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    Kyros Greene
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    Likes long walks on the beach and riding his Motorcycle

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  1. Kyros

    Friday Fight Club

    Fighter - Kyros Greene
  2. Kyros

    Friday Fight Club

    Kyros Greene - Fighter
  3. Kyros

    Friday Fight Club!!

    Kyros Greene - Fighter
  4. When she forces you to take a selfie with her ?

    fivem selfie 1.png

    fivem selfie 2.png

    1. Rocket


      You weren't forced.
      You liked it.

      Else you'd have walked away.


    2. Kyros


      Haha you're right 

  5. Smells like Chicken to me

    smells like chicken.jpg

    1. BallasaurusFlex



  6. Just another day in Paleto Bay

    Funny gta 1.jpg

  7. Kyros

    Hen House Bug

    So the last several few times Ive entered the hen house bar in paleto bay, i would begin falling through the map and automatically teleport into the city of los santos extremely far away. This is kind of annoying seeing as then I have to steal a car and spend 5-10 minutes driving back, I'm not sure if anyone else has experienced this same bug or not.
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