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    Jamal Smith, BillyBob Cletus, Randy Berkowitz, Jameson Carter Donovan, Miguel Juarez, Kipp Alexander, Scott Lee
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    Jameson Carter Donovan- Jameson was born in a small town in Dallas Texas, his father was a police officer and his mother was a elementary school teacher. His father was shot when he was 12 and that affected Jameson for years to come. His mother rose died of terminal brain cancer when he was 15 and this drove Jameson crazy it was the last person he had in his life. He bounced from family member to family member trying to find a place to lay his head until his Uncle Rick made him enlist to be a marine. Jameson found a purpose and enjoyed the respect he was given. He met a young man from California by the name of Jamal Smith. Jameson and Jamal did 4 tours together and they had an inseparable bond. On there last tour Jamal was shot in the knee and Jameson never saw him again, but they still kept in contact through letters and phone calls. When Jameson got dishonorably discharged for not listening to his superior he started on the hunt to find the man that killed his friend Jamal.

    Jamal Smith - Deceased

    Billybob Cletus - Deceased

    Randy Berkowitz - MIA

    Miguel Juarez - MIA

    Kipp Alexander - Deceased

    Scott Lee - Deceased

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  1. just some of my favorite pictures! 836612530_JamesonImpalar1.png.0616c76e1fc290361d6c8aef9a902bfc.png

    Jameson Impalar 6.png

    Jameson Impalar 5.jpg

    Jameson 10.png

    Jameson cool pic 1.jpg

  2. Things in the dark always find their way to the light! #UFFMC

    Jameson 9.png

  3. Having a blast out here boys @Dreemwalker @Hank "Alpha" Row

    Jameson 5.jpg

  4. @TEDDY @Hank "Alpha" Row Gonna be a fun time brothers! UFMC! 

    The First Church.png

  5. Living that good life!

    jameson 3.png

    the boys 2.png

    Jameson 2.png

  6. Ride or Die...UFMC!

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  7. UFMC Baby!! 

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  8. you are a cute sir mah boi 

    1. Joey Dillon

      Joey Dillon

      *Blushes* Thankssss

  9. All music is good, except for classical music! 

    1. TheFoxInWinter


      alright bub, whats wrong with classical music??????

    2. Lionn


      its for old people 

    3. TheFoxInWinter


      lol I get that 

  10. Raisins are tiny poops from tiny little demons 

    1. Trey Locked

      Trey Locked

      Wow dude you are SO funny!!!!!

    2. Lionn


      i mean im not posting them to be funny im stating my opinion

    3. Trey Locked
  11. Lionn

    Middle Finger.png

  12. Green beans taste like moldy socks :)

  13. i think Sweet Potatoes are better then regular potatoes 

    1. John Clarke [Lewis]

      John Clarke [Lewis]

      I've never read something that i could agree with more than this.

    2. Lionn


      lmao hell yeah!