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Pillbox medical is always looking out for new upcoming medical professionals to enrol into its ranks. Start your career here today.

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There will never be a call that is the same can you think fast and put your training to action. If your answer is yes and you want to make a difference then apply to join now the Los Santos Fire Department needs you.

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Why not start your law enforcement career with the Blaine County Sheriffs Office apply today and start out as a corrections officer and work all the way up to Sheriff.

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The San Andreas State Police is always looking for committed well presented people to join its ranks and undertake a hard fought career in law enforcement along side our brothers in law enforcement in the Sheriffs Office.


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  1. minipunch

    Car wont reverse or go faster then 36mph

    Thanks. It should be better next restart @sugar Same for the comet @Dell Dekker
  2. minipunch

    Car wont reverse or go faster then 36mph

    @sugar What is the make and model of that car?
  3. minipunch

    Radio too loud

    Should be fixed as soon as we update TokoVOIP within the next few days. I read that there were some external changes that "broke" the RadioFX plugin stuff.
  4. minipunch

    Returning Trucks

    Will be fixed next restart, thanks for the report @LeCrazyMonkey
  5. minipunch

    Trucking Job

    There is a garage at the parking lot next to where you get a truck from @BeardedKitty. Will look into preventing trailers from spawning on each other and blowing up.
  6. minipunch

    Bug Report - Burglary Alerts

    Thanks for the report. This should be fixed pending the next restart.
  7. minipunch

    Clothing Save Issue

    @Radix1994 When did you leave the city and when did you come back?
  8. minipunch

    Civilian application

    Type /info when in-game and read that stuff, that will help you get started @xMULDOOMx
  9. minipunch

    Lag spikes

    What sort of PC specs do you got @Maestro
  10. minipunch

    Civilian application

    You just join the sever through FiveM! No application is necessary to start playing as a civilian.
  11. minipunch

    Red Dead Redemption Server

    Yes. Being worked on. No ETA at the moment.
  12. minipunch

    One Of The Best Non-whitelisted RP Servers I've Ever Found

    @WonderBro We appreciate you!!
  13. minipunch

    Arrest Procedures good enough ?

    Hello @Vonknauss Currently our system is set up where police will remove your weapons purely in role play (i.e. "/me removes pistol") and they have to make that clear to you as there is currently no easy way for them to take weapons from players at the moment. Sometimes police are a bit lazy and just type "/me takes weapon" when they should make sure (perhaps by voice) that you are also aware it was "taken". In the future police will be able to take items without having to do "/me takes weapon" and expecting the suspect to understand.
  14. Congrats!!!! 🧐👏

    1. goblinlord


      thank u miniaturepunch1 i will not fail u 

  15. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

    1. goblinlord


      how DARE you..................

    2. minipunch
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