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    Ronnie Smith, Cartier Wingate, Joel Smith
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    Ronnie Smith: Ronnie has been in the city for a while, he is the founder, and manager of his own business, Trapaholics. Ronnie is a business man that sells narcotics and weapons. Ronnie started out in the city knowing very few people, however has time went on he had a small group of people he would deal with. Two of those people are MIA, and one of them don't come in town too often. So after that Ronnie started hanging out with more people, he once again created another group of people, he called this group Shooter Gang. If you were a member of Shooter Gang you were seen wearing orange. Ronnie met a lot of people and developed many of his skills he has to this day while being the founder of this gang. While managing Shooter Gang, Ronnie met many people, such as: Juaco Cartel, Terry Jenkins, and Rawlo Johnson, just to name a few. Ronnie met Juaco before Shooter Gang, he was actually one of the first people Ronnie every met in the city. Juaco was in the same business Ronnie was in and they both clicked. A quote Ronnie thinks very highly of said by Juaco was "having chemicals is better than having money you aren't touching in the bank." Ronnie doesn't live by that much anymore, however when he was still a foot soldier who was out making narcotics and selling them himself he went by that quote quite a lot. After Shooter gang Ronnie took a vacation from the city for a little while, the people who were also in Shooter Gang must have done the same thing, because Ronnie still has not heard of those people to this day. The next gang Ronnie founded was Shoreline Mafia. This gang was definitely one of the more ruthless groups in the city at the time. The group consisted of: Ronnie, Bobby, Robby, Desmond, Paris Argo, Vegas, Argo, and London Argo. The Argo's were close associates at the time however when the gang rosters was created they were put as members. After most of the Shoreline Mafia members took a vacation they all came back as different people, the only one that was the same was Ronnie. The Argos were also the same but they did not take a vacation, they just started gaining acquaintance with new people. After Shoreline Mafia Ronnie started hanging out with the S7 Crips. They were the same as he was and he already knew many people in the Crips and were friends with them. After Ronnie helped break Terry out of prison with a few other Crips, he was accepted into the gang. About 5 months later, Ronnie is now at a high standing within the gang.

    Cartier Wingate: brother of Ronnie, his other brothers are Carter Wingate, Connor Wingate, and Seth Sutch. Cartier Wingate is currently a trooper in the SASP, he is trying to get Sr. Trooper and achieve command staff in the future.

    Joel Smith: Joel is a lawyer who also shares the same blood as Ronnie, Cartier, Carter, Seth, Koby, and Ricky. Since the family is so big different people took different routes in life. Ronnie, Seth, and Ricky and criminals, and Cartier, Carter, Kolby, and Joel took the legal path. Joel has had a few cases as a lawyer, since he is still fairly new in the whole law side of things.

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  1. Ronnie Smith

    Map Addons

    I've seen many cool addons that I think would look nice in the server. This is one of the best ones I have seen and would make sense since a lot of people hang out around legion. I'm not sure if it is a highly CPU/GPU intensive addon or if it would make people lag, but it still looks nice. https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/meetingpointv-fivem-ragemp-add-on
  2. Ronnie Smith

    Illegal Weapon Attachments

    The illegal weapons attachments spot and the other attachments from the gun stores, should give us an item of the attachment we purchase, for instance: I buy a suppressor, the suppressor is an item in my inventory and I am able to equip/unequipt it whenever I want. same thing for flashlights, extended mags, stocks, and sights. I feel it would just be more convenient and realistic.
  3. Ronnie Smith

    Make BM Firearms Cheaper

    Did you not read what I mentioned at all? I said that people don't run around with those weapons as it is, if they were cheaper we still wouldn't run around with them as much because we still have to worry about the 20 cops in the server seeing us with it!
  4. Ronnie Smith

    Make BM Firearms Cheaper

    If were comparing the prices to "realism" why can I buy two lambo trucks for the price of a firearm that costs $1,000 in real life?
  5. Ronnie Smith

    Make BM Firearms Cheaper

    I'm not lazy when it comes to making money, however, do you seriously think these prices are realistic?
  6. Ronnie Smith

    Make BM Firearms Cheaper

    So the uzi's cost like 35k, the AP's cost 25k, the carbines cost 120k, and so do the AK's. That is not realistic. I understand where the people who think they should cost a lot are coming from, however, the risk vs reward for using class 3's is very high risk low reward as it is. If some of us are even SEEN with a class 3 it's an automatic search warrant. So if these firearm prices are dropped to a more realistic price point it will already be fair. I can understand making the prices high if search warrants didn't exist. But they do exist, not only do they exist but they are happening extremely frequently. That is not fair whatsoever. I do not understand why the prices in the old city was cheaper to buy firearms, meanwhile the economy was a better. 20k in this city is probably like getting 150k+ in the old city. But still, the carbines and AK's cost 120k, they never costed that much in the old city where the economy was BETTER. Prices of these firearms should be LOWER, it does not make sense to put them at a high price point because we are already risking getting all of our cars+ our house searched if we use these! There is already a huge risk just by bringing them out so why should we have to pay so much for them? This aspect of the server is not realistic at all and I feel these prices should definitely be adjusted to further improve crim RP within the server.
  7. Ronnie Smith

