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  1. henrivictorious


    Thanks! Sorry i've taken so long to respond, I've been ghosting but I have returned. Yeah I hope they implement this it'd be awesome.
  2. henrivictorious


    Whats good USARRP. I was thinking it'd be super cool to have a sort of jail break game mechanic where if there are enough prisoners locked up, they can do something to cause a mass jail break. The prisoners would then spawn at different random points around the perimeter of the prison walls (outside) with no weapons in a sort of hectic mass exodus. The escapees could then be on a generated list so the cops have a chance of finding them as soon as possible. Could be super fun. The other thing I was thinking about was maybe a prison riot function? Again, needing a minimum amount of prisoners and certain conditions needing to be met before it triggers, causing all the jail doors to open and for prisoners to be able to uncuff themselves and start punching the shit out of each other. I get prison is meant to be lame and a punishment, but I feel like it could definitely be explored in a bit more detail. I'm just rambling and thinking of ideas, could be total shite lol.
  3. henrivictorious

    Car engine randomly dying?

    So I was doing some drug runs and my car just went ca-poot for no real reason.. not damaged or anything. Any idea what I did wrong? cheers
  4. henrivictorious

    So many Whitelisted

    There's 2 servers?!? 😨😨😨
  5. henrivictorious

    Radio Realism RP?

    @hdshowyooo cheers mate, talking to mini atm thanks! ❤️
  6. henrivictorious

    Radio Realism RP?

    @minipunchah thanks for the reply bro <3 I'll let you know! thanks for the server!
  7. henrivictorious

    Radio Realism RP?

    @hdshow Hey guys seen that you now have a radio station without using me or my equipment.. my feelings hurt :'( lol just kidding (kinda), I'm happy you have found a way to implement my idea! still a crackin' server, hope to see you around sometime -henri
  8. henrivictorious

    Radio Realism RP?

    @hdshowAdded you on the 30th Call me and we can chat! Cheers
  9. henrivictorious

    Radio Realism RP?

    Hey guys. I hope I'm posting in the right area. I was just wanting to offer my skills for the server to increase immersion and engagement. I'm a music producer currently studying at University in the UK, I have access to a load of professional microphones, recording equipment etc. I was wondering if you'd be interested in me recording a custom radio show for the server. We could sketch out ideas for different programs / adverts or I could just put together a mix of some sort. I'd love to contribute towards this server as it's so well designed and maintained by a great team. The quality would be the same as the in-game radio shows so that's a plus Additionally, if you'd luck a custom song for the loading screen please let me know. I can send over a demo of the radio show right now as I've actually made one already! Please get in contact if interested. Thanks guys!! Henri Steam : mr_myme (name is "henri") Discord : https://discord.gg/x9e9xm
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