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    Symere Reese Woods was born on September 22nd, 1996. He grew up and spent his childhood in Liberty City and lived with a middle class family of 4. During his early years he loved being outside and playing with friends. One of his favorite hobbies to do was play with cop and bad guy toys, he also spent a lot of time watching law and government t.v. shows. During his high school years he had quite a few of friends, he played for the football team, was a quarterback, and was a great student. at age 19 him and his Mother had moved to Los Santos to start a fresh and new life. Symere had always wanted to go to Law school or go to a good college, but his family had been having much financial issues, and it didn't help that Symere didn't have a job. Symere got his first job at 20 and it was working at Burger Shot. He worked there for only about 2 months and quit due to his Boss Being an asshole. Symere in 2018 has gotten a job as a pilot, and is soon to be a flight Officer. Symere plans on working for the government one day.

    Andre Woods was born on November 6, 1990. He grew up with his father, mother, and his younger brother Symere Reese Woods. Andre's childhood was a bit rough. He had spent most of it in Liberty city with his whole family, but that abruptly ended when his father decided to file for divorce and move to New Jersey. This decision greatly affected his future however, in a good way. In 2010, Andre decided to pursue Law Enforcement for his future. He attended Liberty University, School of Law for 4 years. On the other hand, his brother, Symere Woods, was living with his mother in Los Santos and they were struggling to survive there due to not making enough money and his mother having a heroin addiction. Andre Woods eventually graduated Law school and moved to Los Santos to help is brother and mother. Andre is currently looking to join the SASP.

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  1. dyke

    i love you

  2. Aloox

    Weapon Model Replacements

    @EndlessX I entirely agree as long as it doesn't affect the server in a negative way. We actually used the Glock model for the Combat Pistol in the past, but I don't remember why it was taken out. A little testing couldn't hurt anybody.
  3. Aloox

    The People Vs Symere Woods

    Since I am unable to find a lawyer myself, I am requesting the state to provide me with an attorney.
  4. Aloox

    The People Vs Symere Woods

    I, Symere Woods is seeking legal representation for this case against me.
  5. Aloox

    The People vs. Symere Woods

    I plead no contest.
  6. Aloox

    Failed RP of 3 Cops

    Guys stop arguing in here, @Luke Wolter please make a player report here https://www.usarrp.net/forums/forum/17-report-a-player/. This thread will now be locked.
  7. Aloox

    The People vs. Symere Woods

    @GreenDragon917 I am pleading no contest due to that fact that I'm currently not in police custody.
  8. Aloox

    The People vs. Symere Woods

    @GreenDragon917 That will be no longer necessary.
  9. Aloox

    Friday Fight Club

    Symere Woods - Fighter
  10. Aloox

    Friday Fight Club!!

    This Friday will bring yet another FRIDAY FIGHT CLUB! The prizes this week are very large! Please make sure you get in the city before 3:00pm PST! You should start arriving at 2:30 PM PST (city time), and it will officially start at 3:00 PM PST at the Vinewood Bowl again. We hope to have even more fun than the previous events! P.S. All rules will be explained on the day of the fight! Credits: Papa Post - The FFC Banner
  11. Aloox

    Friday Fight Club

    @Venator227hey, this is the old FFC, comment on the one that is this friday!
  12. Aloox

    Handling File For Cars

    Name: Sheriff2 (Police Tahoe). Model: SUV Issue: The car goes way too slow for a police vehicle, Max speed is only 100mph. Other than that, the vehicle handles fine. Price at Car Dealership : N/A
  13. Aloox

    Handling File For Cars

    Name: Truffade Adder Model: Super Issue: Max is like 130, but after fully upgrading it, it feels like the speed got decreased.
  14. Aloox

    Friday Fight Club

    Symere Woods- Security/Fighter
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