect

    @Juice 1) How long has this been happening? Did it always happen? 2) Did it always happen? 3) Are you using a multiplayer ped?
  5. minipunch

    Paleto Dealership bug

    Hello @Jazric, This is a known bug and will be looked into being fixed soon. If it happens again, next time you might be able to have a staff member /freeze and unfreeze you to get you unstuck instead of having to relog entirely. You can ask once in a /report, if no reponse, just relog.
  6. minipunch

    Important Things New Players Need to Know?!?!

    Some of the items are just for show, but a good bit of them have use actions to them. You will just have to play around and see if it has a use action if you are unsure. All of the food and drink items are necessary to consume periodically to prevent death. You can store your vehicle at any of the places labeled as a "garage" by driving into the blue circle and pressing "E".
  7. minipunch

    Important Things New Players Need to Know?!?!

    Hey @IrishJoe, Thanks for writing up this guide! To answer your questions: 1) Just ask their name and remember it. You can reference what they said by pressing F3 and seeing their name there if you really want. Or maybe have them do /showid instead. Twitter handles are just names made lowercase with spaces made into underscores. 2) You can use your phone to dial 911 and it will let you know if at least one cop or EMS is on. Other than that, you can see EMS show up with a red background on the F3 player list, cops don't show up there due to metagaming reasons. 3) You can use /givecash [id] [amount] to trade cash with other players and then RP any sort of job, service, or trade from there. 4) You can go to a bank marked on your map to access your bank account. You can also find an ATM in game and use those by going up to them and pressing "E" (same for the bank). Your $250 paycheck is direct deposited into your bank account. 5) Currently, being white listed means you will skip ahead of any non-whitelisted players if there is ever a queue to join the server. It also means you will have access to the a full WL server if we have one in the future. It is also a way to sort of, 'verify', you with us as a community. 6) Yes, there is a little bit of training required to work as police or medical services. You can first apply for either the BCSO or AMR (ems) department by clicking on the corresponding button on this page https://www.usarrp.net/application/ and filling out the form. 7a) You should be able to just change items of clothing at a clothing store, without messing up the way your player physically looks. The barbershop is where you go to change that type of stuff, like face, skin color, facial hair, makeup, etc. 7b) The two bars below your health and armor indicators are indeed your hunger and thirst levels. Make sure you consume food/drink items from the general store to make sure you don't end up passing out. 7c) The voice microphone thing not working when you first join in is a known FiveM issue and is something that is out of our control to fix. Let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks again for writing up that little guide for new players.
  8. minipunch

    Cars explosion

    This is something that we will investigate when we can and try to reduce the damage until explosion.
  9. minipunch

    Just a Hint

    @manups4e, So we created two cameras and then used SetCamActiveWithInterp(camera1, camera2, 2000, false, false) while IsCamInterpolating(camera1) do Citizen.Wait(100) end in combination with StartScreenEffect(...) plus a little zoom at the end. Here is a link to the "SetCamActiveWithInterp" documenation: https://runtime.fivem.net/doc/reference.html#_0x9FBDA379383A52A4
  10. minipunch

    Just a Hint

    Hey @manups4e, I would have to look at the script again to be certain but if I'm not mistaken we just create a camera and then adjust the coordinates of the camera over a small time period to spawn in.
  11. minipunch

    Cant look behind me!

    It's been changed to LALT + W for next restart.
  12. minipunch

    Cant look behind me!

    It seems like being able to look behind you without moving your camera is a bit OP anyway (since it doesn't even turn your head when you use 'c' to look behind you) doesn't it? Still, it's possible to change it to another keybind. 'Alt + s' sounds interesting, I can try that out and see how it is. I don't want to use LCTRL since that is the "sneak" mode.
  13. minipunch

    Should the Server stay whitelisted?

    Indeed. Either way it will be talked about with staff over the weekend and we will most likely have a decision made then.
  14. minipunch

    Should the Server stay whitelisted?

    We were planning on discussing the best ways to increase the size of our playerbase over this weekend. One option we were thinking as a good compromise would be to just have two servers; a completely public one to bring in "some new faces" if you will (ideally with some sort of script similar to the one @Pume posted to help new players get aquainted with the rules and hopefully prevent some of the headaches we had before as a public server), as well as a WL only one where people can go if they want a more controlled environment to RP on if the public one is 'too crazy' for them or whatever. Another option we were going to talk about was maybe have a certain, limited number of public slots at any time (say 10, for example) with the remaining slots being reserved for WLed members. If we do the first option, the 'worst case' scenario is everybody plays on the public server and nobody plays on the WL server, which would pretty much be the same as only having just a single public server. The benefit of it is obviously people will at least still have the option to enjoy the RP quality thay a WL server brings.
  15. minipunch

    Bounty Hunter.

    This is something I would like to implement and had been thinking about for a while now! I haven't had time to recently but as soon as I get a chance I can look into adding a bounty hunter job that gives you a list of people with warrants or something like that. It can maybe send you a notification if a wanted person was "spotted" using something like the bank or an ATM so that you can go around and hunt them for the BCSO. Obviously we will probably want to see no felony convictions on your record and no history of violence for this position.