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  1. Gabe

    only owning 1 business at a time

    Here is the thing to, no matter how many people get there will always be another store as there is allot of them. Therefor its not really restricting the RP as you can go for another one. If it really is that big of an issue, try to contact the person IC and work something out for the specific store you want. That in it self could be some good RP instead of wanting to change the system that has been here for years. I might be wrong about this, so dont take it to heart. But i feel like if it was someone else that was more liked by people this would never been brought up in the first place.
  2. Gabe

    only owning 1 business at a time

    Personally i dont se this being an issue, as it has never been before. If you have the dedication to go about your day and get stores, why should it be restricted? I know that for his character it makes sense to go for shops, there is just not people contesting it when they get up. What could be done is that it is a random timer on the day the shop should go up, so that there is more of a chance of being lucky. Just because you might not be as quick to the places dont mean that the people that are should be punished for it. Just my thoughts
  3. Gabe

    Server Rule for Vanilla Unicorn being 18+.

    Just want to say i agree with @Rezito on this one. If anyone ever feel uncomfortable by someone while in the VU or just ERP in general, you dont have to stay there. You can always walk out or away, and RP out something out from there. I also understand that you want to have some RP at the VU, as you bought the place. But if you feel like there is more problems coming than good things, you can always just sell it again.
  4. Gabe

    Business Proposal for REA

    We accept your terms.
  5. REA is a Real Estate Agency that is going to work with the Judges to find good prices on properties. It is operated by myself / Gareth Keenan and Logan Cooper. We are here to make your house shopping life easier!! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1euKH1N4m8jlxmlIonH-y3-ek5bGZGinUBuw4TyIeVU4/edit @Hanna
  6. Gabe

    Then & Now

    gang gang
  7. Gabe

    Smith's Dealership Auction


    Im going to Auction my Nissan GTR fully upgraded. going to start at 150 000$ Gabb Flash
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