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  1. Marcus

    Handling File For Cars

    All the cars from this message have been adjusted. Feel free to test them out once mini put them in. i will send it to him now and hopefully next restart. If you feel it's still broken feel free to make a post again and ill take a look into this. Thank you
  2. Marcus

    Name Change ~ Noah Taylor

    @Aidan Biden @GreenDragon917 Sadly there isn't anything i can do about that. We have to go deeper into the papers to be able to fix that and that's nothing we really do. Fastest and best way is. Name Middle Lastname for example Marcus Steven johansson. If you wish to talk with the client again and comeback with a new name that involve the example i gave. Thank you
  3. Marcus

    Handling File For Cars

    every car to this message has been Adjusted beside "iguard2" will look into that one further
  4. Marcus

    Handling File For Cars

    @nyasuu Thanks for letting me know. iknow what issue is and i will fix it today and sent it over to mini.
  5. Marcus

    Handling File For Cars

    All cars above this post have been adjusted. Will send it to mini and wait for him to place it in. Thank you for all the help
  6. Hi

    Rat CoP.png

    1. goblinlord


      thank you, rat boy :)) boy made from rats

  7. Marcus

    Handling File For Cars

    All cars to this Post have been adjusted. Stay with me untill Mini have added handling File
  8. Marcus

    Handling File For Cars

    All Cars above Radisma Post have been Adjusted. Will send it to mini. So hopefully this will sort it out.
  9. if you find a car that doesn't work properly (unreasonably slow or fast, upgrades don't work, weird handling) please leave a reply on the thread and use the following template: Name: Model: Issue: Price at Car Dealership :
  10. Happy Birthday minipuunch ^^

    1. minipunch


      Thanks dawg!!!!

  11. Marcus

    driverslicense still suspended

    @novafusion21 Did it get solved or you still have the same problem?
  12. Marcus

    Bank defaults my money

    @Ben Haten Hello there ben. I suggest you make a Refund-Request. you can find it at this link https://www.usarrp.net/forums/forum/72-refund-requests/
  13. Marcus

    server crash

    @Venti Next time it happens try and take a screenshot it would help
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