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    The Reyka Family originated in Paris, France. Anastasia grew up quite comfortably as her father was a spy for the government and her mother was a commissioned officer (russian linguist) for the military. The family moved over to Switzerland as part of a witness protection program when her father was caught by the Russian government while executing a mission. He was on Russian territory for 3 months before he was caught and sentenced to death. Luckily, his comrades saved his life as they ambushed local authorities, lowered a chopper to pick him up and flew him back to safety.

    Anastasia was too young to understand the harm her family was put in. Upon their arrival to Switzerland, the families identity completely changed—from names, to birthdates, to history. Anastasia Reyka was now known as Mercédes Rémy. The French government did this to allow Anastasia to continue a “somewhat” normal teenage life; and she did! She attended international school of Switzerland which allowed her to graduated at the top of her class with certifications in medics and law enforcement. She later went on to college back in France to further her studies in Law Enforcement. Anastasia was extremely interested in her parents background and thought about joining the French military to gain revenge on Russia for what they had done to her family. (She held a grudge for having to uproot her life and change her identity).

    While in college, Anastasia made sure to upkeep her grades and keep an active social life. She still identified under her fake name, but one day came across old friends she used to be very close with. One of them was Gabriel Lucien—an old crush she had while in middle school. The two used to go to the cafe after class to eat macaroons, do homework and talk about their day. Knowing she shouldn’t get involved due to the families safety, she stayed away. Time went on and Gabriel became quite aware of Mercédes’ similar voice, looks, and personality.

    She couldn’t take the feelings anymore and finally told Gabriel the truth. Gabriel was so relieved that his childhood best friend was alive, well, and healthy—and decided to ask her to be his girlfriend. Not knowing any better, Mercédes decided to accept and hoped for a long happy relationship. Time went on and things changed about Gabriel. He wasn’t the caring, or trustworthy boy she knew. Gabriel was abusive, forced her to do drugs with him, and overall threatened to blackmail her family to the Russian authorities if she didn’t do what he said.

    After a year of the negativity, Anastasia broke down to her father and told him everything. Her father up-channeled this information to the French government which lead to the capture of Gabriel and his family. It turns out, Gabriel’s family was russian and were spying on Ana’s father for decades—which is why they had him become close with Ana at a young age (to help capture her father). The family was at a loss when Ana’s father escaped alive as an enemy prisoner and faced many consequences.

    She joined her family back in Switzerland after graduation and had a huge talk about what she wanted out of life. Her father loved her motivation to be successful but did not want her to get hurt again. Her mother, on the other hand, encouraged Anastasia to travel and accomplish her dreams no matter what. This is the push Ana needed to step on the plane to America, where she hopes to continue her journey in being a first responder or maybe even joining the military.

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  1. GoddessNextDoor


    i almost forgot to mention that part. i've purposely dodged rp at burgershot as much as i can for the simple fact of the garbage interactions that partake the establishment.... it was placed in our city to enhance interactions, yet it has the adverse affect entirely. moving forward i'll continue to spend $1k at a 24/7 for food before going to burgershot for anything cheaper, or more filling. it's evident that many other active members feel the same. and if that doesn't open staffs eyes then i dont know what does... since their own devs wasted time placing this restaurant in the city.
  2. GoddessNextDoor


    This point of "interest" (if you will) somehow turned much more shitlord within the last month. @Cas and I even RP conducting presence patrols as a riot controlling unit - but we can't be the only ones who sit there forever. Cops shouldn't have to ever bear rolling up to that place and have 30 civilians running at them; obstructing crime scenes/(or obstructing RP in general). Last time I was on duty, @3mma told me and @OnlySlays how she was threatened to be hurt/killed by criminals AFTER Cas and I left to go respond to other calls. Keep in mind she was rp'ing her grandma character, and I can attest that these people were being extremely aggressive and careless of orders until about 15 minutes of us being there - but the second we left (since we can't stay there forever if the rest of the city is burning...) they snapped back to being even worse than before. I don't know what's with some members of this community but there's absolutely not shit we can do as cops to deal with it and it's clearly getting worse. It's not roleplay, it's just tragic.
  3. GoddessNextDoor

