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  1. Royale420

    Mayor Elections and Being Mayor of San Andreas

    you monster
  2. Royale420

    .... chest

    i'm not sure, but I don't think Gory does breast reductions :kekw:
  3. Royale420


    Agreed, I think these scenarios shouldn’t be forced on another, they could be discussed quickly in OOC chat or planner. But never forced.
  4. Royale420

    Sawed off tint dissapearing

    When you put a sawed off with a tint in the house it will dissapear. Heard it happening to combat pistols as well. I've never had this issue with any other gun
  5. Royale420

    Civilian Radios

    I think it will reduce alot of metagaming/bad communication RP
  6. When impounding a helicopter, instead of saying impounded like cars. It just says not stored and you need to pay the full price
  7. Royale420

    Ability to own multiple homes

    To see it from your side, yeah we have alot of people. But we also have alot of people with a SICK ass house with 15 doors, aaaand only living there by himself. Now people can share more doors at their houses and people could live at more spots. Only issue might be is that it will become chaos for cops to do search warrants etc
  8. Royale420

    ‘Underground’ real estate

    So in the real world, criminals use storages that are not on their name / pay a company to store illegal stuff for them. I would love to see small storages being able to be bought where there is no correlation with the owner. In my opinion this makes sense as no criminal would ever store their supplies in their own house. For ISU/HCATT/Detective RP this will mean that they need an informant/someone close to the criminal to find out where his stash is, instead of just looking up where he lives and bustin’ his door in. This will make it harder, but more fun for both sides. More RP afterall, let me know what you think should be different
  9. Royale420

    Bank Debt

    Big nono for me, I know people with -800k. Those are fines from crimes they did, imagine if they rob the bank 10 times and it works 5 times and they earn 250k in cash but also have 250k debt from fines. People will just stand AFK in their cell to “earn” 250k? Maybe you can do jobs within the prison to cut your fine with 25-50% but removing your debt feels like an AFK money rain.
  10. Royale420


    People be droppin them right on the floor
  11. Royale420


    Make a dumpster in the house so I don't have to find 50 lubes and 30 fluffy handcuffs in my house
  12. Royale420

    Rework the injury system

    The injury system needs a rework, people need to go to the hospital for tripping over their shoes, like really? If my knee is bruised I don't instantly start to bleed out and need an ambulance. I like the realism with the gun shots, and I think those should stay, but the light bruises from tripping are very annoying,
  13. Royale420

    Better description on 911 calls.

    Locals tend to only tell if the suspect is MALE or FEMALE. I think it would add alot to police RP if those 911 calls would add for ex: - (911) Forum Dr | Suspect: MALE, Black top, blue jeans
  14. The purchase menu at car dealerships should be adding another option for it to deliver to your garage instead of spawn at the front.
  15. Royale420

    Mari Gunz vs Meteo Di Nova

    🤡 to the people thinking I was serious, i was upload the bodycam footage, but i cant even be in town for the next 7 days so this is soo pointless...
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