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  1. Happy Birthmas!!

  2. Did I mess something up on my app with the template or something? 

  3. Hey glitter I just want to take the time to thank you for getting back with me and overturning my ban. I will not take this for granted and I will do my best to better the RP community.

  4. GlitterGlock19

    Remove dead Cannabis plants on server restart

    They should disappear after a few days. Mini did implement this not too long ago and will look into making sure it’s working again. Thanks for the post!
  5. I think the best fix would be allowing mechanics to grab kits without grabbing trucks. I’ll recommend it to Mini.
  6. GlitterGlock19

    only owning 1 business at a time

    Clearly its a band-aid and not meant to be a permanent fix as that would take a lot of work to just switch to an entirely different system. SO for now the limit does make more sense than leaving it how it is. I personally suggested no more than 3 being owned because others should be allowed to own stuff and cant always camp to get the businesses. People with records shouldn't be completely cut off from owning them either as IRL there are ways around this too. (Obv owning a gun shop not so much) I don't agree with an auction. I'd like to see people actually run businesses long term
  7. GlitterGlock19

    only owning 1 business at a time

    This was already brought to our attention therefor Mini has set it back to only being able to own 5 at a time. I agree others should be able to have the chance to RP owning a business.
  8. GlitterGlock19


    Agreed. Jobs in prison have been in the works for a while..... well on the to-do list rather. Things just take time. Mini agrees and is also on board with creating jobs inside the prison so the RP doesn't just end there. People need something to do to pass time. This is roleplay and it shouldn't dead end staring at a wall for 240 months after robbing a store. I will agree some people deserve longer times whether it be because they took down the entire PD or they are just nasty during booking. I will not deny though some people just slap higher times/fines because it isn't their fri
  9. GlitterGlock19

    New Job: Dispatch operator

    Would be cool for sure but I think it’d be difficult to keep the position filled.
  10. GlitterGlock19

    Search and Take

    I think this would cause a lot more shooting without RP because half the time it’s for your gun not the RP anyway. People would absolutely take advantage and cause three times more the amount of player reports.. just my opinion.
  11. GlitterGlock19

    Text RP.

    We have had a channel in the discord in the past that allowed people to communicate IC while not in the server. The biggest issue was a lot of people get toxic about things and continue bringing their IC trash talk to that channel making it an unpleasant place to be.
  12. GlitterGlock19

    Mechanics and Tow Trucks

    This is already in the works to separate the jobs.
  13. GlitterGlock19

    Change and improvement - Drugs & Medical & Melee weapons

    If you aren't going to comment anything constructive then don't comment. It's getting old when the same few people constantly comment toxicity everywhere throughout the community. Grow up.
  14. GlitterGlock19

    2v1 for Cops too

    While some think that a ratio limit needs to be implemented on cops too it just isn't going to happen. However, In chases we have already asked that the departments limit the amount of cruisers that are involved in the chase and also if they are damaged they are not to repair and rejoin. I do think personally that times and fines should be reduced based on RP at a minimum of 50 percent to start after that it is up to arresting officer. This has always been said and should be continued across the board unless the individuals are just chain robbing with little to no RP and or being salty the ful
  15. GlitterGlock19

    Weed Plants - What is going on?

    Okay Thanks. This does seem very odd. I'll get with Mini and see what he thinks because people def shouldn't be wasting their time on something not working properly.
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