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    Vanessa Prescott, Ivy Vega
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    Vanessa Prescott moved to LS from Florida to get away from her parents and their life style. Her parents were very rich and had their own views and ways they wanted Vanessa to live. She never had a good relationship with them since they were never around but they always wanted to micro-manage her and her decisions. Her life was filled with nannies, private schools, fake people and friends, high standards and everything alike. After high school she was pushed into the family real estate business as well as college. She soon dropped out, pursuing other jobs and with her parents disappointment she eventually had enough -- then stole a good chunk of her savings for schooling and moved to LS for a new life and adventure. She now just looks for a community, friends, and ways to enjoy life while it lasts without the risk of being anything like her parents and having newly found freedom.

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  1. 3rd place in pb isn’t bad for a thrown together team 🤣 



  2. small throw (it) back 🍑


  3. dancin in the moonlight 💃 🌙 


    1. dewie



  4. Favorite fit. 🖤🎱🤍


  5. Vanessa

    Ratio Rule

  6. Vanessa

    Bag Space

    I wish your carry space increased when wearing a bag. Is that even possible? 😳
  7. surprise b-day party for maya 🤩unknown.png

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