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    Arthur Sanchez
    Adam Sanchez
    Michael Wiggins
    Muhammad Ambedkar
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    Arthur Sanchez:
    Arthur Sanchez came into the city for a better life, he grew up in a small town up north and didn't know many people due to the population of his town. He came into Los Santos for a feel of the city life and wanting people to know his name. He soon got caught up in the criminal side of the city and after that there's no going back, or at least that's what he believes. He soon started getting deeper into the life style of a criminal, started robbing, getting into police chases and he even started killing people. Arthur never wanted to go down this path but as hes says nothing ever goes as planned. Arthur Sanchez is now a completely different person than who entered the city, he has lost people he cared for and had to shoot and kill people he cared for. All of this pain and suffering Arthur has endured has changed him forever, turning him cold and dark.

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