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Judge Declan Taylor

San Andreas DOJ
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    Declan Andrew Taylor is an Honorable Judge of San Andreas

    Henry Haines is an Overseer of The Barracuda Family.

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  1. Judge Declan Taylor

    Criminal Case Template

    The following template has been imposed in order to retain structure to criminal cases. Please ensure this is used when filing, if not the case will not be approved. 1.Defendant: [e.g Miranda Right] 2.Statement of Claim: A statement containing the allegations towards the defendant, must include statements of facts supporting the charges. 3.Charges: A list of all charges the prosecution will be filing on the defendant. [e.g One count of Penal Code 148(a) - Resisting, delaying or Obsructing a Peace Officer. Two counts of Penal Code 207 - Kidnapping PC 664/187 - Attempted Murder] 4. Time and Fine: The full fine and time the prosecution will be seeking on the Defendant. [E.g $16,500 and a term of Ninety Months] 5. Witnesses: List of witnesses to the case who are requested to show. [e.g Sheriff Elliot Shaw, BCSO - Arresting Officer Sergeant Tyler Gray, BCSO - Arresting Officer Paris Argo, Civilian - Bystander] 6.Evidence: All evidence that needs to be submitted. (MUST be labelled appropriately) [e.g Exhibit 1A: Police report created regarding the event Exhibit 1B: Sergeant Gray's Body-cam Footage.
  2. Judge Declan Taylor

    Gang Gang

    I never usually respond to suggestions anymore but this one is interesting. The gang "application" prior to 2.0 was to be recognised as a gang more appropriately, you'd get a discord role and channel, you were still able to be a gang even without. If we introduce a strict gang application then that is when others are telling people how to roleplay appropriately and people thinking that they are superior because they are registered. It is also hard to define a gang, I know many people who are in a group of people but don't consider themselves as in a gang. I don't even consider The Family as a gang anymore it is just something we are and always will be. Also the GP/RP won't decrease even if an app is instituted, the gang rp will but not the gun play. But I digress, my main point is that we do not need a formal application for everything and we don't need staff to have to review everything because it just causes more issues than it's worth. We don't need to be told when and how to rp at every given moment, I'd like to think most people are more mature than that.
  3. Judge Declan Taylor

    The People v. Vito Fain

    Deadline updated to the 24th of January (This Friday) due to this date suiting the majority of people. Please respond with availability.
  4. Judge Declan Taylor

    The People v. Vito Fain

    We will be denying that time. A maximum of three days due to the defense wanting a speedy trial.
  5. Judge Declan Taylor

    The People v. Vito Fain

    Update, this trial will take place TOMORROW
  6. Judge Declan Taylor

    The People v. Vito Fain

    Arraignment will occur at 19:30 GMT (11:30 PST) and the trial will occur at 20:00 GMT (12:00 PST) Please ensure you show.
  7. Judge Declan Taylor

    The People v. Vito Fain

    Motion to remove witnesses approved.
  8. Judge Declan Taylor

    Appreciation Thread

    @Zhorique PFTTTTTTTTT
  9. Judge Declan Taylor


    What high ranking officials are you refereeing to? Because arguably the highest ranked official in the server is a Judge and they do not get escorted by the military.
  10. Judge Declan Taylor


    The fact that you want an actual MILITARY in the server just says everything. We don't need it, we don't want it. There are real life people who have been in the military, I know so many that play on this server, yet you want to bring it into the server. A military is a bad idea, I'm sorry but It's the truth. Because if you got to run a military then everyone would want to run a military.
  11. Judge Declan Taylor

    Appreciation Thread

    Oops, forgot some. @Sam Smith @Pölkadöt Both on the same line because they are for the same reason. Any time I'm in the teamspeak channel I'm always laughing, both should be signing up for comedy night KEKW. I also love how Alex gets a bit too exited when someone mentions Lesbian. @Lucy Cole Known you for awhile, always been so understanding and so deserving of your position! @Trash Queen @Monkey03 @Zhorique @Kredious You know why you are here, all four of you are fucking amazing people. Enough said. @Sandoril Whilst we haven't had many encounters I quickly learned that you are so flexible with your characters, half the time I didn't even know it was you until I was told, which is so rare in rp recently. @Country FOR ALWAYS BEING LOUD
  12. Judge Declan Taylor

    Appreciation Thread

    @Jamie I suppose I should mention you hey? This guy has helped me with my rp a lot as well, corrected me on many things I did wrong. He is one of the main reasons I wasn't banned. Thanks nerd.
  13. Judge Declan Taylor

    Appreciation Thread

    @StrictlyLogic ^^^^^ I can't forget you in this one man
  14. Judge Declan Taylor

    Appreciation Thread

    Okay,okay,okay,okay I have alot of people to add as well @GopnikMedic For being one of the most genuine and brutally honest people, this guy has helped me along the way quite a lot and I think I speak for most when I say say. @Pris For being #Toxic. But no seriously, Pris is so down to earth. Although she will always hit you with sarcasm she is always approachable. @Flottki For not banning me back in 2017 @Cas For being the fucking best Undersheriff. @Mari and @Corygu for allowing me to take the steps to branch out into the CID. And before I make the big one, the rest of the community. Especially @minipunch for giving us this platform. @MikeyGstrang @Schwifty @Jr writer/Alonzo Harris @Dos @Delano @Tom @nyasuu @vlei @Kewin @goblinlord @Ricky1cky @twosipbrandon @Grim_Reaper @William Queen @Aloox @GopnikMedic (again) @Wuan2k @Hanna @Pris (again) @reakinghavok26 @GomBiaN @TEDDY @GoddessNextDoor @Hanna And I know I have missed so many and if you see that you aren't in this, It's because I couldn't find your website names. BUT I digress. The reason I tagged this many people in one foul swoop is because all of these fucking GOATS were what made The Family what is was, 2019 through now has been so fucking fun with Henry, and unfortunately most of us split our own ways in-character and I'd even pay to have that shit back. Thank you all for the fucking fun ass times with The Family, I wish we all hung out more IC or even OOC. Oh and throwback to The Family minecraft server KEKW. Much love to all of these guys, the rp we had was so so good, best times on USA for sure, in all of my three years of being here The Family is no doubt my most memorable experience and it really wouldn't have been possible without any of our members, both OG and newer.
  15. Judge Declan Taylor

    Appreciation Thread

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