    Night Club Job

    Come work for club omega, it's licensed already. DM Cryptic#2942 (co-owner) or Royal#0068 (owner) and we can probably get you guys set up with some positions. We got some stuff to sort out first though, so we won't be available for around a week or two.
  8. Ronnie Smith

    Add More Ways To Make Money

    There should be more jobs, high paying jobs at that, there could be more drugs that can be brought in, heroin, pill press, etc. Mining uranium could be a high paying job as well. Different types of mining jobs such as diamond, ruby, etc.
  9. Ronnie Smith

    Weapons For Black Market

    It would be really nice to get the compact rifle, or better known as the AK pistol, draco. We've had the same guns for a while, it would be cool to get some new ones in the mix. Another good one would be the special carbine, or better known as the HK G36 Carbine. I can see why the LMG's wouldn't be added but why not have more of a variety when it comes to firearms for criminal RP?
  10. Ronnie Smith

    Drug Selling System

    It would be really nice to have the selling system as it used to be, the locals froze when you are selling and they buy more than 3, they used to by a maximum of 8 at a time which is not really unrealistic. I feel that the amount of cops that are on should also be taken into consideration because there are constantly 5+ cops on, most of the time when we sell we only get a sale for 1-2 narcotics. Since there are more cops the amount we should be able to sell should be higher since it's easier to get caught and it takes more time when selling at a maximum of 3 narcotics per hand off.
  11. Ronnie Smith

    Greg Vona v. Dan Green

    Well since my client was trying to sue originally for 150k could we get 80k each?
  12. Ronnie Smith

    Greg Vona v. Dan Green

    Ok, I will be letting my client know shortly
  13. Ronnie Smith

    Greg Vona v. Dan Green

    Ok thanks
  14. Ronnie Smith

    Greg Vona v. Dan Green

    Plaintiff: Greg Vona Defendant: Dan Green My client Mr. Vona will be attempting to sue Mr. Green for the following reasons: 1. During the process of Mr. Vona being arrested, he was struck by a vehicle and got injured, however Mr. Green did not treat him, nor did he take him to the hospital. 2. Mr. Vona was not given the chance to contact a lawyer at any point in time while in the holding cells. The Miranda Rights state "you have the right to an attorney, if you cannot afford one, one will be appointed to you by the state." Mr. Vona was never given the chance to speak to a lawyer. 3. While Mr. Vona was being booked, Mr. Green did not list the charges Mr. Vona was being sent to prison for. 4. Mr. Green also did not let Mr. Vona know about the fine he was going to get. 5. Mr. Vona was charged with murder for shooting and downing a police officer. The officer was not sent to the morgue, therefor it is not murder. This should have been attempted murder at most. It could have also been assault with a deadly weapon. Since Mr. Vona was not told about the charges he was being convicted of while in the holding cell, he had to find them out the day after he was released from prison. He went to an officer and they told him why he was arrested. They also told him the charges he was convicted of, as well as the fine. Jail log: https://gyazo.com/c05bb695c3c9ff5dda29a030a1b26fae My client Greg Vona would like to sue Dan Green for $150,000.
  15. Ronnie Smith

    Tyler Brown's Expungement Request

    Dear San Andreas Superior Court, My client Mr. Brown has come to me seeking for a record expungement. Mr. Brown has been sent to prison three times and many of the time he was sent, he arguably could have been let off with a fine. 1. I will start off with the first time he was arrested which was on the 19th of March, 2019. He was convicted of having a prohibited weapon. The weapon he had on him was a lock pick. Mr. Brown stated he was new in the city at the time and he got into a fist fight with someone, Mr. Brown got knocked down and the police arrived and search his person. I am not too sure the full details of the situation however I do know if he was just being helped up there is no reason for the LEO that was dealing with the situation to search his person. The way Mr. Brown obtained the lock pick was through someone giving it to him. He did not pay for it at all, it was simply handed to him. He didn't know what he could do with it and since he was new to the city he didn't know that lock picks would be illegal. https://gyazo.com/724d83c4bef89a99e4f8d1cdade2edcb 2. The second time he was arrested was only one day after his previous arrest, on the 20th of March, 2019. He was convicted of assault with a deadly weapon. My client stated that it was only self defense. It was within his rights to retaliate. He did not elaborate that much while asking him that much about this case, however I still have reason to believe my client is telling the truth from his previous arrest, he was in an altercation with 2 men and they beat him down. I am sure this arrest has something to do with the last one as it is only one day after his main arrest. https://gyazo.com/724d83c4bef89a99e4f8d1cdade2edcb 3. The third time my client was arrested was on the 5th of May, 2019. Mr. Brown was sent to prison due to robbing a store not exceeding $15,000. He could not fight this, he just said he needed to make ends meet. My client said he will never go near a store in a malicious manner again. https://gyazo.com/a04d8c1ac838fc4621415c1eba4cd20f The reason I feel that Mr. Brown's record should be expunged is because of what he wants to do in the future. When I met up with him in person about this case he seemed like a very nice guy who had a lot of potential but just got mixed up with the wrong things in the wrong time. Mr. Brown would like to be on the more legal side of things if his record gets expunged, he said he would like to work as a paramedic for the EMS team. I'm sure he will be a great person to work in that field, in this case I do believe Mr. Brown should get an expungement. Sincerely, -Joel Smith on behalf of J&J Law CO
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