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  1. Marcus

    Handling File For Cars

    All Cars above Radisma Post have been Adjusted. Will send it to mini. So hopefully this will sort it out.
  2. if you find a car that doesn't work properly (unreasonably slow or fast, upgrades don't work, weird handling) please leave a reply on the thread and use the following template: Name: Model: Issue:
  3. Happy Birthday minipuunch ^^

    1. minipunch


      Thanks dawg!!!!

  4. Marcus

    Michael Packard's recent felony

    Hello @MichaelMotorcycl Have this been taken care of?
  5. Hello @JimBob23 Are you still requesting the middle name to be changed?
  6. Marcus

    Paris Argo Marriage name change

    Hello @nyasuu Are you still requesting to change to Paris Argo Queen ?
  7. Marcus

    driverslicense still suspended

    @novafusion21 Did it get solved or you still have the same problem?
  8. Marcus

    Bank defaults my money

    @Ben Haten Hello there ben. I suggest you make a Refund-Request. you can find it at this link https://www.usarrp.net/forums/forum/72-refund-requests/
  9. Marcus

    server crash

    @Venti Next time it happens try and take a screenshot it would help
  10. Marcus

    Problem with connecting.

    @Brunkoman Do you still having the same problems or did you get it sorted out?
  11. Marcus

    Timed out trying to connect

    @PandaLily Do you still have problems with the connecting?