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  1. @Fabio James You also need to take into account the enjoyment of everyone at the scene of the rp. From most of the times I have responded to a robbery the first words I hear are "i have a hostage we want free passage." There are of course exceptions but you have to understand that chances are, five minutes ago we just gave someone free passage and the chances are, there demands were the exact same as yours. You shouldn't go into a robbery with the mentality that you get free passage or nothing. Also keep in mind if you use someone who is suspected to be an illegitimate hostage, chances of you getting free passage declines. Just for fun let's talk about the realism aspect. Realistically, if you are carrying an assault rifle as well as your friends being armed to the teeth but only have a single hostage, law enforcement would much sooner see that gun taken away from you before giving you free passage which is where the "drop your weapons" demand comes from, not only does it ensure LEO safety but it also protects citizens you would run into. A simple way to avoid the hassle of bartering about free passage is put an actual fun plan into action that everyone can get on board with and not just you getting free passage and then burrowing into the sewers after a minute. I'd personally love to see more diversity when it comes to people asking for free passage, I love (as well as many others) interacting with the swedes like Lenny, Dave, Glenn and Klaus because I know they have something we can enjoy. ==== As for the overall suggestion I like the concept of not giving free passage every single time because by allowing criminals to get away **every** time they have a hostage it has set this idea of normality that if you have a hostage you can easily get away.
  2. Sneezy

    The People v. Tanner Strong

    Case has been moved into the discovery phase.
  3. Sneezy

    The People v. Tanner Strong

    Case Approved, please ensure the defendant is notified and given ample opportunity to receive a defence attorney.
  4. Sneezy

    Tindell Law | Seriously Secure Business Proposal

    Denied, your client was audibly heard explaining the true goal of this proposal openly in Burger shot. After hearing Mr. Lee's plans that is very edging on conspiracy to murder, this will not be approved now or in the future.
  5. Sneezy

    Tindell Law | Seriously Secure Business Proposal

    I have further queries for this proposal. Please answer the following questions: How will your client intend to protect anyone who purchases services. What does your client mean by "They will also be trained on how to use the least non-lethal force necessary in order to protect the public if need be." If your client fails to provide the promised services what will be the steps after be?
  6. Sneezy

    Tindell Law | Seriously Secure Business Proposal

    I will be placing this on hold, The proposed Owner is a known felon and for this reason the DOJ cannot justify approving a Security Company under his name. The proposal will remain locked until such time as the proposed Owner has his record expunged. (We will deny this if no expungement process has been posted within 14 days)
  7. Sneezy

    Tindell Law | David Taylor Name Change

    Name change request approved.
  8. Approved, Please have this change done as soon as possible.
  9. After getting legal advice I have constructed a response. Your honor, from the evidence presented to me in the case (or lack of) there is no proof or actual factual evidence I committed these crimes. During the time said I was at home relaxing I was even talking to people over twitter for the duration of me being in town. Furthermore their is no reliable witness statements or body-cam, I am not visually seen or described anywhere just that I was there and involved, from the three exhibits entered into evidence nothing leads towards myself. I understand that I am not usually on the correct side of the law however to be accused of a crime I did not commit is one thing but facing a time of 1500 Months imprisonment is another. I have also requested for the warrant created for me to be presented into court as evidence, I have not been given any guidance on how to create a "subpoena" or told how to enter evidence on my own. I was never informed that I was wanted for Torture, instead I was informed I was wanted for PC 245 from this same incident which again I strenuously deny involvement. With that my defense rests.
  10. Sneezy

    Appreciation Thread

    @Sneezy - The best person I know.
  11. If you go down, you go down. Take the L and move on creating a different hospital just because a cop or rival gang downed you is not the move.
  12. Sneezy


    Again, this property is owned and this business is taken.
  13. Sneezy

    Marksman Pistol Removal

    @ShadowRP12 I agree with you but, Post it here instead so it gets sent to the discord https://www.usarrp.net/forums/forum/200-suggestions/
  14. Sneezy

    York Law - Misty Leer Expungement Request

    Once your client does a minimum of 30 minutes Community Service work either at Pillbox, Mission Row Police Department, Bolingbroke State Penitentiary or The Los Santos Court House. This will be approved
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