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    Paris - Paris was originally born in Delianuova, Italy. Same as her other siblings, a woman by the name of Edna Argo birthed her with a man they'd never meet. Paris would soon after be taken to New York City, specifically The Bronx. Paris would start to get new siblings, London, Vegas, Seoul, and Charlie. Paris was always the one to look out for her siblings while their mother was gone. Soon after Paris’ 16th birthday, her mother would be shot by an unknown gang member. Paris was left to take care of her younger siblings with help from her sister Vegas, while their brother Charlie helped make money. Paris’ crime life began when she needed money to keep her family fed, so she would sell things for people who didn’t want to get in trouble. Whether it be drugs, small guns, or information she was given, she’d do it as long as she got a good cut. She kept doing this for a long time, and sometimes got in serious trouble with gangs and the police, which her sometimes bad attitude didn’t help. Once they were all old and ready enough, they moved to Los Santos in hopes of starting a new life. Not much changed though, and her siblings started working with her in the life of crime. Paris is, essentially, still the same girl, but is currently living happily with her friends and new family, and learning to improve her work everyday.

    Ayesha - Ayesha grew up in Oakland, California with her 4 brothers and 5 sisters in a very bad neighborhood. Many nights she'd hear gang members fighting and some nights shooting at eachother. She grew up very closed off as a child due to this constant trauma. Her father was also an officer, who in the very same neighborhood was shot down by a gang member. Her mother always tried to break Ayesha out of her hard shell by encouraging everything she did, but to no avail. As Ayesha got older and the gang activity persisted, she grew tired of seeing them shoot eachother and do crimes, so she grew respect for the people that would help them. She's come to LS in hopes of doing the same as them. She currently work very hard for the LSFD and DOC in the city, and hopes to do so for a long time.

    Heidi - Heidi grew up very privileged, living in a very nice home in Beaconsfield, a very expensive town to live in, in England. Both her parents owned a jewelry company with multiple stores across the country. People were very jealous of her parents, to the point a man who owned a rival company started spreading rumors and lies about her father. It became so manipulative that the man convinced the government that the company her parents owned funded very bad crime organizations, which caused her father to be sent to jail. This sparked an interest of hers in the defence side of the justice system. She came to Los Santos to escape the bad title her family was getting, and is now a lawyer for her and her closest friends firm, Chaos & Glory.

    Bingo - 🤡​​​​​​​

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  3. nyasuu

    Marc Phillips v. Tom Joslin

    Hello, per everyone's best interest, me and my client wish to refile this case as the date cannot change, and we'd like to see everyone who needs to be there. Heidi.
  4. Subject: DOB Change - Clients name: William Queen - Criminal History: has not been arrested for a month - Information on Warrants: none - Current D.O.B. : 1989-03-08 - New D.O.B : 1992-03-08 - Address N/A My client moved to America from Sweden a long time ago, filled out his paperwork wrong, and wishes to correct his DOB to his real one. Photo of my client and his current ID provided below.
  5. Subject: Name Change for adoption. - Current Name Ruger John Jhonson - Criminal History: Few arrests, has been clean for almost two weeks. - Information on Warrants: No warrants at this time. - New Name: Ruger John Omega - D.O.B 1996-06-15 (no change) - Address N/A Many thanks, Attorney Heidi Minogue with Chaos & Glory Photo/ID available below.
  6. nyasuu

    Marc Phillips v. Tom Joslin

    Me and my client will be waiting to respond any false arguments and accusations until the trial from hereon. Next Saturday afternoon (June 22nd) works for my client and I. With respect, Heidi Minogue Chaos & Glory LLP.
  7. nyasuu

    Marc Phillips v. Tom Joslin

    Mr. Phillips is wishing to sue Mr. Joslin for loss of income and failure to pay lease fees while Mr. Joslin was leasing the premium deluxe dealership from my client. Statement: My client bought ownership rights of the land/building of the Premium Deluxe Motorsport in Downtown LS from the previous owner, Mr. Monkey (see exhibit 1A). This purchase was made during Mr. Joslin's lease duration (1B). Mr. Monkey did not claim any lease payment from Mr. Joslin, in turn leaving the payment for my client Mr. Phillips. Mr. Phillips asked Mr. Joslin on multiple occassions towards the end of the lease, which only lead to Mr. Joslin's refusals. Multiple witnesses, who have given statements, have also seen in person Mr. Joslin refuse to pay his lease fees. One of the witnesses, Ms. Ella Solway, claims she had three phone calls with Mr. Joslin, where she was explaining he should just give the money, he refused once again. (1C, 1D) My client has paperwork, as seen in Exhibit 1E, that each leasee would fill out alongside their payment at the end of their lease as proof they paid. This shows that when the dealership is bought, there will have to be a payment made at the end of it. This "renting the dealership and paying the landlord" agreement has been around in the city for a while, many previous leasees have paid, so it is not a new occurrence. This dealership, being at the heart of the city, makes more than enough money per week to meet the lease payment of 300k set by Mr. Phillips. My client has a pregnant fiancee, to which he was seeking to use the lease payment money towards taking good care of the child and his fiancee alongside paying his rent and maintenance bills for his home and rather expensive cars. Relief - $300,000 - original lease payment. $100,000 - damages caused by loss of income. $100,000 - lawyer fees. A total of $500,000. Witnesses: Ella Solway (friend of both Mr. Joslin and my client) Scarlett Wilson (friend of my client) Evidence: Exhibit 1A: proof Marc is the new owner of the dealership land/property Exhibit 1B: proof Tom leased the dealership Exhibit 1C: Ella's statement Exhibit 1D: Scarlett's statement Exhibit 1E, proof of the paperwork Tom Joslin would sign if he were to pay Sincerely, Heidi Minogue Chaos & Glory LLP
  8. nyasuu


  9. Name: ayesha nicole larue Employee Number (CO Number): 53 Certification requested: FTO Certification Reason for Request: due to the recent sudden amount of new people, i would like to be able to help train them to be as helpful as possible Available Times: Weekdays: 3pm-10pm EST | Weekends: 10am-1am