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    Moved from a small town to the big city. Started out on the local sheriff department and worked his way thru the ranks all the way to Lieutenant of the LCPD! After a falling out, and some disagreements with the local government he decided to move on....now a year later Sebastian is looking to work his way back into the city...

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  1. Radisma

    training SASP Training

    Training for the SASP. Location and other details will be posted in the discord or discussed in team speak. IF YOU CANT MAKE IT WATCH THE VOD / STREAM
  2. Radisma

    training SASP Training

    Training for the SASP. Location and other details will be posted in the discord or discussed in team speak.
  3. Radisma

    The People vs. Paris Queen

    As per the plea agreement Ms. Queen will need to meet with @Aidan Biden a Judge, or a SASP Sgt+ and we will get the sentence handled accordingly. CASE WILL NOW BE CLOSED
  4. Radisma

    The People vs. Paris Queen

    @Luke@Aidan Biden@nyasuu@GreenDragon917 Unless a Plea agreement is entered in the next 48 hours (as per mention of the ADA above) this will be the ruling. After convening with my fellow Judges, I have come to the conclusion that Ms. Paris Queen will most certainly not be spending 132 months in Prison, and she will not be spending 20 months in jail. She will however have her firearm permit suspended until further notice due to the evidence presented and past criminal records involving firearms / deadly weapons ( "4 counts PC 16590 - Possession of a prohibited weapon", 2 counts of "PC 246.3 - Negligent (or Unlawful) Discharge of a Firearm", and 2 counts of " PC 245 - Assault with a deadly weapon" ) and the submitted information that was presented. As for your counter point of $100,000 (US Dollars), this will be denied as well. Your client will need to speak with a member of the SASP (FULL, not probationary, Sergent or above) or get with myself, or another member of the Justice Department in the next week (7 days, by 5-21-19) to get the proper paperwork together on suspending the license until further notice. Your client may look into getting her license back in 2 weeks time from the date it gets suspended (See above time frame). I will make sure the SASP, and my fellow Judges know of this as well. If no response in 48 hours, the case will be closed with the above verdict...
  5. Radisma

    The People vs. Paris Queen

    @Luke@Aidan BidenStop arguing the case here in this setting. If you wish to argue the case in this manner we can either 1) take it to trail and you all can handle it there, or 2) I can dismiss it and rule in favor of the people. So drop it.
  6. Radisma

    The People vs. Paris Queen

    I will be looking into this case. With the shown evidence currently I see 4 counts on the record of "PC 16590 - Possession of a prohibited weapon", 2 counts of "PC 246.3 - Negligent (or Unlawful) Discharge of a Firearm", and 2 counts of " PC 245 - Assault with a deadly weapon" Any more evidence please get it to me ASAP as I may make a ruling soon. @Aidan Biden@nyasuu -Judge Cole Bernard-
  7. Radisma

    Brice Powell v. SASP

    Seeing as the plantiff said he will be accepting the offer this case will be CLOSED. Please get in contact with a member of the government (/help for a Community Admin+) @capablemangoto get the money for your client and you can get it to him as you see fit, or however you agree upon it. CASE CLOSED -Judge Cole Bernard- @Aidan Biden@GreenDragon917
  8. Radisma

    Arrest Incident

    This is a place to report BUGS @Bloom....what you described wasn't a bug.... I would bother filling a refund request because it will be denied....it sounds like you have a In Character issue here and should deal with it as such... CLOSED
  9. Radisma

    Brice Powell v. SASP

    I would be available Fri - Monday anytime after 7pm EST or Tues,Wedns,Thurs any time of day. Sebastian Snow, Commissioner of the SASP
  10. Radisma

    Civil Case: Audrey Houston v. Cleetus Leeapolled

    Case closed due to Audrey Houston being deceased Judge, Cole Bernard
  11. Radisma

