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    The Reyka Family originated in Paris, France. Anastasia grew up quite comfortably as her father was a spy for the government and her mother was a commissioned officer (russian linguist) for the military. The family moved over to Switzerland as part of a witness protection program when her father was caught by the Russian government while executing a mission. He was on Russian territory for 3 months before he was caught and sentenced to death. Luckily, his comrades saved his life as they ambushed local authorities, lowered a chopper to pick him up and flew him back to safety.

    Anastasia was too young to understand the harm her family was put in. Upon their arrival to Switzerland, the families identity completely changed—from names, to birthdates, to history. Anastasia Reyka was now known as Mercédes Rémy. The French government did this to allow Anastasia to continue a “somewhat” normal teenage life; and she did! She attended international school of Switzerland which allowed her to graduated at the top of her class with certifications in medics and law enforcement. She later went on to college back in France to further her studies in Law Enforcement. Anastasia was extremely interested in her parents background and thought about joining the French military to gain revenge on Russia for what they had done to her family. (She held a grudge for having to uproot her life and change her identity).

    While in college, Anastasia made sure to upkeep her grades and keep an active social life. She still identified under her fake name, but one day came across old friends she used to be very close with. One of them was Gabriel Lucien—an old crush she had while in middle school. The two used to go to the cafe after class to eat macaroons, do homework and talk about their day. Knowing she shouldn’t get involved due to the families safety, she stayed away. Time went on and Gabriel became quite aware of Mercédes’ similar voice, looks, and personality.

    She couldn’t take the feelings anymore and finally told Gabriel the truth. Gabriel was so relieved that his childhood best friend was alive, well, and healthy—and decided to ask her to be his girlfriend. Not knowing any better, Mercédes decided to accept and hoped for a long happy relationship. Time went on and things changed about Gabriel. He wasn’t the caring, or trustworthy boy she knew. Gabriel was abusive, forced her to do drugs with him, and overall threatened to blackmail her family to the Russian authorities if she didn’t do what he said.

    After a year of the negativity, Anastasia broke down to her father and told him everything. Her father up-channeled this information to the French government which lead to the capture of Gabriel and his family. It turns out, Gabriel’s family was russian and were spying on Ana’s father for decades—which is why they had him become close with Ana at a young age (to help capture her father). The family was at a loss when Ana’s father escaped alive as an enemy prisoner and faced many consequences.

    She joined her family back in Switzerland after graduation and had a huge talk about what she wanted out of life. Her father loved her motivation to be successful but did not want her to get hurt again. Her mother, on the other hand, encouraged Anastasia to travel and accomplish her dreams no matter what. This is the push Ana needed to step on the plane to America, where she hopes to continue her journey in being a first responder or maybe even joining the military.

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  1. GoddessNextDoor

    Bike shop at Prison

    I can see this being easily abused by disgruntled inmates more than I can see it being a positive but maybe that’s just because the majority of the inmates love to be released from prison & immediately start bs with the first CO/Deputy they see
  2. GoddessNextDoor

    Prison RP

    @Terry Jenkins Not that it doesn’t matter that I don’t agree with your statement, but i definitely have to point out that @Mari goes above and beyond with her job using the tools that have been implemented for investigations. Maybe you don’t see it upfront not being BCSO but they’re definitely being utilized from our side - can’t speak for SASP though! Apart from that, I wanted to point that out because I don’t want you to think as a staff member you wasted any time implementing these features for them to go unused. They definitely are being used!
  3. GoddessNextDoor

