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    Garry is a great guy that makes best friends with cops while on duty and hates his brother with a passion. Larry Is a great guy as well until he learns something that makes him sad or mad then he turns sides and it turns to the worst

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  1. Garry Frankson

    Marker/Signifier for when AFK/"In Your Head"

    Having a thing above someone’s head would take away from “immersion”. If you need to go afk just run behind a building and do an emote or just do what you did just not in a place that can be robbed.
  2. Garry Frankson

    Underground Hospital

    I think they mean like 4k for the player to pay sort of like how you pay hospital bills. and the person working there would get a paycheck of X amount.
  3. Garry Frankson

    Indoor Grow Operations

    There should be big rooms that players can buy where they can grow weed. It could be something like a property with storage BUT it would be able to be lock picked by other players if they do enough stalking. This would also make police have to follow known dealers around to find out where there weed stashes are as they wouldn't put them outside anymore. These would also not be like property where you share the same interior either so weed plants wont be shared. See below picture for example. To Recap: Players can buy a big room where they can grow weed, these weed rooms would be ab
  4. Garry Frankson

    Grandma's House

    Someone already made this suggestion.
  5. Garry Frankson

    A few new cars to consider

    Oh didnt know they where doing that.
  6. Garry Frankson

    A few new cars to consider

    @Rez I dont think that FiveM has updated to the update these vehicles where added in. But when they do update it they will be good.
  7. Garry Frankson

    Add cars

    FiveM has updated yet so the cars cant be spawned. It usually takes a while after a new update because they have to make sure it doesn't break anything/ fix stuff it breaks.
  8. I know for EMS, they should dispatch you when they are coming as that's something they are told to do in training, and I would assume the same for the SASP and BCSO.
  9. Garry Frankson

    Whitelisted Gangs

    @Low Key, There are a lot of open threads about gang RP and have discussed this on every single one.
  10. Garry Frankson

    Union Depository

    For risk and reward it makes sense, maybe it is only able to be robbed once and then after restart it is able to be robbed again.
  11. Garry Frankson

    Tiers for legal jobs

    Kinda in the title, you level up after doing x amount of delivery’s or amount of cars impounded, and being able to go farther for fishing to catch better fish. Maybe there like 4 tiers to every job and the last tier you make more than any illegal job, but if you go to jail then you get bumped down a tier. Should also not be hard to do as the framerwork is already there with the tow job being able to upgrade cars. If it makes no sense to you then lemme know.
  12. Garry Frankson


    @Raven , maybe not CPR for a minor crash, maybe a first aid certificate that allows you to bandage up people so they can get to hospital or make it so what closer. To avoid it being abused it would have to be a max of 2 bandaids so you can go infinitely without going to hospital.
  13. Garry Frankson

    Bike shop at Prison

    How would a place you get a bike be abused, if they want to get a bike just to bike on the co cars then off they go to jail again. There really is no way for a bike shop to be abused. @GoddessNextDoor
  14. Garry Frankson

    Some new interiors

    I was thinking when there are no doctors or nurses on would be better than having to drive to the city, having the one in Sandy would be better. Also later when we get more staff for the hospital then Sandy could be a starting point for all doctors and when they become more experienced then they move to pillbox. As for the Paleto SO, I haven't been up there alright sorry. and the last time I checked the prison still gets rained on inside where this one would not. and you don't have to TP from door to door.
  15. Garry Frankson

    Some new interiors

    Paleto Bay SO - https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/paleto-office-full or https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/paleto-bay-sheriff-s-office-extended-sp-and-fivem-mlo Sandy Shores Medical - https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/sandy-shores-hospital-mlo-interior-add-on-fivem New Prison - https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/mlo-bolingbroke-penitentiary-interior-sp-fivem Paleto Bay Medical - https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/mlo-paleto-bay-medical-center More PD stations opened in LS - https://www.gta5-mods.com/maps/all-police-station-open New Mission Row PD - htt
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