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  1. Mask

    Update phone System to reignited

  2. Mask

    MRPD heist?

    +1 Really like this idea, i personally think this wouldnt be abused since cops take soooo many bullets for them to go down so when crims do hit MRPD they need to come MK3's and full armour so this heist most likely wouldn't happen alot
  3. Mask

    Flying in

    +1 It definitely should be an option on the character select screen and not a force spawn point, and if people start abusing it report them...
  4. Mask

    Civilian Radios

  5. Mask

    Get rid of the trees

  6. Mask

    "Sleep" off injuries

    First off all Gun shot wounds and stab wounds, burn wounds 100% needs to be a trip to pillbox but Bruises could be a thing you could sleep off, for this not to get abused your bruises would be healed every tsunami but life threatening injuries should not be a think you can just sleep off.
  7. Mask


    I dont see how pulling out your phone to speak to a group in a bank robbery is better then just holding your CAPS then speak, i just dont see the point off a new phone script when the radio script is already there and it would be better and more realistic
  8. Mask

    Timestamps on Text Messages

    +1 yes please
  9. Mask


    I agree this would also help players with slow computers since they can get a delay when using the M menu, This would make things a lot easier +1
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