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    Kurt grew up having a quite normal life, there was nothing really crazy about his childhood until the age of 13. Both of his parents were killed in a car accident, leaving him to live with foster parents until he reached the age of 18. When he turned 18 he decided to go to college for Criminal Justice and get his degree there. He didn’t know what he really wanted to do when he was grown up. All he knew was that he wanted to help people. Halfway through him getting his degree, he met his best friend David. They were both going to college for criminal justice and both had an interest in Law Enforcement.

    Kurt’s extended family has had a past of Law Enforcement and even Military experience. His dad was a Sergeant for the Chicago Police Department when he was killed in the car accident. They did the full nine yards for his father. And he could never forget that. The people that came together to recognize his service made him just want to get into law enforcement.

    Kurt had some troubles trying to become a agent, he put his application into multiple departments, most of the time he wouldn’t even get a response. He was out of luck, he decided to keep trying while picking up a job at a local mechanic shop. He decided to keep applying and let his employers know that he might not be there for the longest period of time. He finally got a position in the Chicago Police Department after a year of searching, he couldn’t believe it. He went to the Academy and passed with flying colors. He was the top of his class in the physical aspect, the only problem was he wasn’t the best test taker, he got nervous whenever he had to take a test. He finally passed the academy and got into the streets.

    After getting into the streets, he patrolled for a total of 3 months. He busted the average criminals, nothing that really stepped out. Until one day there was a new player in town. His name was José Sanchez his gang was taking over nearly half of the east side of Chicago and they were going strong. I mean half of the cops were getting paid off to have nothing happen to them. And the city was chaotic, they were taking over. They were kidnapping politicians and making sure nobody was going through with anything. In the middle of this complete anarchy Kurt brought down one of the bigger players in the organization. Which led to them having to restructure with them having to restructure the FBI had a big part in taking them down which led to them being arrested and the organization being pushed out of the country.

    Kurt didn’t know what to say, every day he was getting a death threat, some sort of threat that seemed distant. But he didn’t know what to really say about it. He didn’t want to talk it over with anybody because he thought he would be classed as a snitch. He got the guts to talk about it, and his house was burned down by the organization. He then realized the threat was real and he decided to speak up. He decided to move to Los Santos

    When Kurt arrived on the plane, he came out and realized how pretty the mountains were. And how nice the city was, he decided it was just the place for him. He didn’t know exactly what was going to happen but he decided to apply for the San Andreas State Police.

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