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Why not start your law enforcement career with the Blaine County Sheriffs Office apply today and start out as a corrections officer and work all the way up to Sheriff.

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    Juaco Cartel Just move to LS from liberty city to become an independent producers whose goal is to increase his collective profits by means of price fixing, limiting supply, or other restrictive practices. Juaco Cartel typically control selling prices. He has a good hurt and he don't like killing anyone cuz its not his style, Love to give back like robin hood.

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  1. you are one sexy ?…..yea baby yeah443998344_FiveM-USA_REALISMROLEPLAY_https___www.usarrp.net_32SLOT9_29_201810_09_17PM.thumb.png.b286e86cfdfb38575b89268849052526.png

  2. exit here.....what a drop ? damn what happen?1770944815_FiveM-USA_REALISMROLEPLAY_https___www.usarrp.net_32SLOT9_30_201812_39_20PM(2).png.7e0f263a7b6535a8c631821237c442ac.png582264263_FiveM-USA_REALISMROLEPLAY_https___www.usarrp.net_32SLOT9_30_201812_39_08PM.thumb.png.ea47abe8fd38e0b1913c644a31a22968.png874861943_FiveM-USA_REALISMROLEPLAY_https___www.usarrp.net_32SLOT9_30_201812_39_20PM.thumb.png.5ec2180ef18f50f99e76f19848613ed0.png

  3.  Terry J reporting for Duty..... S7Airlines concurring the Sky1010230400_FiveM-USA_REALISMROLEPLAY_https___www.usarrp.net_32SLOT9_30_201811_30_35AM(2).thumb.png.55fb21ab2c206a9a7f864b0bab2011d3.png1460910011_FiveM-USA_REALISMROLEPLAY_https___www.usarrp.net_32SLOT9_30_201811_46_01AM.thumb.png.b4e1cbdf6514923cb4f4cb081a068d4a.png1953064868_FiveM-USA_REALISMROLEPLAY_https___www.usarrp.net_32SLOT9_30_201811_52_18AM.thumb.png.b73889ea8fd24ec6633b2d57c20de665.png 

  4. S7 Airline Welcome aboard …..Fly with me to a better Future …..are u late for a meeting? is someone waiting for u in sandy ?...stop being late Take a Ride ……..S7Airline its the way to Fly...….660911676_FiveM-USA_REALISMROLEPLAY_https___www.usarrp.net_32SLOT9_29_201812_25_14PM(2).thumb.png.e48e61428a77ee2716e9302bf1f7f231.png1016409870_FiveM-USA_REALISMROLEPLAY_https___www.usarrp.net_32SLOT9_29_201812_29_57PM.thumb.png.78a9ba255aa08f1a1cf02eeea19c2a9b.png84805422_FiveM-USA_REALISMROLEPLAY_https___www.usarrp.net_32SLOT9_29_201812_30_22PM.thumb.png.313ff8ab0b84060ca7042cb39e7f9fc3.png

    FiveM - USA _ REALISM ROLEPLAY _ https___www.usarrp.net _ 32 SLOT 9_29_2018 12_25_09 PM.png

  5. 1666914955_FiveM-USA_REALISMROLEPLAY_https___www.usarrp.net_32SLOT9_26_201810_22_18AM.png.c03793382b5180eca9c085586cc96b21.pnghelp I take donation lmao....I work for free?‍?

    1. Mandalor


      get robbed !!! beg to be robbed hahaha

  6.   $-385400 damn u won today.... Now I got to walk home658099641_FiveM-USA_REALISMROLEPLAY_https___www.usarrp.net_32SLOT9_26_201810_28_54AM.thumb.png.741a26527252973c831f601469ee433c.pngIll be back 

  7. suspicious vehicle ? lets  have a look ….o Fake cop we know what to do get out of ur car sir....306817105_FiveM-USA_REALISMROLEPLAY_https___www.usarrp.net_32SLOT9_20_20189_41_22AM.thumb.png.3cd2ea70c455a98131e89cdd530507d5.png1382505700_FiveM-USA_REALISMROLEPLAY_https___www.usarrp.net_32SLOT9_20_20189_52_20AM.thumb.png.ae53831bde50d4fbcdb606f99ef22aee.pngWelcome to the Town :)1332510252_FiveM-USA_REALISMROLEPLAY_https___www.usarrp.net_32SLOT9_20_20189_52_34AM.thumb.png.673e434ce95d50983bb97cd8a0574ce3.png

  8. BX_Juaco

    Trevor Lahey Memorial Service


    love and respect
  9. what a foggy Morning great for a run...… 1301631904_FiveM-USA_REALISMROLEPLAY_https___www.usarrp.net_32SLOT9_17_20189_49_02AM(2).thumb.png.28b732ef566b3e1e81629df4726f68d3.png609663410_FiveM-USA_REALISMROLEPLAY_https___www.usarrp.net_32SLOT9_17_20189_50_00AM.thumb.png.caeaea250201f5239f6d8a583a717e87.pngLet me show this ladies what I got. 1051233288_FiveM-USA_REALISMROLEPLAY_https___www.usarrp.net_32SLOT9_17_20189_50_17AM.thumb.png.f8027014d5da89a4bc787d0abc6cb4e1.png1085937059_FiveM-USA_REALISMROLEPLAY_https___www.usarrp.net_32SLOT9_17_20189_51_02AM.thumb.png.3c2919eed0dbba36a5c003b5f649b480.png710384300_FiveM-USA_REALISMROLEPLAY_https___www.usarrp.net_32SLOT9_17_20189_51_17AM(2).thumb.png.91626f6880be4df6b14ebdaacd15913f.pngLets get it....1272169838_FiveM-USA_REALISMROLEPLAY_https___www.usarrp.net_32SLOT9_17_20189_54_13AM(2).thumb.png.da28c2b844620e66c24ea4297024f7e7.png1750253762_FiveM-USA_REALISMROLEPLAY_https___www.usarrp.net_32SLOT9_17_20189_54_17AM(2).thumb.png.1f29b1c45e1f50f865498c43e3f17303.pngWow great race u won 1750020198_FiveM-USA_REALISMROLEPLAY_https___www.usarrp.net_32SLOT9_17_20189_59_15AM(2).thumb.png.827ca7a24ca71bc7f5e174d4298b546d.pngsee yall next week


  10. RIP Jack Damn …….? 

  11. damn 30 month smh ?

    FiveM - USA _ REALISM ROLEPLAY _ https___www.usarrp.net _ 32 SLOT 8_16_2018 5_49_49 PM.png

  12. I try but I cant help it ……..hurry before Jamie gets here ?

    FiveM - USA _ REALISM ROLEPLAY _ https___www.usarrp.net _ 32 SLOT 8_26_2018 10_24_05 AM.png

  13. New House ….xD finally moving on up 

    FiveM - USA _ REALISM ROLEPLAY _ https___www.usarrp.net _ 32 SLOT 8_24_2018 12_20_37 PM.png

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