    Terry Jenkins v. State Of San Andreas

    @GreenDragon917 @Sneezy | Declan Taylor @Terry Jenkins @SlaynXav First of all your honor the Defendant was the STATE of San Andreas, not the State police so the SASP insurance WILL NOT be paying this out. The person who booked Mr. Jenkins for the 5150 was the Warden @Aidan Biden who was acting in his role as the Warden with the DOC, not the SASP. He ALSO booked them at the ORDER of the Late Judge Dunaway to my understanding... Secondly I have been informed by the District Attorney that they were still working on this case, and they believe it was closed pre-maturely.... The District Attorney and his office will be in touch with you...
  12. Radisma

    Handling File For Cars

    NAME: dominator3 MODEL: Vapid Dominator GTX ISSUE: UN-upgraded goes 103, takes the entire length of the military base runway to get there
  13. Radisma

    IRL Face thread?

    Your Undersheriff
  14. Leave of Absence We all know that real life always comes first, there is no question about it, and we won't tell you otherwise. However, if you are taking for example 1-2 weeks off please let us know so we can annotate that on the roster, we don't want to think that you just randomly disappeared and stopped playing so we have to end up removing you completely from the SASP. Please post a note here that you will be absent and if possible let us know when you might be back. Thanks a lot! Please use this template would be much appreciated Name: Unit-number: When you are leaving: When you are coming back: Reason:
  15. Radisma

    Use of Force Policy

    SAN ANDREAS STATE POLICE USE OF FORCE POLICY Purpose: In order to maintain the safety of all personnel and the general public, the following has been implemented and signed off on by Commissioner Sebastian Snow. The following policy shall be followed by all Department personnel. Failure to comply may result in departmental discipline or criminal liability. DEPARTMENTAL USE OF FORCE 835a PC - "Any peace officer who has reasonable cause to believe that the person to be arrested has committed a public offense may use reasonable force to effect the arrest, to prevent escape or to overcome resistance. A peace officer who makes or attempts to make an arrest need not retreat or desist from his efforts by reason of the resistance or threatened resistance of the person being arrested; nor shall such officer be deemed an aggressor or lose his right to self-defense by the use of reasonable force to effect the arrest or to prevent escape or to overcome resistance." All Department personnel shall only use appropriate force when subduing or arresting a suspect. Nothing in this policy shall prevent an employee from using reasonable amount of force necessary, including but not limited to, the use of non-lethal tactics to deadly force if the situation permits such response. USE OF HAND-TO-HAND TECHNIQUES & TASER DEPLOYMENT: If a suspect is actively fighting another citizen or another unit, a Trooper may use non-lethal strikes to obtain compliance from the suspect. If any injury is occurred to deputies, the suspect, or other citizens, EMS shall be notified. The use of a taser is permitted in non-lethal confrontations. If a subject actively fights or becomes extremely hostile/agitated to the point that the general public and other units are placed in danger, taser deployment is authorized. DISCHARGE OF A FIREARM / DEADLY FORCE: Troopers may discharge a firearm or use lethal force in the performance of their official duty: In the defense of themselves or in the defense of another (civilians or other Trooper) if they reasonably believe there is imminent danger of death. To effect an arrest or prevent the escape of a violent suspect whom the deputy believes will cause imminent death to another. Fleeing alone or physically resisting does not permit the use of deadly force. Nothing in this policy prevents a Deputy from unholstering their firearm and using it in their duties. (i.e. felony vehicle stops, armed suspects, hostile subjects, etc.) However, the Trooper should use common sense in this matter as unholstering a firearm may escalate a situation that could be solved without it. If in a physical altercation and the Trooper believes the situation permits the use of deadly force, a Trooper may use hand-to-hand combat, the use of a baton, or other objects to protect oneself to end the threat. Unless a Department vehicle is being used to PIT another vehicle, the use of a vehicle to stop a threat is considered deadly force. Units shall not use patrol vehicles to PIT motorcycles, bicycles, or subjects on foot unless the said persons meet the criteria for deadly force.