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    Well, I been through it all. Been apart a law enforcement my whole life. This town needed a police force... so that's what it got.

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  1. minipunch


    @serenityx There is an appeal section in the forums. When a person is banned, their IP is also banned. So if you share a network with someone who got banned, you won't be able to play. Same goes for steam accounts and GTA V game licenses. I recommend making a ban appeal in the appropriate section with your steam ID and as much info as possible.
  2. minipunch

    Better Liveries

    @distritic I can give you the vehicle files you need and you can start making a set of liveries for them and then get back to me so we can check them out if you'd like.
  3. minipunch

    Phone Issues

    @Doinkmaster Is the crash a "timeout" message or an "error" message?
  4. minipunch

    New Meth Lab

    @Jimmy Southstar That is actually where it was before and people asked to have it moved to the O'Neill Ranch. I personally think either one is fine but I kind of like how the O'Neill Ranch is further away from where you get the chemicals.
  5. minipunch

    The San Andreas Board of Psychology

    "Phycology", huh?
  6. minipunch

    white list bug

    Hey @Digimortal401, Some, like yourself, might be having an issue with their priority due to an issue we are currently investigating.
  7. minipunch

    In the hospital!!

  8. minipunch

    End of a pursuit / drug bust

  9. minipunch

    Weazel News HYPE

  10. minipunch

    Mugshot 2

  11. minipunch

    Mugshot 3

  12. minipunch

    Mugshot 4 - T. Jenkins

    One of San Andreas most well known crack dealers and notorious founder of the CRIPS gang.

    © 2018

  13. minipunch

    Mugshot 1

  14. minipunch

    Missing DEED to owned house

    Hey @Frankpetite, Seems like there was an issue in the script with the property garages. It should be resolved on the next server restart. Thanks for letting us know
  15. minipunch

    community Blood Drive (Hosted by AMR)

    ????????????????????????????????????????? American Medical Response is going to be hosting a Blood Drive this coming Friday at 9:00 PM GMT (21:00) at the Los Santos Del Perro Pier. ALL are welcome to come and donate some blood or some $$$. All the donated money and blood will be going towards a children's school and hospital that is being built near Grove Street. Donated blood will be going towards people who are in need for blood E.G Heavy blood loss, surgery etc. Food, water, etc will be provided for all of you there is also going to be a DJ for maximum litness. Hope to see you all at the Los Santos Del Perro Pier this Friday! ?????????????????????????????????????????