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    Bobert Jones // Robert Jones
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    Bobert Jones is an old black man from Los Santos. This old timer doesn't understand the new "trends". He enjoys bingo and smoking crack with Mr. Terry Jenkins. He might be old but he can move those hips. His new motto- "Who needs LifeALERT, when you have Terry's crack." Bobert has had a recent turn in his life. He has joined the Avengers and fights crime alongside the SASP. His Avenger name - BlackEye
    Robert Jones grew up in a small home in Paleto Bay. It may have been small but it was right next to the water, which Robert always loved. He currently works for the SASP as a Captain. He is married to Jem Corbell Jones Lieutenant with the Los Santos Fire Department and has two sons, Roman Corbell Jones & Grayson Matthew Jones.

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