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Lucy Cole

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  1. Lucy Cole

    FearRP rule addition

    There is no rule saying players have to comply with you. Its their choice because its their RP. Is it unrealistic to want to fight or flight? Not at all. Is it FailRP when someone dont comply? Not at all because failRP would be using your phone after it has been taken or while tied up or not RPing out your injuries that would fall under failrp and unrealistic behavior and that comes with stipulations. Every situation is different. I really wanted to clear this up for everyone. I do agree the NVL rule was nice but can be easily abused. So with that being said Mini made his server to be realisti
  2. Lucy Cole


    I agree that saying, "I have a bodycam" isn't RP and it makes people think you are going to use it against them. It will make people not want to RP with you. Ive heard this being said when someone is about to be defeated and when there is a serious situation going on. I honestly don't care if you have a "bodycam" on. I know as long as I follow the rules I will not bare any consequences. But its said way to much..I agree with Ram, I'm the same way. Lets RP have fun and remember were all humans here we all make mistakes even through RP. Not every slip up should be reported just fixed through RP.
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