    Appreciation Thread

    @Cas @WiggedOwl5502 Alongside being awesome friends (sons) to me in general, these two should be appreciated by everyone for keeping DOC on its legs until it became the BCSO. They did a lot by themselves to ensure things ran as smooth as possible during my time of absence. I denied returning to BCSO months on end before these two finally got me feelin’ some type of why and convinced me! @TEDDY@Hanna @William Queen @Tom (WHERES RUBBERTOES @?!) From the family, ‘till after - you all remained supportive of me ic and OOC even if I did something you didn’t want me to do (like murder Jade.) The beginning of The Family was the best roleplay I think I’ve ever experienced prior to Purp Gang falling out for a little. I’ll always appreciate the emojis you made for me, the hilarious small moments we had, and more! @Judge Declan Taylor man we used to LOVE bitching each other out but lezihonest, Jack Haines attempting to donate his money to Jade in his will was one of the most heart felt gestures he could’ve done. Vadim & Jade never forgot that. @GomBiaN Saving the best for last ~~ We became friends and had the best roleplay on our crims. Neither of us knew how in depth our friendship would be OOC, since I only made Jade to help out the crips @ the VU as a dancer. But from the first encounter we had, we realized the potential of our characters and thus went on to form a family, gang style and between the two. You might be one of the smelliest Swedes out there but you know that I appreciate every single time you were there for me OOC. 2019 really tested us as friends but I’m glad we were able to put our shit aside, grow up, grow closer, and stronger. I could probably make this post a novel just to tell you how much I appreciate you. We took/continue to take so much bs for each other but we know it’s cuz people were mad jealous they didn’t have storylines like ours. Can’t break something that’s too strong to be broken, like us... JA JA JA JA JA JA. I love you the mostest Gombian! ♥️
  4. The fact my last name is now Hultman makes me feel the constant need to shower

  5. GoddessNextDoor

    Prison RP

    CO’s just like any other duty need to respect their protocol & not be afraid to get hurt. (and PAY ATTENTION to protocols defining the max security inmates) it’s not like you’re being forced to morgue your character like it was back in the day... Both sides need to put forth into whatever scenario they find themselves in & drop the winning attitude. We get it, many of these scenarios can become extremely overwhelming but if that’s the case, finish it and do what you gotta do afterwards. The city shouldn’t feel like a full time job for some of y’all... you shouldn’t feel like you just got off a 14 hour shift after one LEO scenario. Just speak up and keep it real.
  6. GoddessNextDoor

    Prison RP

    All in all this server needs to do better in reporting toxic behavior. Being a CO back in DOC was fun for the small amount of time the inmates wanted to roleplay instead of “being in their head” for their entire sentence out of pure salt that SASP arrested them. Roleplay is a two way street. RULE ONE: RESPECT needs to be enforced entirely. The kids who join the server and exhaust the duty members with pure shitlord activity need to go. I’ve been here for a while and I can say some of these members aren’t just “tourists,” either. DOC is a boss position to be in. I’ve had great ongoing roleplay with criminals who find themselves in the prison more often; yet the younger, unknowledgable cops who haven’t been in the city long enough to know these criminals (and their tactics) seem to get emotional when things don’t pan out. I’ve seen both sides of cops getting salty/toxic and the criminals. As DOC CS I made a huge argument in our chat explaining to staff why doc was failing in terms of the same toxicity from the server I already explained but it’s not just up to staff to fix it. For those of you who encounter these issues, REPORT IT. I always hear “it won’t do anything reeeee” well how do you expect anything to change when you don’t show the light? Reyka has been held hostage, shot up, left for dead, bountied, etc. It is all apart of RP. I don’t agree with every single encounter she had for some of it was completely shitlord—but still the end of the day, we all come here to RP... enjoyably. So do you part. Fit your characters persona. Talk some shit, make friends, and keep the city thriving. Just don’t be toxic while doing it.
  7. GoddessNextDoor

    LSPD and BCSO

    ^ not sure why my account wasn’t showing even though I was logged in but that was from me, hi. bye.
  8. GoddessNextDoor

    So many Whitelisted

  9. GoddessNextDoor

    Best "ERP" Moments

    I definitely thought this was gonna be a Leon troll post of me and @GomBiaN
  10. GoddessNextDoor

    Any military vets here?

  11. GoddessNextDoor

    Being Detained

    For example: You are in the area that a 911 call was received from—let’s say a drug sale. SASP might ask you questions or detain you for the time being to ensure you are not the one selling drugs. They will detain you for the fact being you were considered to be on scene to a potential crime. Being detained only ensures that you cannot physically harm the officer and allows the officer the chance to take control of the situation to figure out what’s going on. It’s as simple as answering anything you are asked, and being compliant. Soon enough you’ll be out of cuffs and on your way... if you aren’t guilty.
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