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  1. Past few days my car will not physically go in the garage on any of my characters. It says the vehicle is stored, and takes the keys from my pocket. But the vehicle stays out. Later when I want to get it out of the garage its there and all but Ive had my car stolen and stuff stolen out of it while it was technically in my garage.
  2. st1kyf1ngrz

    Cant search cars

    I have not been able to search cars for a few days now. I thought it was city scuff at first but a buddy of mine just searched a car and then when I tried it did nothing.
  3. st1kyf1ngrz

    NVL rule

  4. st1kyf1ngrz

    Weapon Locker at Prison

    It would be incredibly helpful for CO's and CERT members to be able to store weapons in a weapon locker of some kind at the prison. Carrying around heavy weapons is not feasible at all times and if the prison comes under attack the only way to retrieve your weapons is to exit prison, run to the garage, get out your vehicle and get your weapons. This is an extremely dangerous/impossible thing to do if the prison is under fire. Most people do not carry around the kind of cash necessary to just buy another weapon from the armory and again you would have to run out of the front gates to get to the
  5. st1kyf1ngrz

    Use radios while ADS with a weapon

    It would be very helpful if we were able to use our radio's while we are aiming with our weapons. When clearing a room or working in tandem with other officers, you can not communicate without first lowering you weapon, which obviously puts you in an unideal situation. Being able to use your radio while aiming would be beneficial for Cops and Crims alike.
  6. st1kyf1ngrz

    Better AI Driving

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