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  1. IrishJoe

    IrishJoe Steam ID

    Hi, On my whitelist application, i apparently did not copy the whole id. it is on there as "https://steamcommunity.com/id/irishjoe" but it is supposed to be "https://steamcommunity.com/id/irishjoe1" I would like that changed please, so I can log on to the server when all public slots are full. Thanks, Irish Joe
  2. IrishJoe

    Benefits of owning real estate?

    Great. Thanks for the info. So how do you get the in game one? Joe
  3. IrishJoe

    Benefits of owning real estate?

    Hello friends, I have been looking at the real estate forum and I had a few questions about it but I was not sure if I should ask there or here so if this is the wrong place please forgive me. My question is, what are the benefit for owning a residential home? I.E. Can you actually go into a property you buy or is it just for looks on the outside and RP meeting place? Can you garage your vehicles at this property? Can/will you spawn at this property when you log in? Thanks for any info. Joe
  4. IrishJoe

    Important Things New Players Need to Know?!?!

    Oooh and I still don't know how to store my vehicle. Thanks. Joe
  5. IrishJoe

    Important Things New Players Need to Know?!?!

    Great Help Sir, Do the other general store items for purchase offer any benefit to the player? or are they just for the emots? example I bought a drink and drank it. does it do anything for my player? Thank you.
  6. Hi, My name in Game is Irish Joe O'Shey. I am a completely new player. I have looked very hard for info on how to role play properly and while some players have helped in Discord it would really be nice if there were some sort of guide book to playing in this server. Here are a few things that I have found answers for (and some I still don't know): 1) How to verbally Communicate with others. ANSWER: Ok so this took me a bit to figure out and RP is pointless without being able to talk and hear others. If you are like me and playing from a laptop you have headphones but no mic (except for the mic in the computer) My computer doesn't even have a jack for a mic. This is ok but you do have to change settings so it will know which mic and speakers you want to use. Once in game, press esc to open the directory and go to settings. Near the bottom is option to change these settings. and you do want to use the PTT option (push to talk) When in game the PTT key is "N" You can also change how sensitive your mic and headphones are at this point. In game you can use f2 to change how far away people are to be able to hear you. press f2 changes from normal, yell and whisper. If you are on whisper then only people in your immediate vicinity (very close to you) will be able to hear you. WHAT I DON'T KNOW: For some reason I have to go into this setting every single time i first spawn in. The setting are all what I have set them at but if I don't at least go to this setting option for a second and then go back into the world I can not hear or talk to anyone. 2) How to get a job. ANSWER: /jobs tells what is available but not where or how to find them. So far I found Go Postal on the map. Once you get to the building go to blue circle and follow directions. I have only Rp as a postal employee so far but I found out, if you crash your truck or something happens, you have to /quitjob in order to get another blue circle to show to use. I am assuming this is the same for all jobs. 3) How to get a cell phone. ANSWER: You cannot tweet, call 911 or many other things without a cell phone. Any General Store has them. Once purchased press f1 to open inventory and click on it to use. Pretty self explanatory from there. WHAT I DON'T KNOW: In the store you can buy all sorts of things but I don't know if they serve any purpose other than emoting the action. I am unsure if they have any real relevence. I don't know if I get hungry or thirsty. That might be what is on the bottom left of my screen. 4) How to buy a vehicle. ANSWER: Find a dealer on the map. There is actually one at the spawn. I think the circle is green. You can buy, sell, and insure. You should insure. It helps get your car back if something happens to it. This part took me way too long to figure out but the Customs Shop that is at the Spawn is NOT the garage where you retrieve your vehicle. It is actually down the road a ways and you can find it on the map. WHAT I DON'T KNOW: How to store your vehicle. I have not as of yet figured it out. Every time I get back on the server I have to file an insurance claim. If I don't and go to the garage I see my car but it say it wasn't stored so its not there. 5) When you die. ANSWER: If you get knocked down by any person or car or for what ever reason you get the screen that says you have to "wait for 2 minutes and 30 seconds to respawn", you are not (necessarily) dead. You may not be able to access your phone to call for help but you can talk out loud. Get someones attention and have them call for an EMS. If they are any available you can many times get out of the hospital a bit faster than waiting the 2.5 minutes (which is in reality closer to 5 min, at least for me so far) Plus you can still role play.. You just do so as an injured person. If you do wait to respawn then you will do so at the health station. Anytime you get injured and are close to turning your health bar red you can go here and pay to get your health back. 6) Months = Minutes ANSWER: If you are hospitalized or sentenced to "? Months" in Jail it is not real time. It is not game time. It is minutes (as far as I can tell. Please correct me if I am wrong) 7) Why do i spawn a different looking, random character every time I log on to the server? ANSWER: I don't know why but I did find out if you go to the clothing shops (on map) you can pick out your look and save it. Since I had done that I always spawn in that character. WHAT I DON'T KNOW: How to keep the same physique and only change the outfit I am wearing. I have found that in the clothing store you can change some options of the characters appearance more than others but if I have a certain face and build I am not sure you can change the short sleeve shirt and jeans to beach shorts with out changing the entire character. ? Get a license and how to show it when you get pulled over. ANSWER: Find the DMV on the map. Go in and get a license. It will attach itself to your charicter and all the RP info will be attached. when you get pulled over they will ask for your ID. just type /showid and it will give them the info they requested. MORE THINGS I DON'T KNOW (and would like to get answer for, Please) 1) how to know the name of other players. I know that metagaming is not permitted but I have seen other players "tweet" info about another player, using their name. Like "Tweet @ Joe_oshey I'm going to get you sucka" I don't know how they know the other persons name. I have to ask people their name. Is there a "name tag" feature that I am unaware of? 2) How do you know if cops and ems and fire are available? I have been on a few times and have seen no one in public service. 3) Someone on discord said that you are encouraged to make your own jobs. I had to logoff before I got an answer as to how and what they meant by this. Can players transfer money from one to another? 4) when logging on It says I have so much money in cash and so much money in the bank. How do I access this bank money and does the chat notice i see about receiving $225 go directly to the bank? 5) What is Whitelisted mean? I know you have to apply for it and it opens certain saved slots in the game but what else is it for? 6) If i want to be a police officer or other public servant is there training that goes along with it? Finally, I have encountered a few Cops and one Emergency person. All have been very helpful and understanding of my newness. My first interaction with an officer was minutes after my first server login and I RP'd how new I was to the state and city and they RP'd helpful info back. Thanks for any help you can give me and I hope I helped out a few new players that were as lost as me when I first started. Irish Joe O'Shey
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