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  1. WHAT IS AN 'AB INITIO' This is not intended as legal advice, for legal advice seek assistance from a qualified attorney. “Ab Initio” meaning, “from the beginning” translated in English, can be used in court whenever someone is referring to the case from the start. The term “void Ab Initio” can be used in a court of law when something happens such as a person signing a contract under duress. Ab Initio typically refers to something that happened from the instant of an act, rather than when the court has declared it.
  2. Ronnie Smith


    Sorry if it looked as if we were arguing. Tabitha and Adrian happen to be good friends of mine, we were just expressing contrasting opinions on this thread. I would also like to recommend that this rule is clearly stated in the server rules, as it can be pretty misleading if we go to read the rules and expect everything that isn't listed to be considered as allowed in the server.
  3. Ronnie Smith


    I never got warned by any admins about this. Like I said previously, there's a reason we took his left hand. It's useless in the server. you only do things with your right hand in GTA.
  4. Ronnie Smith


    Honestly I wouldn't even say desensitized. You literally don't see anything that the /me's describe. RP out the injury. Go to humane labs and say that you guys stole a new robotic hand that remotely connects to the brain via a chip that is placed in it to control the hand as if it was real. *BOOM* RP... I mean Rawlo got a tongue back... why can't Cory get a wrist back? I took his left hand for a reason, so he can still do everything in the server he needs to do. Everyone uses their right hand for everything in the server. That's why I took the left. I agree with this post, I don't like it when
  5. Ronnie Smith


    Well maybe your friend shouldn’t have tried to rob the cartel. That’s just RP. If you steal from the cartel you lose a hand, plane and simple. If you stole from the cartel IRL you wouldn’t just lose a hand let’s put it that way. I get where your coming from, if cops are throwing up IRL it must have been a very disgusting crime scene and a very twisted idea from the person who committed the crime. But getting a hand cut off for robbing the cartel? I think that’s justified. And I highly doubt as many people as you make it sound are “throwing up” IRL. You can’t even see anything in the game it’s
  6. Ronnie Smith

    Fix The Amount Planes & Helicopters Can Hold

    yeah I agree, especially since the cargobob has a lot of space in it, we could be able to deliver things faster and create that kind of RP.
  7. Ronnie Smith

    immersion o_o

    People still have to do things in real life, we gotta remember at the end of the day it's still a game and it's hard to not mention things like "in my head" or "spiritually" because we all have things we have to do like eat, use the restroom, take phone calls, etc.
  8. I feel as if the the amount of weight the helicopters and planes can hold is kind of unrealistic. It would make for good RP if we were able to do deliveries of items bought by other players with helis/planes meeting at airfields and stuff. It also makes sense. Why should we only be able to fit 4 plants inside a helicopter that has a lot of cargo space. Aircraft's are expensive as it is, so we should be able to carry more with them. We should also get the cargobob for a realistic cargo helicopter. I can see people thinking it would be a bad idea to have it with the grapple hook, but it would be
  9. Ronnie Smith

    Illegal Weapon Attachments

    The illegal weapons attachments spot and the other attachments from the gun stores, should give us an item of the attachment we purchase, for instance: I buy a suppressor, the suppressor is an item in my inventory and I am able to equip/unequipt it whenever I want. same thing for flashlights, extended mags, stocks, and sights. I feel it would just be more convenient and realistic.
  10. Ronnie Smith

    Night Club Job

    Come work for club omega, it's licensed already. DM Cryptic#2942 (co-owner) or Royal#0068 (owner) and we can probably get you guys set up with some positions. We got some stuff to sort out first though, so we won't be available for around a week or two.
  11. Ronnie Smith

    Greg Vona v. Dan Green

    Well since my client was trying to sue originally for 150k could we get 80k each?
  12. Ronnie Smith

    Greg Vona v. Dan Green

    Ok, I will be letting my client know shortly
  13. Ronnie Smith

    Greg Vona v. Dan Green

    Ok thanks
  14. Ronnie Smith

    Greg Vona v. Dan Green

    Plaintiff: Greg Vona Defendant: Dan Green My client Mr. Vona will be attempting to sue Mr. Green for the following reasons: 1. During the process of Mr. Vona being arrested, he was struck by a vehicle and got injured, however Mr. Green did not treat him, nor did he take him to the hospital. 2. Mr. Vona was not given the chance to contact a lawyer at any point in time while in the holding cells. The Miranda Rights state "you have the right to an attorney, if you cannot afford one, one will be appointed to you by the state." Mr. Vona was never g
  15. Dear San Andreas Superior Court, My client Mr. Brown has come to me seeking for a record expungement. Mr. Brown has been sent to prison three times and many of the time he was sent, he arguably could have been let off with a fine. 1. I will start off with the first time he was arrested which was on the 19th of March, 2019. He was convicted of having a prohibited weapon. The weapon he had on him was a lock pick. Mr. Brown stated he was new in the city at the time and he got into a fist fight with someone, Mr. Brown got knocked down and the police arrived and search his
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