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Lord Maric

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    Alexandre Di Girolamo
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    Born: Aug 4, 1985 in Maddaloni, a small hamlet outside Naples Italia.
    Moved to the States June 5th 1987, and grew up in Sherburne, N.Y.
    Father: Jacob Di Girolamo
    Mother: Stella Botta
    Younger Brother: ?
    Older Sister 1:?
    Older Sister 2:?

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    Clinton B.

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  1. Lord Maric

    Senate nominee

    I hereby put in my nomination for state senate.
  2. Lord Maric

    AMR Training


    I will be there. Assuming I remember.
  3. Lord Maric

    Development Rate

    There is a test server where things are tested out, but it requires permissions to join. My recommendation is to remove these permissions, in order to properly stress test things being tested. No plan survives contact.
  4. Lord Maric

    Dont Bother Getting Unbanned

    This is one of those threads you don't normally reply to right?
  5. Lord Maric

    POST Your In real life Age here .

    35 you all are kids.