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    Paris Argo Queen
    Ayesha Nicole Larue
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    Paris - Paris was originally born in Delianuova, Italy on August 6th, 1991. Same as her other siblings, a woman by the name of Edna Argo birthed her with a man they'd never meet. Paris would soon after be taken to New York City, specifically The Bronx. Paris would start to get new siblings, London, Vegas, Seoul, and Charlie. Paris was always the one to look out for her siblings while their mother was gone. Soon after Paris’ 16th birthday, her mother would be shot by an unknown gang member. Paris was left to take care of her younger siblings with help from her brother, Charlie. Paris would learn more of her past in Los Santos, and as of now, is living a happy life with her new friends and family.

    Ayesha - Ayesha grew up in Oakland, California with her 4 brothers and 5 sisters in a very bad neighborhood. Many nights she'd hear gang members fighting and some nights shooting at eachother. She grew up very closed off as a child due to this constant trauma. Her father was also an officer, who in the very same neighborhood was shot down by a gang member. Her mother always tried to break Ayesha out of her hard shell by encouraging everything she did, but to no avail. As Ayesha got older and the gang activity persisted, she grew tired of seeing them shoot eachother and do crimes, so she grew respect for the people that would help them. She's come to LS in hopes of doing the same as them.

    Heidi - lawyer? cop? idk yet

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  3. @Monkey03 That time seems fine, thank you.
  4. Justice Specter @Monkey03, I will be available to meet 4-10 on the week days, and essentially anytime on the weekends. I also have already talked about this with Commissioner Snow and Brown, not long after the incident. With love, Paris Queen.
  5. nyasuu

    Who is the most LIT person on the server?

  6. Thank you to everyone who came to yesterdays Friday Fight Club and stuck through it through some... MISHAPS.. The winners are: Desmond Doss in 3rds, Kyros Greene in 2nd, and Luke Wolter in 1st place!! Congratulations! (photo by steve :) )20190222193950_1.jpg?width=832&height=46

  7. Name: Ayesha Nicole Larue Employee Number (CO Number): 105 Certification requested: Patrol Vehicle and Pistol Reason for Request: To be able to easily transport patients and possibly other CO's to the hospital if no EMS are on duty, and the pistol would be good to have in case a life threatening situation arises and I need to use lethal force. Available Times: weekends, 12pm-12am
  8. nyasuu

    Handling File For Cars

    NAME: dominator3 MODEL: Vapid Dominator GTX issue: The turning on it is very... jumpy??? idk just watch the video LOL 2019-01-25 13-22-50.mp4
  9. nyasuu

    Handling File For Cars

    name: audi a8 model: sedan issue: turning is barely existent... like the acceleration now is OK... but turning that thing is like... turning a yacht 0_0.. its a 4 door small-medium sedan it shouldnt feel so HEAVY lool
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