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  1. Royale420

    Mari Gunz vs Meteo Di Nova

    🤡 to the people thinking I was serious, i was upload the bodycam footage, but i cant even be in town for the next 7 days so this is soo pointless...
  2. Royale420

    Mari Gunz vs Meteo Di Nova

    Case dismissed, if you're really still mad I can give you your stupid cash just contact one of my boys ~ peace out
  3. Royale420

    Club Ωmega

    Club Ωmega is the new club named after "Delano Omega" to remember him because he is moving out the city for 9 months. I will be owner together with Delano Omega. Any questions please hit me up at Royal#0068 as I don't check the forums every day. https://docs.google.com/document/d/18JSDfcvbwFShBSvVFna30-nezUpkXH66-ObmRzWbrr4/edit?usp=sharing
  4. Royale420

    Mari Gunz vs Meteo Di Nova

  5. Royale420

    Sara Nades Vs. Mateo di Nova

    Due to me being on the fired list is this case dropped?
  6. Royale420

    Sara Nades Vs. Mateo di Nova

    How long will this case take? and Sunday the 18th is alot better for me due to work,
  7. Royale420

    Sara Nades Vs. Mateo di Nova

    Alright, I forgot to tell you guys i'll be on vacation 12-16 august.
  8. Royale420

    Sara Nades Vs. Mateo di Nova

    I can do this court whenever you guys have time. I have no planning whatsoever.
  9. crazy dude viewing

  10. Royale420

    Friday Fight Club

    Mateo di Nova [PROBABLY] SASP standby
  11. Royale420

    Handling File For Cars

    Same for the Pegassi Reaper - 118 mph (1,8 mil)
  12. Royale420

    Handling File For Cars

    Name: Mercedes AMG (4-Door) Model: Sedan Issue: Too slow compared to very cheap and low quality sedans
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