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    Blake was born on May 4th, 1993 in Los Santos. Growing up for Blake was always hard, Blake's family never had much money and he grew up around lots of violence and crime. As blake got older he seemed to always be pulled into criminal activities like robbing stores and stealing cars. This landed Blake sometime in prison where he learned from an older fellow how to make money in the drug business with lower risks and still high reward. Still it would be some time until Blake got the hang of the drug business, Blake got robbed a few times and almost got burned once by the police but he got smarter and found a few friends that he could trust. Currently Blake is on the fast track to making a fortune but how long will it be before the police catch up to him?

    Bob Hornsby

    Bob is an honest working middle-class man, He currently tows vehicles for the city of Los Santos. However Bob is an accomplished pilot back when he was in the Air Force, Bob's goal is to earn enough money to purchase a helicopter for himself and start up a small tour/air taxi business so he can go back to what he loves most. Bob is willing to do a lot for money however he does refuse to do anything that would harm another person.

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