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  1. CraigTheGuy

    immersion o_o

    I agree strongly with nyasuu's suggestion, personally I don't see why people do it, it is undeniably out of character to say you must "spiritually get something to eat" as nyasuu stated, you can use this in character easily, just go AFK in a 24/7, the burger shot, or even the VU, to eat. In all of my time on the server I've always tried to do this, if i need to do anything OOC and away from the PC it's not hard to treat it as an in character matter that you need to step away for a moment, and I see more and more people speaking "spiritually" just because they hear other people say it, and because it's "easy" to do that instead of providing better roleplay. As Ronnie and Brice were saying, there are things we must do at the end of the day, there are necessary real life things to step away and handle, but it takes little effort to go AFK for "a smoke" or "taking a phone call" literally anything. It would be a massive help the community's comprehension of REALISTIC ROLEPLAY if we considered "spiritual" speaking an out of character rulebreak. I don't foresee this being a bannable rulebreak, but it is, as I said, undeniably out of character and immersion breaking. Furthermore, one doesn't need to state "I need to take out my dog spiritually" or "oh the spiritual door dash guy is here ill brb" you can just say "Hey I need a smoke" or "I need a moment to think" going "in your head" isn't as huge to me, but this "spiritual" conversation could really benefit the community if stopped. On an unrelated note, I notice a lot of criminal characters telling the police that they have "win mentality" this has ruined many, many, many of my interactions with both police, and criminals. It's understandable coming from the criminals if they see a police officer treating the roleplay scenario like a team-death-match, but there is so much more to the RP than winning and losing. I would suggest saying things like "win mentality" be regarded as an OOC rulebreak, seeing as not a soul in the world has told a cop that they have "win mentality" it makes absolutely no sense in character and if it is that big of an issue it can be handled through in character means, such as getting a lawyer if the police used excessive force, or even OOC routes if the police character player makes a rulebreak. Thanks for coming to my ted talk.
  2. CraigTheGuy

    Friday Fight Club


    Marc Phillips would like to fight as well! Also my charity "The Phillips Foundation(tm)" would like to sponsor the event and help pay for things like med kits and food!
  3. CraigTheGuy

    The Phillips Foundation™

    Thank you! A Charity Treasury document is currently formatted and ready for use, along with a company employment and volunteer roster. I'll be sure to see you guys on the 11th and get things set up and ready to go! Thanks again! Sincerely, Founder of The Phillips Foundation, Marc Z. Phillips
  4. CraigTheGuy

    The Phillips Foundation™

    The Phillips Foundation™ is a non-profit charity, Started by Marc Z. Phillips, that will spend its donations on the well being and bettering of local animal shelters, LSFD fire dogs, SASP K-9 unit dogs, Therapy animals, hospitable aid animals (service animals), and any other animal related preservation and upkeep/bettering of well being! Hope this works out, been spending a lot of time setting this up! View the document below as an information pamphlet for the Charity that will provide you with the information necessary. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Pi6uw6c2sZVHaBcJ2nBIkPrtYhPsDC-WoxhLFQeQO7Y/edit?usp=sharing If there are any questions please let me know and I'll get back to you as soon as possible! Thank you! The link below is a copy of the pledge form, again if you have any questions let me know and I'll get right back to you! thank you. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rigIlpDdgSKBLbMtlLxKCCcfnzxIy2pEEku3Rp6AeRk/edit?usp=sharing Cordially, Marc Z. Phillips Founder of The Phillips Foundation™
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