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  2. i made it guys 😎

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      YAY congratz!!😃

  3. i love aidan. like if u agree

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  4. Name: Nefera Kosey Employee Number (CO Number): CO-54 Certification requested: FTO Reason for Request: I would like to be able to train new applicants for this department since I'd like to help with the future of DOC in anyway that I can. I think that I'd be a great fit to train people since I do like to instruct people who need it. Available Times: Mon-Wed: 4pm - 12 am PST, Thurs-Sun: 11am - 12 am PST
  5. Name: Nefera Kosey Employee Number (CO Number): CO-54 Certification requested: Rifle & Tower Reason for Request: I'd like to use these in case of situations that they might be needed like in prison breaks, hostage situations, etc. It would allow me to be more of help, even if these things aren't going to be used often. Available Times: Mon-Wed: 4pm - 12am PST, Thurs-Sun: 11am - 12am PST
  6. and i oop-

  7. Cherry Taboo's concert is in 2 hours at Server #2!! We hope to see you there 🍒

  8. vlei


    🍒 #CHERRYCHELLA ft. Desmond Doss 🍒 Miss Cherry Taboo and her #taboobies will be performing this Friday at 6:00 PM PST. Desmond Doss will also be performing for the interlude! Cherry Taboo is a drag queen/music artist who's always wanted everyone to feel welcome. The goal with her music is to let people feel comfortable with being themselves, because she believes there is nothing better than that. In this performance, she will be accompanied by her two close friends, Ayesha Larue and Nefera Kosey. The concert will take place at the Sisphyus Theater, right above Vinewood Hills on Baytree Canyon Road. (The concert will run close to an hour in length, not counting features) There will be a raffle for a BRAND NEW red & fully upgraded Pfister Comet 1! Everyone is welcome to buy more than one raffle ticket. The raffle will happen after the concert is over. With the purchase of the VIP Ticket, you will receive a copy of her latest album personally signed by Cherry herself, access to the meet n greet that will take place after the raffle, an autograph wherever you want, and three raffle tickets. However, there are only 7 VIP tickets being sold, so make sure to ask Ayesha or Nefera to buy one before the concert begins! General Admission - FREE 7 VIP SLOTS - $200 Raffle Tickets - $50 BEWARE.. IT MIGHT BECOME VERY LOUD!
  9. coming soon bbs 🤡


  10. vlei

    Who is the most LIT person on the server?

    aidan is the MOST lit on this server hands down
  11. hi guys. FFC will be hosted this week ok? 🙂

  12. Unfortunately there will be no FFC hosted by Lifeinvader this week, but stay tuned next week for something new! 🤪

  13. Thank you for coming to this week's FFC and personally thank you to the LSFD who helped out a bunch! 💕

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      HEHEHEH i stole 2 of there Ambulances


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      Not a surprise there @TEDDY

  14. Lifeinvader WILL be hosting FFC this week at 3 PM PST! It will officially start at 3:30 PM and it will be at the Vinewood Bowl like usual. I hope to see you there 🙂

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      Paulie Wattzin

      What is invaderlife?

    2. Paulie Wattzin

      Paulie Wattzin

      @GomBiaN shut it pleb or I be infuriated with you