    Ban Appeal

    Just a heads up you'll be directed to fill out a ban appeal here on the forums since this isn't a bug..... so just do that
  4. GoddessNextDoor

    do u even vape bro

    Didn't want to clutter dev discussion with the bugs so posting them here. - after using the vape you scuff up and have to jump constantly - keybind to use vape made him target punch anyone around (aka me lol yay) - he could hear the beeping down inside of bennys while I was standing on the edge of alta street (only beeped constantly when we hear an ambulance nearby?) - vape scuffed when we crashed our car after the video; I'm unable to use it even after dropping it/picking it up - also the pic isn't showing in inventory (featuring me getting decked in the face via keybind to use vape) https://prnt.sc/tco9ww vape.mp4
  5. GoddessNextDoor

    grapeseed airport trees

    Rendering is going to be slightly different for everyone so flying will not be easy around the trees. You have to be extremely careful how close you get to them. Even while driving, i somehow got thrown off my bike even though the stump was 2 yards from my character. Stay as far away as you can
  6. GoddessNextDoor

    York Law | Mackson Expungement Request

    Dr. Dahlia Bloom is supposed to reach out to my client with a scheduled time/date for him to complete Comm. Service.
  7. GoddessNextDoor

    Custom Model Hair

    I've either used or seen these used by friends in other servers and they all looked amazing without any scuff. Many custom hairs look horrible off the bat to begin with. The only new hair I've seen the city use is the sideswept bang style - the other two..... never. Cant comment much on the male hair options since I don't use them personally, I'm sure there is more though. Male models: https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/beards-for-male-mp https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/new-hair-beards-for-trevor https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/tiedup-dreads-for-mp-male https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/slicked-back-hair-for-mp-male-1-0 Female models: https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/d-va-haircut-headset-for-mp-female https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/mai-bun-for-mp-female https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/another-braided-haircut-for-mp-female https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/hair-styles-for-mpfemale-part-1 https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/bob-haircut-for-mp-female https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/curly-bun-for-mp-female-1-0 https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/better-pink-hair-for-mp-female
  8. Requestee Pertinent Information & Photograph Last arrest: 2 June 2020 Requestee does not posses any active warrants. Mr. Mackson expresses motivation to perform any community service facilitated by the approval of this request. Lastly, he understands/acknowledges the wait time of this document and is standing by for any other information the Department of Justice may request from her at any given time.
  9. GoddessNextDoor

    Falling through Pillbox

    I could not step into Pillbox without falling through the map, then glitching / becoming incapacited as I'd smack dead in the canals. Did it twice. This only appeared to happen today. Someone suggested trying to come up through Lower Pillbox but another member said it didn't work for them, as they experienced the same issue.
  10. Requestee's Pertinent Information | Photograph Desired Name: Lana Lexington Does not posses a criminal record or warrants. Requestee was warned of danger involving her immediate family name; she wishes to change it to conceal her identity from the source. Benjamin & Sophia York, York Law
  11. GoddessNextDoor


    Mango or GTFO, aHAhAh #SummertimeFine #NoLaws #AlphaPhi !!!
  12. GoddessNextDoor

    .... chest

    its only with certain Torso 2's but it wasn't like that before
  13. GoddessNextDoor

    .... chest

    Her vest fit fine before and now her chest seems to have... popped overnight. LOL Is there a setting to change it back to normal????? https://prnt.sc/sr91oh - Without Vest https://prnt.sc/sr92td - With Vest
  14. GoddessNextDoor

    Access locker rooms on different character

    That's how the system is for BCSO whitelist at the moment - it's just important not to use that menu on any non-duty character as it can lead to unintended powergaming
  15. GoddessNextDoor

    911 Calls

    That was all Nicc with the vid lol but ofc no problem. It’s in depth as hell but overall it’s meant to be that way to get the most answers out of a situation you’re en route to which as a cop.. you never really know what you’re rolling up on
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