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    Dewie Boondie
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    Dewie is a hussler . He moved to los santos from Detroit to get out the hood and To chase his dream to become a first generational millionaire in his family.

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  1. dewie

    Official banned car list for robberies

    that's fair! wouldn't even been a chase but i think I've seen m3 cop cars and other faster cars then the regular cruiser. i guess would just be cool to know before had to avoid the foot chase. ive only robbed stores/banks maybe 3 or 4 times and every time i had to leave on foot. so i stopped trying to get money that way. its just sand and hunting for me lol
  2. Would be cool if there was an official list of cars that cops won’t let you pull off in. It’s pretty lame when cops make you have a foot chase because they suck at driving. Isn’t that the point of of having a fast getaway car? Wouldn’t let me leave in my stock neon. Claims it’s to quick and it’s up to the cops discretion on what cars can and can’t be used for robberies. Would be cool if I knew before hand what cars I can and can’t use for robberies. Kinda ruins the RP of it when they tell you oh you can’t leave in that car. Lol I’m not using a m5 or anything that goes over 200mph i underst
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