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    Paris Argo
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    Paris - Paris was born on the 5th of August, in 1993, in Delianuova Italy to a woman named Edna Argo and a father she’d never meet. Not too long after her birth Paris was taken to a crackhouse in a very bad place in New York, the first girl and second child under her brother Charlie. Not too long after, Paris would get her first sister she’d meet, Vegas, twin of Seoul who’d Paris would not meet until more recently in her life. Vegas and Paris spent a lot of time together, fighting a lot as sisters do but making great memories with what little they had, bonding over their young love of fashion. Paris, as a young girl, would get in quite a lot of trouble for her blunt attitude and frequently fought other kids around where she lived. The girls would soon meet their baby sister, London. While the 3 sisters would do the usual sister things like playing with makeup and with other girls, Edna would not be very present in their life as she’d be out with men and doing things for any little bit of money, while Charlie would also help with the money situation. Soon enough, Edna would be shot by gangbangers she owed money to. This left the siblings heartbroken, but the two eldest sisters would make a promise to keep their younger sister safe and happy, while their brother continued his promise of a good education. They would constantly be hopping around shelters and orphanages, hoping to find a good place to call home. As Paris and Vegas grew older, they would slowly learn about the ways of selling drugs for street gangs. The girls honed their skills and would eventually make enough to keep themselves stable. One day as London grew old enough, the sisters gathered enough money to make the big move to Los Santos and had hopes to change their lives. Upon arriving in Los Santos they’d start to make connections, but have no change in their means of making money. Paris continues to live her life and make a name for her family in Los Santos with good friends she’d meet.

    Ayesha - Ayesha grew up in Oakland, California with her 4 brothers and 5 sisters in a very bad neighborhood. Many nights she'd hear gang members fighting and some nights shooting at eachother. She grew up very closed off as a child due to this constant trauma. Her father was also an officer, who in the very same neighborhood was shot down by a gang member. Her mother always tried to break Ayesha out of her hard shell by encouraging everything she did, but to no avail. As Ayesha got older and the gang activity persisted, she grew tired of seeing them shoot eachother and do crimes, so she grew respect for the people that would help them. She's come to LS in hopes of doing the same as them. She worked for the DOC and LSFD, but resigned to return home for an indefinite amount of time.

    Heidi - Heidi grew up very privileged, living in a very nice home in Beaconsfield, a very expensive town to live in, in England. Both her parents owned a jewelry company with multiple stores across the country. People were very jealous of her parents, to the point a man who owned a rival company started spreading rumors and lies about her father. It became so manipulative that the man convinced the government that the company her parents owned funded very bad crime organizations, which caused her father to be sent to jail. This sparked an interest of hers in the defence side of the justice system, which she'd go to school for while doing volunteer EMS work in her free time. She came to Los Santos to escape the bad title her family was getting, and is now a lawyer for her and her closest friends firm, Chaos & Glory. She has also taken up a job as a paramedic which she would move her focus on to further help her city and people.

    Bingo - 🤡​​​​​​​

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  2. Current Name London Argo Omega Criminal History: two arrest Information on Warrants: None - Clean and clear New Name: London Elena Argo D.O.B 1997/08/17 (no change) Reason: Divorce from her husband, wanting to return to her maiden name - Heidi Minogue, Chaos & Glory LLP
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