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    The Reyka Family originated in Paris, France. Anastasia grew up quite comfortably as her father was a spy for the government and her mother was a commissioned officer (russian linguist) for the military. The family moved over to Switzerland as part of a witness protection program when her father was caught by the Russian government while executing a mission. He was on Russian territory for 3 months before he was caught and sentenced to death. Luckily, his comrades saved his life as they ambushed local authorities, lowered a chopper to pick him up and flew him back to safety.

    Anastasia was too young to understand the harm her family was put in. Upon their arrival to Switzerland, the families identity completely changed—from names, to birthdates, to history. Anastasia Reyka was now known as Mercédes Rémy. The French government did this to allow Anastasia to continue a “somewhat” normal teenage life; and she did! She attended international school of Switzerland which allowed her to graduated at the top of her class with certifications in medics and law enforcement. She later went on to college back in France to further her studies in Law Enforcement. Anastasia was extremely interested in her parents background and thought about joining the French military to gain revenge on Russia for what they had done to her family. (She held a grudge for having to uproot her life and change her identity).

    While in college, Anastasia made sure to upkeep her grades and keep an active social life. She still identified under her fake name, but one day came across old friends she used to be very close with. One of them was Gabriel Lucien—an old crush she had while in middle school. The two used to go to the cafe after class to eat macaroons, do homework and talk about their day. Knowing she shouldn’t get involved due to the families safety, she stayed away. Time went on and Gabriel became quite aware of Mercédes’ similar voice, looks, and personality.

    She couldn’t take the feelings anymore and finally told Gabriel the truth. Gabriel was so relieved that his childhood best friend was alive, well, and healthy—and decided to ask her to be his girlfriend. Not knowing any better, Mercédes decided to accept and hoped for a long happy relationship. Time went on and things changed about Gabriel. He wasn’t the caring, or trustworthy boy she knew. Gabriel was abusive, forced her to do drugs with him, and overall threatened to blackmail her family to the Russian authorities if she didn’t do what he said.

    After a year of the negativity, Anastasia broke down to her father and told him everything. Her father up-channeled this information to the French government which lead to the capture of Gabriel and his family. It turns out, Gabriel’s family was russian and were spying on Ana’s father for decades—which is why they had him become close with Ana at a young age (to help capture her father). The family was at a loss when Ana’s father escaped alive as an enemy prisoner and faced many consequences.

    She joined her family back in Switzerland after graduation and had a huge talk about what she wanted out of life. Her father loved her motivation to be successful but did not want her to get hurt again. Her mother, on the other hand, encouraged Anastasia to travel and accomplish her dreams no matter what. This is the push Ana needed to step on the plane to America, where she hopes to continue her journey in being a first responder or maybe even joining the military.

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  1. 5 MORE DAYS! #Divorced #ReykaBangBang #HeyDoge

  2. GoddessNextDoor

    Sharing Hunting Kills

    Can’t relate I guess. I’m here for the RP with the little money I do make and without it.
  3. GoddessNextDoor

    Sharing Hunting Kills

    No problem! I respect you for voicing your opinion as well about the change.
  4. GoddessNextDoor

    Sharing Hunting Kills

    You will see a lotttttt of rules pop up like this as new things come into the city that’s why I’m just suggesting to you go follow whats in place now and explaining why it was changed. They overrule realism for rp purposes.
  5. GoddessNextDoor

    Sharing Hunting Kills

    If you’re getting defensive over a rule and don’t want to listen to it then oh well but don’t expect staff not to warn or ban you if they see you doing it. There’s a lot of things we should be able to do in this city but can’t since we deem it as power for the sake of RP.
  6. GoddessNextDoor

    Sharing Hunting Kills

    There’s nothing saying people can’t hunt in groups they just need to get their own kills. If you aren’t having fun without taking the same animals skin or meat then it looks like you just want the money more than the group activity portion of it.
  7. GoddessNextDoor

    Sharing Hunting Kills

    Like with many other things in our server, sometimes realism is lessened to care more about to balance of roleplay. This just happens to be one of them. Id agree with your statement more I didn’t see people camping at animal spawns (they’re clearly doing it for money) or when we tell people not to skin the same animal, they do it infront of us anyway...
  8. GoddessNextDoor

    Sharing Hunting Kills

    Which admins said its okay? I've personally never heard them same it since some have told me it was not okay. I think the script was changed to take more time skinning the animals/getting meat in order to reduce the massive $$ being made by each person, since people were making 100k's from hunting all day. The admins don't want the players to only focus on making money-which is part of the reason of our server wipe last year. I agree it's a fun group activity. But I think the point devs slowing the timers would make multiple people skinning an animal, pointless. They probably slowed the timer for that reason. I'd also like to know whether it's okay or not if an admin could reply?
  9. It really do be like that... do[g]e

  10. GoddessNextDoor

    911 Hunting Calls

    Plz stop the spam of 911 Cassidy Trails calls. Maybe rework the coding to having locals call when they see someone using an automatic/unauthorized firearm instead??? Headache is too real after only one day.
  11. GoddessNextDoor

    Air-1 Locked Vehicle Road Display

    The crims already have a chance IMO since we don’t use Air-1 during fog, do not use it under roadways, through buildings/parking garages; which is a big point I wanted to bring up if I had to. No one should be abusing that trait or powergaming with it whatsoever. I feel as though it would be extremely obvious it the user were to be PG at this point as you could tell where air-1’s location is and depending on their call outs/details, you’d know if they should be able to track a certain distance or not.
  12. GoddessNextDoor

    Air-1 Locked Vehicle Road Display

    👉🏼👈🏼 I think Air-1 should display a road name for the vehicle it’s locked onto. This would be a hell of a lot easier for call outs seeing as the heli displays your mini maps road names as the ones you’re flying above only. I’ve been in the city long enough to know some roadways by name but I will straight up admit that I am too lazy to learn every single roads name... well that and I really do not have time to learn every single roadway. 👉🏼👈🏼 Also mini bby please add a clock on for us deputies 👉🏼👈🏼.. in Sandy & LS 🥺🥺🥺
  13. banana banana meatball

    1. Daniel Wolf

      Daniel Wolf

      Not sure how good that sounds LoL

  14. GoddessNextDoor

    Make BM Firearms Cheaper

    Keep it in a car in your garage and you wont have cops seeing you with it on your back. They dont want to see gangs having rifles slung on them 24/7. have a car for your stuff and take it out when you need something special. have another car for normal drives around the city. if you get pulled over for something small, 9/10 no ones gonna try to escalate that traffic stop and search you or your car as long as you're compliant. and if you know you have something you could get charged for in that car/on you, you personally wouldnt be shi talking or giving the cop a hard time.. youd do what you can to lay low and not let the situation get worse. ya know?
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