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  1. Steve R. / Liam Y.

    Steve Ryan Name Change

    @GreenDragon917Current full name is Steve Smith Ryan | Requesting it to be changed to Stephanie Smith Ryan |
  2. Steve R. / Liam Y.


  3. Steve R. / Liam Y.


  4. Steve R. / Liam Y.


  5. Steve R. / Liam Y.

    Family <3

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  7. Thought yall would like to see my hair cut Related image

  8. Steve R. / Liam Y.

    Friday Fight Club!!

    Steve Ryan - SASP on Standby | Fighter |
  9. Steve R. / Liam Y.


    @minipunchI haven't flipped it once
  10. Steve R. / Liam Y.

    Friday Fight Club

    Steve Ryan - Security for event
  11. Steve R. / Liam Y.

    Best 2018 Memories?

    One of my favorite moments in RP was Jack Marino's funeral, it really showed me how much of a impact this community puts on you. I wont forget the time I had tears going down my face and couldnt stop crying.😭

  13. Steve R. / Liam Y.

    Certification Request Form (post below)

    Name: Steve Ryan Employee Number (CO Number): 51 Certification requested: FTO Certification | Rifle & Tower Certification Reason for Request: I would just love to help out the department more, Giving me an FTO certification would enable me to help out new DOC applicants to be trained as soon as possible, and I would thoroughly take them through training when needed. Also I have seen multiple assaults and prison escapes with helicopters where the subjects have AR life rifles and we are gun downed in seconds. Me having the Rifle and Tower Cert. would give me more opportunists to stop situations like that. Available Times: Weekdays: 3pm-10pm EST | Weekends: 10am-12am