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Judge Declan Taylor

San Andreas DOJ
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    Declan Andrew Taylor

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    Declan Andrew Taylor is the Chief Justice of San Andreas

    Alex Ryan Goodwin is a Sergeant with the Blaine County Sheriffs Office.

    Henry Richard Haines is a leader of Family.

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  1. Judge Declan Taylor

    Change Rule 1 about Player and Staff Respect

    So, you want to add two of the worlds biggest problems (arguably) within a ROLEPLAY server? Something that causes VERY real issues mentally and physically. I'm not targetting you but this community already has enough toxicity in it, when people found out we could say the N word everyone turned into Eazy-E within the matter of minutes, so if homophobia and racism stops being against the rules then the server and it's community will take a drastic turn. As a Judge I really do not want to be ruling over Homophobic or Racist roleplay, it really isn't a nice thing to have to deal with.
  2. Judge Declan Taylor

    REA Job (again lol) x

    Bump the whitelisted REA job. Judges aren't construction workers it is ridiculous that a server with over 80 concurrent players relies on Judges to make doors. We should be doing actual DOJ work, not brain dead SBS door making that people use as an advantage to kidnap us. But hey I guess killing the economy is more important x
  3. Judge Declan Taylor

    The People vs Brice Powell

    Case Closed, Defendant plead guilt to all charges.
  4. Judge Declan Taylor

    Rockford Performance Group - Business Proposal

    Approved, Price to purchase the property set at $85,000 Business License at $10,000. Have your client contact a Judge for the business license.
  5. Judge Declan Taylor

    The People vs Brice Powell

    @Luke @Lexii @Corygu @Agony Please respond with your available times for this week.
  6. Judge Declan Taylor

    Saquan MONTOYA v. Tabitha KNOX

    Clsoed with prejudice
  7. Judge Declan Taylor

    Saquan MONTOYA v. Tabitha KNOX

    This case has surpassed the Statute of limitations (even with the initial file in mind)
  8. Judge Declan Taylor

    Anastasia Reyka Hultman - Name Change

    After deliberation, this name change is approved. However please inform your client that in future she will need a more in depth reason to have her name changed. (Such as divorce).
  9. Judge Declan Taylor

    Anastasia Reyka Hultman - Name Change

    A divorce or any other legal stipulation regarding her having the name Reyka Hultman.
  10. Judge Declan Taylor

    Anastasia Reyka Hultman - Name Change

    The issue is Mrs Hultman does not meet the criteria due to a prior name change. Without a divorce we cannot process this request.
  11. Judge Declan Taylor

    Anastasia Reyka Hultman - Name Change

    Is Mrs Reyka Hultman looking to file for divorce on Mr Lennos Hultman? If so that paper work needs to be filed prior to approval.
  12. Judge Declan Taylor

    The People vs Brice Powell

    Request approved, Brice will be released and a new date will be set and he shall attend on his own free-will, failure to do so will result in a warrant.
  13. Judge Declan Taylor

    The People vs Brice Powell

    The date has been set and agreed to, if your witness can not make it they need to be removed from the case. Time and date remains the same.
  14. Judge Declan Taylor

    Rodrigo Black v. BCSO

    Locked for deliberation.
  15. Judge Declan Taylor

    The People vs Brice Powell

    Date has been changed: This case is NOW scheduled for; 8 PM (GMT) 12 PM (PST 2 PM (CST) On the 16th of March, 2020. Case will be presided over by; Chief Justice Declan Taylor and Hon. Reece Middleton.
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