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  1. i wanted a reply from the one who first responded not you sir!

  2. I didn't say I did it cause I was tired as in sleepy I said I'm tired of dealing with the favoritism? And tired of the admins treating others like shit as in me, and I'm upset because I got killed 5 times tonight from ppl who didn't speak did they get banned no they gave them warnings to me that's unfair so that whole statement you took wrong just saying I wish you could go back and look at the abuse I get, cool if you wanna ban me for good just sticking up for myself and some others on the server! And when I said grow up I mentioned it as if you can punch me be expected to get hit back? If I walked up to you and started hitting you are you just gonna sit there?

    1. Ash


      You are once again missing the point. Please stop posting on people's profiles, there's a way to go about everything and you are doing it incorrectly.

    2. Markus twain

      Markus twain

      Ok well I guess I'm always wrong teach me the right way to handle it please?

    3. Markus twain

      Markus twain

      And tbh idk what point I'm missing? I just told you my opinion and how I thought it wasn't right but you continue to tell me I'm wrong! I just don't get it this world works on treat others the way you want to be treated right? So that's what I do, if you was to hit me outside this world I'd do the same as I did! Maybe I am wrong but I will always stand up for myself so maybe that's why I'm getting banned??

  3. yo i hate to bother but has it been 15 hours? or should i try back in a few hours?

    1. hdshow


      @Markus twain Hey man, you should be able to hop into the server however I just wanna let you know that you shouldn't just poping into staff profiles asking to be unbanned.

    2. Markus twain

      Markus twain

      oh ok brother wont happen again and nah it aint letting me in ill wait with patience , wont happen again bro!

  4. So 15 hrs from now or from when I was banned? Don't you think that's a bit much? But ok!

    1. Markus twain

      Markus twain

      I was a lil upset if I told you whole story behind my reaction I think you would understand and want to help me out instead of blowing me up and robbing me some more , put favoritism aside and listen to what others have to say is all I feel, but yes I was wrong but I feel as if no one wanted to listen when I needed the help My bad!

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