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  2. hey bighead

    1. remyma666


      hey... happy birthday..... Please rescpond................................... ple.....see

  3. stop altering documents dumb bitch

    1. elsarablo


      stupud FUCKING DINOSAUR 

  4. hey whats up

    1. Luke


      Hi I'm banned :)

  5. remyma666

    immersion o_o

    it would be a big rule for staff to keep up with, but maybe if it's an official thing it would be more of a community upheld thing, staff only stepping in for people who don't take hints from other normaql people
  6. remyma666

    immersion o_o

    ok so i have a feeling most people will be against this bc it would be a change some may not b ready for. but my suggestion is to no longer allow terms like "Spiritual" like, "eating food spiritually" or "eating food in my head", and also stuff like "flex your x key muscle", and just any other terms like this, just make it a minor rule break of breaking character. it's a realism server so i think people having muscles that are also KEYBOARD KEYS.. is weird. For people using stuff like "spiritually", literally most of what people say could be applied to make it seem like an in character ac
  7. remyma666

    Bahama Mamas

    I feel like bahama mamas interior should be opened again, it’s still there technically and has the bar menu inside of it still. It’s a minor thing but definitely could add some RP.
  8. i smell cheese

    1. remyma666


      yeah its ur coochie FOH

    1. remyma666


      they are trying to silence me everyone by making my statuses blank!!!!!!!!

    1. remyma666


      why are my statuses always ending up blank grrrr

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