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  1. I've been through every option in LSC and I can't seem to find the wide body kit for the M4
  2. Look how dumb this looks with my "Custom Roof"
  3. DJCam

    2nd restart

    Please go back to two Restarts! There are so many issues that occur when the server is up as long as it is. I believe this would be fixed by bringing back the 2nd restart
  4. I've ruled out it being an issue on my end, as this same visual bug is confirmed with two other people, as well as 2 separate BMW M4's. While previewing modifications, they show up as invisible. i.e. If you check out the roof mod, the roof disappears, if you look at spoilers, none show up. The picture below shows what the Interior mod looks like in the preview window. I have yet to try and purchase a modification to see if it shows up and it's just a LS Customs issue, I dont have the spare money for that lol. Any attention to this issue would be greatly appreciated!
  5. DJCam

    Better AI Driving

  6. I wanted to report that both of the side windows in the intake room inside Boilingbrook Penitentiary are able to be walked or crawled right through. This requires no act of powergaming to exploit, it just acts like a giant hole in the wall. While I have yet to see this become an issue with any inmates that I have dealt with, I would like to see this fixed because it does break immersion during training since the sensdior correctional officers have to show this "magical window" to the trainees. I attached pictures that should clearly show what I am reporting. Please let me know if
  7. I don't want to post exactly how this works to prevent others from exploiting this: Regardless of handcuffs or the doors being locked, anyone can unseat themselves from the back of a police car. I have heard from my fellow officers that during transport, some individuals have utilized this exploit to exit the car on the highway while enroute to Boilingbrook. Feel free to DM me for more specific information. (Cam#9498) I'd be happy to explain in detail. After many tests, there is no way as an LEO to prevent this from happening.
  8. DJCam

    BurgerShot Drive Thru Window

    Yes the drive thru is nice, but this fix is needed to really make it work.
  9. DJCam

    selling speeds

    This would be a welcomed change
  10. DJCam

    Improve strength of outlaw

    Maybe increase the price a bit? I think 20k is a bit low for such a cool and unique vehicle
  11. DJCam

    Improve strength of outlaw

    Very much agree
  12. DJCam

    Black Cowboy Hat

    Thank you! ❤️
  13. DJCam

    Black Cowboy Hat

    Please Please Please give us a black cowboy hat!
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