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  1. Stapes

    High Q Cannabis

    Aidan it's not that we do not want to do it. There just is no reason to do it until drug effects are in. We have complied with your demands sofar and are maintaining our legal work status. Tabitha has a stockpile of marijuana purely for selling purposes when the functionality is in.
  2. Stapes

    High Q Cannabis

    Sales: None no point because marijuana has no use other than illegal distribution. Employees: Tabitha Knox, Harrison Kelly nobody else yet because there is no market until blunt wrappers are in town. Holders of Medical Cards: Francis Fisterson(RIP) only known cardholder given by Mitchell Spubkin. All other recorded card holders would be in his records held by his estate. At this point Harrison has put a freeze on activity in the business until there is a use.
  3. Stapes

    High Q Cannabis

  4. Stapes

    High Q Cannabis

    If it is not I am sure we can come to a compromise. I just wanted to know for RP it makes more sense for someone who wants to smoke recreational to buy a blunt then it does to buy scissors and go cut weed from a field.
  5. Stapes

    High Q Cannabis

    @Aidan Biden We accept your terms. One condition. Since Marijuana is technically legal. We can still sell and record transactions to non card holders but we will have a limit in force. Is this OK?
  6. Stapes

    High Q Cannabis

    High Q Cannabis is a business that has been looking at your area for its new mobile dispensary program. Attached to this please find our business proposal. We look forward to doing business with you. Medicinal Marijuana.pdf I should also preface this with the fact that the judge Mr.Aidan had advised for me to post this.
  7. Stapes

    Handling File For Cars

    Name: Inverto Coquette Model: Sports Issue: Speed low need up its barely 100 Price at Car Dealership: 100k? I believe
  8. Stapes

    Reporting Self Crashing

    Was in a firefight on grove with a the gatekeeper and upon death I crashed but could still talk. Just wanted to give a heads up. If it is deemed as combat logging I wanted to be the one to report it and say my bad. Just wanted it on paper before anything happened.