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    Nicholas Patrick Coleman | Simone Rosalina Hill | JJ McKnight
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    Nicholas Patrick Coleman is retired USAF, he enlisted straight out of high school and joined up with Security Forces. Lest he admitted it, Nick always wanted to see action but couldn't muster the courage to join the Army or even the Marines, nonetheless he got what he wanted. He traveled a lot, saw a lot of different places and handled a lot of different folks during his time as he had picked law enforcement for his AF career. Nicholas was content with where he was and where he was headed in life, until he had been shot in a combat situation and had to leave his career for psychiatric reasons. After what had felt like the longest times of his life Coleman had recovered from the wounds inflicted upon him and now he seeks to rekindle that light that once burned inside him, even if the flame is small, with an opportunity to join the Department of Corrections and uphold the law as he had done in his service. [UPDATE: 05/20/19] ~ Now the associate warden of the SADOC and a sergeant in the SASP, Coleman is a seasoned veteran of what the city has to offer and has grown salted in his time. Devoted to service, and hellbent on justice he grew patient yet aggressive in his means to apprehending law breakers and protecting the people he loves. Wisdom with age, and lessons with mistakes, Coleman seeks to perfect his performance further to become the very best at what he does.

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  1. thefucksinwinter

  2. I hope everyones doing alright, its easy to get swamped with bad thoughts nowadays. ❤️

  3. Good morning everybody, lets get this bread T_T 💪

  4. yall ever just say fuck it and T pose?

  5. TheFoxInWinter

    Friday Fight Club!!

    Nicholas Coleman - SASP on standby/fighter
  6. TheFoxInWinter

    Friday Fight Club

    Nicholas Coleman - SASP on standby/fighter
  7. TheFoxInWinter

    Friday Fight Club

    Nicholas Coleman - SASP on-standby/ (maybe) fighter
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