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  1. I would highly suggest you have more respect in your responses here @Daniel04, or I will lock this topic as well as have words with you.
  2. I feel as if maybe I shouldn't chime in on this due to the fact I haven't been around a ton of arrests lately, but I absolutely agree with @Pölkadöt and her position on this, I have only been a civ/crim since I've returned, and the majority of the time that I see an arrest, I see incidents in where I feel as if the police were being treated far too poorly for what they may or may not have done during the situations they were involved in. By no means should a player be so overly insulting and abusive of their fellow role players that it causes them to feel the need to avoid doing their job as an officer or avoid you and your "RP" if you want to call shouting endless insults at your fellow role players actual role play, and that goes for everyone regardless of whether or not they're a Civ, EMS, or an Officer of the law. That said, please do remember our FIRST RULE for PLAYER AND STAFF RESPECT, and not just utterly insult and push players out of the server or hinder their role play based off of your OOC feelings that you were caught or wronged IC. I do agree that banter is completely acceptable, but when it devolves into just pure insults being shouted endlessly at the officers or anyone else for that matter, you enter grounds of clearly showing that it's not just your character and just your anger the vast majority of the time. I urge anyone that behaves this way to calm it down and actually banter in role play rather than just shout needless insults that promote little to no role play what so ever. I would also like to apologize to @Kian, if that's how things went for you, and in the future I would suggest asking them in the local OOC chat to calm it down due to the fact that it's actually becoming too extreme and upsetting for you. In no way should anyone here be forced into a situation that has become far too extreme for them to deal with, and everyone is within their right to let someone know that it has become too extreme for them. If they do not tone it down after being asked, they will be toned down.
  3. Trevor Lahey

    Custom Vehicles

    To argue that point, not every server has the same stability buddy, we've most definitely had issues with custom vehicles in the past. However, I do hope we can get some back in at some point, but I think it's going to be a while. To be fair though within the GTAV world, we shouldn't have ANY custom cars and keep it to GTAV cars, assuming anyone cares about total immersion within the "world" we're RPing in that is.
  4. Trevor Lahey

    Grace Period

    I'm like 75% sure this was a thing before the onesync server Gombian, clearly not the case now but I assume it's possible, at least for those who have crashed.
  5. Trevor Lahey

    weed grow time

    I absolutely agree if it's seven days, it's far too long. Considering this is for RP and not a real life grow operation, I don't see why it should take a real life week of waiting for it. Sometimes we push far too much realism with certain things like suspensions and what not. I don't see the purpose of making it take this long unless people want the map flooded with Marijuana plants all over the city that people have given up on taking care of for a straight week. I would assume some people don't have the time to sit in the server and take care of a pixel plant for a week, considering some of you guys have school and jobs outside of RPing here. That said, I think three days would be more appropriate for something like this, or we can go super realistic and make it take months of vegetation, flowering, and curing for the plants to be ready for sale. 😅
  6. Trevor Lahey

    Weed Processing

    I don't think the scissors you trim Marijuana buds with irl catch on fire sir, the packaged weed isn't Hash or Dab related(Not even sure making these would even cause a fire.), so there should be no sort of hazard as far as catching on fire unless the house just decided to burn down around you.
  7. Trevor Lahey

    "Gang activity"

    Could an admin do me a solid and remove this topic form the Forums if possible since there's already a similar topic open elsewhere. Thanks!
  8. Trevor Lahey

    "Gang activity"

    This may sound rude, but your eyes must be closed to the various gang members that do nothing but rob and shoot people in the face for attempting an interaction besides that. I don't expect a gang member to ever be liked, especially when all they do is RDM and fail to let others role play anything out other than being robbed or kidnapped. They've approached me and started their trash RP every time, I don't approach gang members outside of a select few due to the fact 90% of them just shoot me or rob me because they didn't like something I said. It's not a matter of realism, it's a matter of letting other people actually role play and bringing something to the table yourself besides just killing people every two seconds, they lack any creativity or respect for anyone else's interactions.
  9. Trevor Lahey

    "Gang activity"

    That's my mistake, I wasn't aware of another threat addressing this issue, thanks for letting me know. It's good I'm not the only one having issues with the current state of "gang rp" within the city, most of it is honestly just RDM and refusing others an interaction other than "put your hands up" type garbage. I am 100% fine getting robbed or kidnapped at times IF it makes some sort of sense, but when it's the majority of the time I'm on it gets old. I primarily dislike the fact of being shot in the face 300 times because I said something rude to a gangster, if they were a realistic gang they wouldn't just spray people down in the streets like barbaric fools.
  10. Trevor Lahey

    "Gang activity"

    Something needs to be done about the poor excuses of "gangs" within the city. It's way out of hand and demoralizing to anyone wanting to interact with these fools. If you say anything slightly rude they immediately shoot you on the spot for little to no reason, and when a report is made against them by myself or others involved, nothing seems to happen. My suggestion essentially entails punishing the blatant RDM the various gang members seem so fond of. If something isn't done about their lack of interaction I'm unsure of what to do regarding RP with them. It's getting ridiculous and some of these individuals need to catch bans or at the very least a stern warning. To clarify this is a suggestion to punish the gang members lacking any sort of interaction outside of their own benefit. Last I checked this is role play and not GTAO, in other words, INTERACT WITH YOUR FELLOW ROLE PLAYERS INSTEAD OF JUST KILLING THEM.
  11. Trevor Lahey

    Server Admins

    Just would like to state in your clip, you pulled up on them first, so the fact you were shot seems valid to me buddy. Your toxicity isn't needed however, I honestly should have banned you for advertising your stream within the server. Him and his friend were banned for combat logging after being gunned down, instead of reporting this alleged RDM, they combat logged. So they both earned their vacations to wherever they see fit. I'd also like to state if you're not involved in the situation, or have literally zero knowledge of it to stay out of the conversation. That isn't a request. If you expect players to be banned for their violations of the rules maybe you should learn them yourself as well as take the time to file reports against the violators of said rules. Don't play victim because you lost a situation you put yourself in, then combat logged out of once you failed. Have a nice stay somewhere else sir.
  12. yo i hate to bother but has it been 15 hours? or should i try back in a few hours?

    1. hdshow


      @Markus twain Hey man, you should be able to hop into the server however I just wanna let you know that you shouldn't just poping into staff profiles asking to be unbanned.

    2. Markus twain

      Markus twain

      oh ok brother wont happen again and nah it aint letting me in ill wait with patience , wont happen again bro!

  13. So 15 hrs from now or from when I was banned? Don't you think that's a bit much? But ok!

    1. Markus twain

      Markus twain

      I was a lil upset if I told you whole story behind my reaction I think you would understand and want to help me out instead of blowing me up and robbing me some more , put favoritism aside and listen to what others have to say is all I feel, but yes I was wrong but I feel as if no one wanted to listen when I needed the help My bad!

  14. Time to knock the FFC out.


  15. Time to deal with the hawks.


    1. Zhorique


      I dont know if you are trying to be the guy in this clip or the guy in this clip is trying to be you? #Confused

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